Enough idle chatter, the market is the judge

One minute of silence is worth a lifetime of idle chatter.The Joys of Live Alchemy, Michael Levy.

“Enough idle talk.” He stood up. “I must return to the laboratorium.” “But, sir, can you not — ” “I have no time for petty matters,” he said, turning for the stairs. Alchemy and Meggy Swann, Karen Cushman.

Bernie Koppenhofer
April 6, 2015 at 8:09 PM

Dr. Rossi: There are so many super skeptics ready to discredit your results (should they be positive (: ) what steps have you taken to insure the results are “iron clad” showing your customer has saved x amount of dollars during your year long test?

Andrea Rossi
April 7, 2015 at 7:41 AM

Bernie Koppenhofer:
The rules of the market are totally strange to the chattering: if the test on course will confirm that the E-Cat works and the Customer is satisfied, the E-Cats will invade the market.

I give you a simple example: when cars have been invented ( late XIXth Century) most of experts said that those things could never substitute horses, for a lot of reasons, theoretical and experimental.

But cars worked, people bought them when the industrial manufacturing made an accessible price available and from then the contrary opinion of the experts counted nothing.

This is how things go: what is important is not what sceptics say, what is important is the product works properly.

Warm Regards, A.R.

Setting aside the weird argument about cars, Rossi has long argued that the market is the judge. Real customers, real money changing hands, real power being generated and used, saving the customers money and them gratefully paying for that.

Andrea Rossi:

June 9, 2010 at 8:13 AMFortunately, the real judge is the market: to copy a paper is easy, to say to have invented something is easy, but to sell and make a plant you need the plant. That’s not easy and that’s the real difference between a wannabe and a technology maker.

January 16, 2011 at 4:01 PMWe have passed already the phase to convince somebody. We are arrived to a product that is ready for the market. Our judge is the market.

April 16, 2011 at 2:27 PMThis is why we continue to repeat that the market, only the market will be the final judge: if our E-CATS WILL RESPECT THE GUARANTEES OF ENERGY PERFORMANCE AND SAFETY, WE WILL BE PAID. This is the sole validation that counts really, at the end.

August 7, 2011 at 3:45 PMI have already explained all that my attorneys told me to explain. The rest will come from the Court. Of course during a litigation there are two different versions, this is why we want a vedict made by a judge, to have an undisputable truth. Facts, not chatters. And, by the way, there is not much to dispute: we made all our duties, they did not respect their financial obligations. The sole reason of the break is this, all the rest is chatters.

Deja Vu all over again. “The market is the judge,” until the Judge is the judge, apparently. This was all chatter. As is common, Rossi does not understand legal process. It does not generate — nor does it need, in civil matters — “indisputable truth.” Markets, to be sustained, ultimately need to be grounded in reality, that is the reality behind Rossi’s oft-repeated and hypocritical claim.

The above was about Defkalion. It appears that Defkalion, taking a closer look at Rossi claims, decided they could fake heat just as easily as Rossi, at lower cost. The market judged. As far as we know, no litigation or arbitration was filed. (But we do not know with clear and legally-admissible evidence what happened with Defkalion, unlike the case with Industrial Heat, where there is an enormous body of sworn testimony, which Rossi and proxies continue to lie about. I am here looking at a tiny fraction of it.)

July 26, 2012 at 9:01 AM: I am not at all worried about external reactions. I receive daily blackmails, insults, subtle proposal of collaboration aimed to hit us from snakes disguised as enthusiast friends….( we have very good intelligence): just tennis balls against a tank. We are marching, the market, supreme judge of any product, will confirm if our work is useful or not.

The market has spoken, mostly by not speaking. Rossi, in April, 2015, misled a strong supporter of his, Bernie Koppenhofer, about the “customer.” How did he established that the “customer” was satisfied? Who was the customer?

There were two, one paying real money, the second a legal fiction, nothing other than Rossi and Friends, run entirely by Rossi, funded entirely by Rossi, with Rossi as sole defacto authority while pretending independence. How would we know if the “customer” was satisfied?

