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Recent Reddit throwaway accounts have claimed that other throwaway accounts were Mikemikev, impersonating Oliver Smith. Looking over some of this, I realized that I’d never looked carefully at the 592 contributions of MrStrong on Encyclopedia Dramatica. MrStrong was clearly Oliver, nobody else on the planet would argue as he did, nobody else is so expert on how he thinks, and has the personal knowledge he has. It would be a major effort to create an impersonation of a schizophrenic at this level.

After first editing the article on Michael Coombs, his nemesis, to eliminate mention of Oliver Smith, he made an admin request. Quite simply, Mikemikev would not do this. At all. Not even if drunk. He does not exactly admit that he is Oliver in that post but an expert on Oliver (JuniusThaddeus, aka Michael D. Suarez, MDS) points it out, and Smith then calls him a liar for pointing out obvious facts, with links.

Familiar pattern, recently repeated.

He attacks MDS with an admin request, lying. What Oliver has found is that lying in admin requests sometimes works, even if blatant, and at that point, he has almost nothing at stake with the account. Because that admin page is seriously NSFW, here is the request without the page.

Then this discussion clearly acknowledges being a Smith brother, who else would fit? He uses the first person in a context where he knows MDS believes he is Oliver Smith, and he never denies that, he only wants the “lies about him” removed. If anyone needs more evidence, ask, comments are open. This is Oliver D. Smith.

So what I found, first, this edit which certainly looked interesting from the summary. He referred to the previous edit, where he added a list of suspected socks from Mikemikev’s bio of him, claiming those were all impersonations, but then he removed “the only 1 or 2 that were actually mine” reverting this text that came from Mike’s Rightpedia article, as alleged Smith socks there:

Aeschylus (reverted and then his other sock Debunking_spiritualism jumps in to defend). Oliver later admitted this was one of his accounts.[1]

Of course he needed to remove those. He was currently running Aeschylus as an open Oliver Smith account, in order to request deletions of articles he created. Unfortunately for his credibility, the creators of the articles are visible, and this confirmed what had been previously suspected (by many!), that those accounts were also Oliver. Debunking spiritualism, though, was also not Oliver, it was Darryl, his brother, so of course he did not want to accuse his brother of being Mikemikev!

Now, he could later claim that this was Eencyclopedia Dramatica, where, he believes, they lie about people. But Oliver does not understand the difference between fact and interpretation. ED interprets the behavior of people to ridicule them, but long term has never intended to “lie” about people; still, as a wiki, all kinds of crap can exist. So he will claim that he was just ridiculing, that none of it was supposed to be true. But …

He referred to a complete list on RWW, that he had compiled, as “Oliver D Smith,” and there, he was writing for the RW community. This was not on ED, though it was to be standard RW snark. Again, he later claimed that this RWW account was a Mikemikev sock, pointing to the RW account by the same name — which was probably an impersonation, very likely Mikemikev. I was watching that RWW account, led there by links from RatWiki. It was Oliver, there is no reasonable doubt.

So Oliver is fully responsible for that RWW list. I have copied it to a subpage here, and annotated it.

The most obvious, prominent deception on ED was this edit, 15:10, 4 October 2018 summary (octo is mikemikev latest impersonation account

Octo was Oliver, active from 14 August 2018 to 20:53, 4 October 2018.

What I see here is that Octo decided to move to a new account, so “outed” Octo as Mikemikev (which was preposterous). That last edit a few hours later was just a template for Welsh users. Is Mikemikev Welsh? The generic goal is to create confusion. There is no doubt about Octo being Oliver.

What this all shows is that Oliver lies about impersonations, claiming that he was impersonated, when accounts were really him. And that list he put up is full of those (but also of accounts that were his brother). I found a few possible errors, but Mikemikev was mostly correct according to my own research.

I’m still working on this.

RWW list of Mikemikev socks


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