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  1. Hi Abd

    I just noticed it is the one year aniversery.[one day past} of your
    Portal on LENR forum.

    Rossi-Blog Comment Discussion
    Abd Ul-Rahman Lomax
    Nov 15th 2016
    Are you still baned there?
    If so i think its time for them to let you back in.


    1. Yes, I am still banned. It’s amazing what is tolerated there, but declaring a boycott until the issue of arbitrary comment deletions (instead of moving them, which they had done before and started doing again), was an unforgiveable sin. “You can’t boycott us, you are banned!” It was just that juvenile. However, I’m grateful. I read LF and there is so much bullshit on topics I know well, I’d be tempted to reply, wasting endless time on a site where the nature of the forum makes it almost impossible to build real content, with a community that is largely anonymous and therefore has no responsibility. If I fell like replying, I reply here, where I can also organize content. it works.

    2. This was the Hello World post here. November 19, 2016: All it takes to start a meeting is a resentment and a coffee pot, which is an old AA saying. A resentment and domain space. (If fact, there is free blogging space, but I had domain space I could use and had already registered the domain …. and I’d been thinking about starting a blog for a long time. But it’s easier to just react to what’s in front of my face. So years can be diddled away. At that point, I was just, supposedly, banned for two days, but LF administration was, ah, incompetent, so it stretched out a little longer. The actual and intentionally permanent ban was a little later, and was never explained to the LF community, nor, in fact, to me. I merely have guessed, from what was happening at the time. That secrecy is part of what I took issue with. It’s not necessary, and communities founded in collective trust, with maintained transparency, are far stronger and easier to maintain.

      (An LF ban prevents log-in, so one loses all PM access, and apparently bans are explained through PM, so … nada! I requested permission to log in and use my account, promising not to comment, the request was essentially ignored. I was told that there was a “bad situation” with the Team, that there wasn’t much hope. Still, I know and have decent communication with some of that Team. LF is structurally hopeless, using an idiocyncratic piece-of-crap software that was chosen by the Founder, presumably. It works for what I’ve called “bar-room conversation,” like Moletrap. It is lousy for building any kind of deeper discussion. The fact is, though, that serious fora require a lot of work to maintain. Nobody cares enough at LF to do it, even if the software were better.

      Valuable information is buried in long, meandering discussions, a one-word comment takes up almost the same screen space as a lengthy and informative post. Some complmained about my lengthy posts, but they could easily be skipped. Page after page of drek one must go through to find something of interest…. complaining about a gnat while swallowing a camel.

      But I read it because I’m committed to this field. I even occasionally read E-Cat World, and once in a while comment there. I’ve stopped regular reading of it, because Rossi is no longer a LENR topic, as such, in reality. It’s a bit of business history. Scientists who accept Rossi’s claims have become very rare.

          1. Surely that is up to him. Had I been invited, I’d probably have gone, as a courtesy. I suppose I could still go if invited. But I’m not particularly eager. Rossi was polite at the trial, showed no hostility, but wasn’t open. Being in a room full of followers doesn’t particularly appeal to me, again, unless I were specifically invited.

            I was invited in the past by people with “fringe ideas,” with all my expenses being paid and generously hosted, because I was the only person on the planet who understood what the fellow was doing and might be able to critique it, and he wanted that. I’ve never sensed that Rossi wanted critique (which is unlike genuine scientists).

        1. Probably not “live.” I may write about it, if I see anything worth writing about. I assume the video will continue to be available.

          I have no reason to expect something better than prior Rossi demonstrations. He’s free to live outside of that expectation.

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