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See subpage atlantid/ for Oliver account on Metapedia, a right-wing wiki, 7 August 2012 – 6 December 2013

Originally, I encountered Darryl Smith, not Oliver, because of Darryl’s impersonation socking on Wikipedia and Wikiversity. However, there was opinion on the internet that the disruptive user was Oliver Smith. Some of this was incorrect, but the brothers have created a massive cloud of confusion. However, as my focus moved to RationalWiki, it was easy to identify the socks, at least the ones that did more than hit and run. I originally found a sock identified with the impersonation socks, through the usage of a photo of John Fuerst that had been added to Wikimedia Commons and thence to RationalWiki by Welliver, which would be Oliver. (That sock was caught by checkuser, probably from sharing IP with Darryl.) Then, at my request, that Commons user was blocked and the John Fuerst image was deleted, leading to a conversation on RationalWiki. (I was a sysop on RationalWiki at that point and could also see deleted edits).

Reviewing contributions of Welliver led me to the Emil Kirkegaard.

Welliver edits of note:  to Emil_Kirkegaard

edit summary: “(tying to tone down or remove the fact this sicko is a pedophile apologist is itself a defence for pedophilia. stop.)”

and his comment on the Talk page repeats the distorted, defamatory allegations.

(After complaining about some changes to the Rome Viharo article to make it less defamatory, Welliver disappeared. This, however, was him:

That’s known Smith IP. (On Wikipedia, used by Darryl, but previously by Oliver. Blocked in 2016 on Wikipedia as a checkuser block.)

Eventually, the heat started to get to Oliver, and he wrote me, using a known public email address. Those mails are here.

They, and the blog Oliver created to attack Kirkegaard, explictly admit having created the Kirkegaard and Fuerst articles as “BenSteigmans.”

Recent accounts involved:


The following are older account listings from http://coldfusioncommunity.net/rationalwiki/anglo-pyramidologist/list-of-articles/

(remember that “Anglo Pyramidologist” or “AP” refers to both Oliver and Darryl.)


  • Emil O. W. Kirkegaard

    Emil_O._W._Kirkegaard&action=history ‎

    Talk:Emil O. W. Kirkegaard


    See this edit specifically from IP This is admitting bringing off-wiki conflict on-wiki (which is what AP does, using RW for vengeance). I looked at the meta wiki for that IP. Globally blocked for long-term abuse. Stewards will not disclose information about IP, but this IP locates to Virgin media, reputed to be common for AP socks (in addition to using proxies) and I have seen the Hertfordshire location for many AP IPs. This is additional “technical evidence” which AP socks have claimed to be lacking (there is more).  On Wikipedia, the IP is also “checkuser blocked.” Recent interest on Wikipedia: paranormal biographies. Edit compare utility . Edit compare with HealthyGirl (identified as an AP sock on Wikipedia, blocked 5 August 2016) See also the comparison with Goblin Face, blocked 5 December 2014).

    This is likely the same user, which is additional technical information tying the RW socks to the Wikipedia Anglo Pyramidologist family.

    The real Emil  confronts the RW “doxxing” policy (and points to impersonations) and AP socks show up: Skeptical is there, and Asgardian.. AP is intensely interested in his targets. Mikemikev is an AP enemy (on Wikiversity, an AP sock — identified with checkuser — attempted to raise suspicion that the massive socking was by mikemikev.) Asgardian, then, is following standard AP practice, using his own socking to attempt to create enmity toward others, and points to a Wikipedia SP investigation on the account Emil Kirkegaard.  The SPI did not checkuser, the account was considered throwaway, which would also be the case with the other account Asgardian pointed to, KirkegaardEmilSPI mention (no checkuser)

    Asgardian also pointed to a Talk page for mikemikev evidence. Skeptical has deleted that page, but it was archived. 

    AP has been impersonating others for a long time, apparently. Disentangling this takes caution. I do not know mikevmikev, but there is no resemblance between the alleged mikemikev socks and the behavior of AP socks, there is only some overlap of interest in racism.

    I originally discovered the AP habit of creating disruption with impersonation socks because he had done it with [redacted], a Wikiversity user. AP has discovered that if a sock waves a big flag saying “I’m a sock puppet of So-and-So, blocked user),” Wikipedia administrators buy it, lock, stock, and barrel. So-and-so gets tagged as having created not only a sock or a pile of socks, but directly and clearly disruptive and defiant ones to boot. Asgardian points to a block of mikemikev on a site run by Emil. And then Skeptical blocked EmilOWK, the one being impersonated, for “posting dox of someone including full real name of someone called “Ben”, also linking off-site to other accounts and IP addresses.”

In correspondence, a “family member” of AP claimed that the name [redacted], was not a personal identity, therefore not doxxing. Basically, he claims whatever serves his purpose at the time. Doxxing, not doxxing, depends on whose ox is being gored.

  • This is what Skeptical blocked him for, and then hid. “Doxxing” is a splendid reason to use, because one can hide it and only sysops can see it. But this had been archived just in case. He listed RW user names for Asgardian, Aza, Skeptical, Welliver, Antifa Ireland, Ben Steigmans, and OldSword. He also pointed to a reddit account for [redacted],. The way he did it indicates to me that he had no idea who [redacted], actually was. The Rational Wiki account was impersonating him for sure, and as to the Reddit account, correctly spelled, it may also have been an impersonation. Aza I had noticed and rejected as probably not AP (but I can see why he thought so). Antifa Ireland looks like an AP name, but has only one edit. Probable. There was no actual doxxing there. Kirkegaard did not claim that any of those names were real names. However, Skeptical would know what these were, because Skeptical (or his brother!) created those accounts — or most of them. Back to the socks on that Talk page:


  • The “real” Heyguy shows up and blows the whistle, and here.Maybe”Chuck” may be John Fuerst.  What he mentioned there leads me, finally, to “Krom.” He quotes the alleged creator of his own article and the Kirkegaard article: “I created both their entries at Rationalwiki”… and that then can be found with Google. Krom1991 wrote that. Unless he was lying, then, Krom1991 is BenSteigmans, an impersonation account that started both articles. Krom1991 is involved in massive flame warring with Michaeldsuarez, there on Reddit, and MDS is also a common AP target.On RationalWiki, Krom “retired” in 2015, but he is still a sysop there (so he can see ordinary deleted material). His parting comments reveal what was important to him. This could be Anglo Pyramidologist, the original, the one who complained about his brother socking on Wikipedia. But they are both highly disruptive.

File talk:John Fuerst


  • Englisc
  • RV (probable Rome Viharo impersonator)
  • Muslim_man (I blocked)
  • Welliver [see edit adding image uploaded to Commons by AP sock] 12:37, 20 August 2017. That image was originally added by an IP address, shortly before. The IP address had edited Wikipedia on at least one article that was a focus of an identified AP sock (and the image had just been added to Commons by an AP sock.) probably just before  12:15, 20 August 2017, from the Commons welcome bot. As I recall, the IP edit here was originally visible to sysops. It is now completely gone. The suppression log shows nothing. Someone with serious tools is seriously protecting AP. [Actually, I now think that my memory was incorrect The image was added by Welliver. I must have seen some other edit by IP.]
  • Debunking spiritualism (Darryl) attempted to hide the conversation.
  • The page was archived back in February. I have also archived history and the log.

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