Camel legs splayed

I bring in files on the back of a camel, and the files posted on PACER for Rossi v. Darden did not break the back of the camel, but his legs are splayed out and he’s refusing to move until he’s given a break. Downloading all the files posted yesterday would be $104.10. I downloaded the main files, so people can start reading them, and the files are presumably described in the main documents. So that was $9 of the total. Eric may possibly download the rest (and it is also substantial work, not just paying PACER) but this is getting ridiculous.

So I am starting a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for purposes of covering expenses, and, as well, will be accepting direct donations to Infusion Institute, Inc., and this will serve as a kick in the butt to get that nonprofit tax-deductible status application going. I’ve been running on a few donations from 2013 and 2014, money is still left, but … it’s time to get this show truly on the road.

I also suggest that anyone who has PACER files that are not yet hosted yet could email them to me (or other transfer can be arranged). Parties certainly have the files, their attorneys are emailed them immediately and they don’t have to pay. For the files, that is, the attorneys are a mere $350 per hour or so.

I am planning to go to the trial, if it happens. I intend to take the bus, because it will not only be cheaper than flying, it will allow me to make some stops along the way, such as in Washington DC, where there are some major LENR personalities. Once I consider how easy it is for me to get to the bus terminal, compared to the airport, it is not all that much extra time.

So I will also be looking for hosting, if possible, to save on hotels. Let me know if interested in supporting me this way with a comment here. The email addresses of those who leave comments are visible to me (or any admin here), so I would write back.

GoFundMe donations may be anonymous if the donor desires. I will be given the identity of any donor, but that will be kept private. Donations with conditions attached other than those given in the campaign may not be accepted. Money can’t buy me love.

And then, when the camel is getting to his feet, a new pleading dropped with a collection of enormous files, my WordPress blog is chugging away at uploading them. One of the 42 exhibit files is 34 MB. 19 of them are more than 2 MB.

Author: Abd ulRahman Lomax


6 thoughts on “Camel legs splayed”

    1. Abd,
      I do not know who major LENR personalities in DC are but I hope that if you come this way you let me host you. I can drive you around to see the LENR talent you are looking for …
      I am also mean with a spatula.

      1. Well, discretion is the better part of valor, so I’m not naming names right now, but they definitely exist. After all, there is this little thing called the U.S. government with headquarters there. Hey, maybe we could even pop in at the U.S. DoE. Ah well, I’ll have some visits set up once I know dates. Spatula, eh? How about whacking Dr. Park on the hinie with it? Okay, maybe not, he’s getting pretty old and probably has enough pain in his life. He actually made some nice noises a while back. “Everything changes, it all rearranges, just do what you think you should do!”

  1. Hi Abd
    I hope Dewey pays for a return bus ticket for you.
    It would not be fair if I.H.
    wins the case by something
    you spotted and posted on your blog that there Million
    $ lawyers missed and you
    had hitch hike home.


  2. Abd – without a link to the particular campaign it’s a bit hard to contribute. Searching GoFundMe doesn’t bring you up as a campaign. There is also PayPal direct payment, that maybe works out less costly (we do have your email, after all).

    1. I don’t have the GoFundMe campaign started yet, I’m waiting until I get a Round Tuit. However, donations are accepted directly. Please let me know, with any donation, if you wish it to be anonymous. Paypal is not very expensive (less expensive than GFM). For larger donations, sending a check would be cheaper, checks should be made out and sent to Infusion Institute, Inc., 40 Fort St., Apt 1, Northampton, MA 01060. Payable in U.S. Funds is cheaper. Direct transfer could be arranged.

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