WikipediaSucks on Oliver Smith

I’m compiling a comprehensive list of Smith socks and keep finding stuff, like this WikipediaSucks (Proboards) archive, Oliver Smith-WWHP thread (moved) In this thread, archaic, registered Jun 24, 2016 at 10:55pm, clearly Oliver Smith, attacks Rome Viharo, copying a post that was spammed to RatWiki, 19 June 2016. (and see also 17 June 2016, and … Continue reading “WikipediaSucks on Oliver Smith”

responding to Oliver Smith on Encyclopedia Dramatica

Encylopedia Dramatica is down right now, so I’ve copied this from Google cache. User talk:Abd/Abd vs. the Smiths From Encyclopedia Dramatica < User talk:Abd Jump to: navigation, search Seems like Smith may be done. So I will intersperse response with indented italics. Contents 1 Abd vs. the Smiths 1.1 No issue with Junius, therefore was trolling 1.2 Blocked on Wikiversity 1.3 Blocked … Continue reading “responding to Oliver Smith on Encyclopedia Dramatica”

Oliver D. Smith

This subpage will list RationalWiki accounts identified or suspected of being Oliver D. Smith, with the registration date. Where a subpage exists, it will be linked. Tobias 10:46, 12 April 2019

Oliver D. Smith socks

This is a list of accounts identified by me as Oliver D. Smith, or reasonably suspected as such. As with any such list, particularly a large list like this, errors are possible. Some of these accounts have openly identified themselves as Smith, but Smith also claims that he has been impersonated. Some impersonations may be … Continue reading “Oliver D. Smith socks”

Oliver D. Smith evidence

Subpage of anglo-pyramidologist See subpage atlantid/ for Oliver account on Metapedia, a right-wing wiki, 7 August 2012 – 6 December 2013 Originally, I encountered Darryl Smith, not Oliver, because of Darryl’s impersonation socking on Wikipedia and Wikiversity. However, there was opinion on the internet that the disruptive user was Oliver Smith. Some of this was incorrect, but the brothers … Continue reading “Oliver D. Smith evidence”

Schizophrenic, Oliver D. Smith

DRAFT, INCOMPLETE, If you are reading this in an archive site, be sure to check the original URL for updates, corrections, retractions, etc. A page here covered an admission by RationalWiki user Schizophrenic (contributions) that he was Oliver D. Smith. Schizophrenic edited from 29 January, 2016 to 20 September, 2016, and the admission was on … Continue reading “Schizophrenic, Oliver D. Smith”

Oliver on Wikipediocracy

There was a thread on Wikipediocracy about an unnamed user using another. It did not name either user, deliberately, it was asking for advice about editing and libel. I had not noticed this thread, but I was tipped off that Oliver D. Smith was posting on Wikipediocracy, and there it was. The thread. And here … Continue reading “Oliver on Wikipediocracy”

Oliver Discord fiasco

Oliver D. Smith is openly Tobias, and posted this on User talk:EK Cease and desist Hi, I’ll just ask you kindly to stop spreading lies and baseless rumours about me on Wikipediocracy. You’re as bad as the trolls like Abd. View my user-page for disclaimer. I don’t have a brother who has ever edited RationalWiki … Continue reading “Oliver Discord fiasco”

Oliver and the Wikiversity affair

This began my involvement with Darryl L. Smith and Oliver D. Smith. Oliver was only peripherally involved. However, his brother involved him. Oliver was ZaFrumi (later acknowledged in email). These were the contributions of ZaFrumi, first on Wikiversity: 15:36, 27 September 2017 diff hist  +873‎  User talk:Michaeldsuarez ‎ 15:41, 27 September 2017 diff hist  +603‎  User talk:Michaeldsuarez ‎ 15:42, 27 September 2017 diff hist  +1‎  m User talk:Michaeldsuarez ‎(combined 3 edits) … Continue reading “Oliver and the Wikiversity affair”

Oliver review of Mikemikev list of OS socks on RWW

Copied from archive of RationalWikiWiki page created by “Oliver D Smith” known to be the real Oliver D. Smith. Probable deceptions are in pink. Oliver D. Smith sockpuppets History Oliver D. Smith sockpuppets is a conspiracy-theory-esque article about RationalWiki filled with misinformation, written by the troll Mikemikev on the wiki Rightpedia.[1] The article lists 38 RationalWiki accounts and falsely … Continue reading “Oliver review of Mikemikev list of OS socks on RWW”

RationalWiki Smith brothers conspiracy theory

This article was posted to RationalWiki by MrOrganic. 18:37, 8 October 2017 . . MrOrganic (talk | contribs) (3,655 bytes)(adding this since it keeps getting raised) It was presented for deletion here: RationalWiki:Articles_for_deletion/RationalWiki_Smith_brothers_conspiracy_theory The article was suppressed a year and a half after being deleted. 10:34, 22 April 2019 D (talk | contribs) secretly changed visibility of 16 revisions on page RationalWiki Smith brothers conspiracy theory: … Continue reading “RationalWiki Smith brothers conspiracy theory”

More Smith on Reddit

Subpage of  anglo-pyramidologist/smith-on-reddit One or both Smith brothers regularly create socks on Reddit. These accounts make wild accusations, and at least one Reddit user was blocked, apparently due to the complaints that the Smiths file copiously and sometimes organize, involving others. The accounts are commonly deleted. This is all part of the general Smith MO. … Continue reading “More Smith on Reddit”

Smith on Reddit

Subpage of anglo-pyramidologist — the Wikipedia SPI Investigation archive name for the Smith brothers. This is a response I wrote to an obvious Smith sock on Reddit, TenchuHead. It was way too long for Reddit, so I’m putting it here. This would be, for anyone interested, a bit of an introduction to the level of … Continue reading “Smith on Reddit”

Oliver desperate

The chickens come home to roost. After writing many times that he was not active on RationalWiki any more, he created yet another account, which is now news on the level of “Pope Catholic!” I had identified this account as Oliver from pattern and interests. It was obvious, Oliver most commonly uses account names from … Continue reading “Oliver desperate”

In late breaking news, Oliver spills beans

Subpage of anglo-pyramidologist/darryl-l-smith/skeptic-from-britain/ Came across this: “Oliver D. Smith deliberate misinformation” It’s a conversation between ODS as MrStrong, an open Encyclopedia Dramatic sock of Oliver, about Skeptic from Britain, and Michaeldsuarez, whom I have known for many years. I’ve seen a lot from him. I have never found him to lie. Here, let it speak for … Continue reading “In late breaking news, Oliver spills beans”

Arguments from Oliver

Oliver has challenged some identifications on the Other Wikis page (supra). Before incorporating new accounts on that page, I will explore them here. First, that page is a list of suspected socks. Some of these are very clear, some less so. I had suggested that KATMAKROFAN might be Oliver. Stating a suspicion is not a … Continue reading “Arguments from Oliver”