Rossi hired a retired engineer, paid him to speak for the customer, and told him what to say, this is all in the attested evidence, indisputable. That engineer, James Bass, told visitors that he was very satisfied. Johnson, the President of Leonardo Corporation and of JM Products, Inc., the shell corporation Rossi and Johnson created, owned by a trust with an old friend of Rossi as beneficiary — the old friend put in no money and risked nothing — supported Bass and Rossi claims by submitting invoice requests to be billed $1000 per day per megawatt, as informed by Rossi.

So, of course, if a “customer” was willing to pay so much for power, it must be real! But who would have paid those invoices, if IH had gone ahead and submitted them?

Rossi paid all JMP expenses through Leonardo Corporation, this is totally clear. Rossi claims that this was to be repaid by JMP out of the sale of processed product. Sale to whom? To Leonardo Corporation, of course — or anyone else who buys the product. What product? “Product” is alleged, as a vague word, but what do we see when we get down to brass tacks, real market considerations, when we look at “how much product?” What was the product made from? A few grams, at most, of palladium sponge. No matter what was done with that sponge with low-temperature steam, the “megawatt” could have been replaced by any ordinary tea kettle, for far, far less than $1000 per day. And then there is a claim a small amount of graphene processing. Again, no sales actually evidenced, and certainly no independent sales. This was Rossi playing with some materials, at enormous cost, in order to have a cover story.

The only “market” here was fake, and Rossi lied about it again and again. Something may be noticed, though. Rossi did not directly lie to his fan. He merely allowed the fan to read his comment in a certain — normal — way. This is quite visible in many filed documents. Rossi did not, in writing, claim that the “customer” was Johnson Matthey, but wrote many things that would be read by a normal person as confirming the JM involvement, and, as well, claiming an independent customer, strongly implying it was JM, reporting what the customer supposedly told him — when, in fact, he was, for all intents and purposes, the customer.

What brought all this up for me was an ele comment on LENR Forum.

JedRothwell wrote:

Rossi’s 1-year test is not a scientific claim. It was a crude attempt to defraud people. Anyone familiar with conventional instruments and boilers can see that the Penon report is fake, and that even [if] the data and configuration in it were real,

Again your usual Leit Motive. Now you push even further no evidence eve if data is true.

A perfect example of “Four legs good, two legs bad” statement something you have to repeat and repeat and repeat so to try to convince others.

Idle chatter, evidence-free. The issue of the Penon report data has been extensively discussed, and is at issue in the trial.

Rothwell’s point stands, the Penon Report is not a “scientific claim.” One could never get it published in a scientific journal. The only reason Penon is not a counter-claim defendant in Rossi v. Darden is that he disappeared, made himself unavailable to be legally served. One of Penon’s largest errors was in his claim that it was unnecessary to even inquire about the customer’s usage of power. This was not the statement of a “nuclear engineer,” but a legal and business opinion, and any engineer worth his salt would know that one needs as many validations of measurements as possible.

If Rossi really did have a heat exchanger running, that could have been an independent validation, from measurements of the air flow and air temperature elevation. Much more likely, at this point, is that Rossi simply lied about that, this time under oath, and my suspicion at this point — I am not a lawyer — is that this might be provable beyond a reasonable doubt, the standard for a criminal conviction.

Rossi has accused Darden, in a pleading, of perjury. He may want to duck, bounceback incoming!

So for you a COP >80 is nothing ?


This is the exibit. If you don’t agree go in the Court and explain your reasons under oath.

Very Planet Rossi, ignorant of legal procedure. Rothwell has no standing to say anything in Court, unless subpoenaed. He isn’t a witness, he is an independent observer with substantial experience relating to what he writes about. Rothwell saw Penon data long ago, and wrote about it, and was roundly criticized for claims that he could not prove. The actual Report, once published, confirmed what he had written.

