Axil Axil

Axil is an anonymous user, often seen in fora relating to LENR.

On the Vortex-l mailing list. 10,485 matches, includes replies.
LENR Forum. 2987 posts.

He has not registered an account here, but has commented several times, assuming it is him.

He is hostile to criticism of his ideas or writing style. Comments that are off-topic or gratuitously uncivil may be moved here. Appeals may be filed here, though extreme incivility may be, at administrative option, trashed. Other users may comment on this here, but incivility within this discussion may be trashed. Be careful.

Tako Moveable Comments is broken, so comments moved here are not visible (except through the admin interface). Until that is fixed, this is the text of comments moved here:

In reply to Abd ulRahman Lomax.
So my word salads are fair game, but your word salads are protected by a user ban? Then I guess the poem is true:

In a case of palace intrigue,
Where the great dictator once held the floor,
He abdicated to an upstart princeling,
Who has gone and styled himself ‘Abd Mi-Nor’.

That’s because they both love North Korea,
A place where you can really get your shit done,
Where there’s no pesky moderating voices,
When you’re suddenly now the favourite son.

I guess the doxxings have all been forgiven,
And you are “clearly a pseudoskeptic” no more,
All His edicts and decrees have been issued,
So umpteen more thousand words will soon pour…

Dear Leader has wrote more than Stalin and Mao!
Excluding their letters, that’s certainly true,
You can even include books by Gaddafi and Duce;
All ego-less fools – when compared to you.

But I’ve noticed your thousand year empire,
Seemed at one point, to be lacking a touch of pride:
When your regime’s former patronage network,
Became a Floridan summer-holiday funding drive.

Because I’m expecting possible impersonation sock puppetry, I’ll note that I have not verified that this is actually Axil. If I have time, I will.

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