Biography: Abd ul-Rahman Lomax

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Born 1944. I sat with Richard P. Feynman at Cal Tech 1961-63, in the “Feynman Lectures.” I originally planned to major in nuclear physics. I left for a leave and returned in 1964 for one term, then dropped out, and never graduated from any college or university. I raised five children, have six grandchildren, and adopted two more children, still teenagers at this point. I invested $10,000 in palladium metal in 1989, after seeing the Pons and Fleischmann announcement. I broke even. I thought that nobody was able to confirm the findings (which the media has repeated over and over, in spite of being false). In 2009, as a Wikipedia editor, I confronted an abusive blacklisting of (the admin was reprimanded). I started to move the Cold fusion article toward neutrality, and confronted an admin allied with the first one. His admin tools were removed, but I was banned (as had been predicted: they routinely shoot the messenger). I then began investigating cold fusion in earnest. I was published after peer review in Current Science, 2015. In 2011-2013, I was trained in personal and community transformation with Landmark Worldwide:, and twice coached in the Self-Expression and Leadership Program, and completed the Introduction Leader Program. Quora: Abd-Ul-Rahman-Lomax (over 3 million answer views).

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