Planet Rossi misrepresents IH claims in the suit. They have not claimed that anyone “faked” data. Rothwell might say that, casually, but he’s not in Court, is not IH, and is not speaking for IH.

“Fake” data is not well-defined. What is clear from the Penon data is that something is off. Just to start, the data was crudely reported, making analysis very difficult. Fabiani’s data shows that data collection, while reported to four significant figures, very high apparent precision, was, in fact, only digitized crudely, losing much information. The instruments were poorly chosen. Legally, Rossi can defend that by claiming that IH approved the “test protocol,” which appears to be true or at least reasonable, but there is no evidence that the “test protocol” was for a Guaranteed Performance Test, merely for a different “350 day test” with Penon as “ERV” — and that itself was never explicitly confirmed. This appears to have been done because Rossi wanted it — and didn’t mention “test.”

Rossi represented the Doral installation as an opportunity to sell power to an independent customer — allegedly much more “believable” than the test IH wanted to set up — and to demonstrate the technology for investors, to sell Plants, costing only $200,000 to make, for presumably much more (Rossi’s megawatt Plant price was $1.5 – $2 million, stated at various times.) Suppose he’d been straightforward and had written “and we can complete our Guaranteed Performance Test, so you can pay me the $89 million that is burning a hole in your pockets. Heh. Heh.”

I think we know what the outcome would have been.

Rossi claimed IH didn’t have the money to pay, never intended to pay, but this is all extensively contradicted by the evidentiary record.

What is most bizarre here is not that a lunatic or con artist — I’m not sure which it is! — is crazy or lying, but that he has fans who continue to support utter nonsense, repeating it as if fact. If they read the court documents, it’s even more amazing to me. If they go back and read JONP, how can they miss it?

But people apparently do miss it.

Apropos of little, I just watched a bit of Feynman. Don’t fool yourself, for you are the easiest person to fool.

So, what’s it like to be a 17-year-old kid, over the top in intelligence, I didn’t know anyone as smart as me … until I went to Cal Tech, where comparisons became difficult. Like me, many had 800 Math SATs. Off-scale. … what’s it like for such a kid to meet Feynman?

You could ask!

And what’s it like for that kid, now in his 70s, to read “science-worshippers” — “cargo cultists” in Feynman language — like Henry … or, for that matter, so apparently on the “other side” … ele?

(Or before ele, randombit0)

… with their comments about Science and “professors” that show terminal cluelessness as to the science, the love of beauty and truth and reality beyond authority and attachment, I drank with milk, sitting with Pauling and Feynman and then diving into the pool myself.

Fun, that’s what it’s like, tinged with a sadness. Life can be so much better! A kind soul just gave me a session in an isolation tank. Yipee!

Author: Abd ulRahman Lomax

See http://coldfusioncommunity.net/biography-abd-ul-rahman-lomax/

16 thoughts on “Enough idle chatter, the market is the judge”

  1. Hi Abd

    This is a comment and reply from Rossi blog.

    June 4, 2017 at 8:41 AM
    Dr Andrea Rossi:
    Did you receive the papers that Leanne and Tuffy promised you regarding Cherokee?

    Andrea Rossi
    June 4, 2017 at 2:36 PM
    Yes, I received 1247 pages related to the activity of Cherokee from 2002 to today.
    We are studying.
    Warm Regards,

    Do you know who Leanne and Tuffy are and anything about
    the papers he is refering to?


    1. Does anyone believe this? Did Mr Rossi sit down and count all the sheets so he could accurately report it on his blog? 1, 2, 3, 4, — 101, 102,. 103,… . . . 1245, 1246, 1247 ! Gasp!
      How much spare time does he have, in between the litigation and tending to his Quackecat? Not to mention the time he spends tending to his blog.
      Or had someone else sat down and compiled and collated all the sheets in a neat numbered file so he could refer to it. I don’t think so. I think he just plucked another hare out of his ass.

      1. Aw, that’s not reasonable. Someone has collected 1247 references to pages or pages, they zip it up and send it to him. It might take practically no time to come up with a number. However, actually reviewing those pages, that’s another story. Perhaps he turned the job over to his lawyers for $350 per hour. It is, in fact, a waste of his time, he gains nothing by finding dirt on Cherokee that he can’t present at the trial. Cherokee is not actually a party, realistically, that this wasn’t dumped promptly was a failure of the Judge, based on misinformation and confusion, sowed by Rossi and Annesser. It will come back to bite them in the ass. It was already really dumb. Want to make your case difficult and expensive? Include a multi-billion dollar corporation as a defendant, who will then hire the best lawyers to oppose. IH already had Pace, though, this merely freed up Cherokee money to pay Jones Day.

        But it is entirely possible that Rossi simply made all this up. Still, Cherokee has been active for years, and LLCs fail, and when they do, yellow journalists point fingers, it’s routine. And then there are real problems. An EnCap officer who apparently embezzled funds. So, Darden trusted someone who wasn’t trustworthy. Happens all the time. To totally avoid it, don’t trust anyone, sit alone at home, getting nothing done.

    2. Somebody knows who “Leanne and Tuffy” are. The original post was signed “Leanne Tuffey,” but then the initials “LF.”

      Then Anonymous asked about “Leanne and Tuffy.”

      Someone alleging to be IH Fanboy wrote:

      IH Fanboy
      June 1, 2017 at 8:52 PM

      Mr Rossi:
      Some comments during the recent days have made innuendos about Cherokee’s activity. You did not return on the issue: it was a bluff, wasn’t it?
      Obviously this comment will be spammed.

      IH Fanboy

      How to get through aggressive spam filtering: “IHFB” showed it. Refer to it. Rossi answered:

      No, it was not.

      So now we have:

      June 6, 2017 at 1:39 PM

      Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
      Ohh, I love Leanny and Tuffy…can’t wait!!!

      Andrea Rossi
      June 6, 2017 at 5:31 PM

      We are studying.

      Google’s best guess about this: a stuffed dog toy. The actual name Leanne Tuffy belongs to an Irish psychotherapist who works in Qatar, an unlikely candidate for someone who is desperately concerned with digging up Cherokee dirt. However, “Corlee’s” comment could be a reference to the Tuffy brand of dog toys, which can be terminally cute.

      By the way, spam comments on CFC have accelerated, and when they hit several hundred per day, yesterday, I implemented an aggressive spam filter, so I don’t see them unless I look at the log. So if anyone gets hit by the spam filter, you should see a message with an explanation. Let me know by alternate means what your experience is. Perhaps use a different IP (i.e., a phone with mobile access instead of a desktop). My email address is not hard to find, as well. No sincere comments are being “spammed,” but it is now more possible that they will be blocked accidentally.

  2. You wrote: “Rothwell might say that, casually, but he’s not in Court, is not IH, and is not speaking for IH.

    ‘Fake’ data is not well-defined. What is clear from the Penon data is that something is off. Just to start, the data was crudely reported, making analysis very difficult. Fabiani’s data shows that data collection, while reported to four significant figures, very high apparent precision, was, in fact, only digitized crudely, losing much information. . . .”

    I believe Fabiani’s data is for the temperature and pressure. When I said the data is fake, I meant mainly the flow rate data. As far as I know the temperature data is correct, although I suppose it was copied from one day to the next for long stretches, because it is unlikely the minimum temperature would be the same every day for weeks, even with the crude digital conversion you describe.

    To be more specific:

    The flow rate data is impossible. The flow meter was set to record to the nearest 1000 kg of water, but even so, it would not come up with the same 36,000 kg per day for weeks. There would have to be days when it goes beyond that (37,000) and other days when it falls below that. At times the flow was reportedly cut back, yet even on those days it is 36,000. If it had been reset to zero every day I suppose it might have gone past 36,000 every day, to reach some number less than 37,000, but it was not reset as far as I know.

    The pressure cannot be 0.0 bar or barG, for the reasons given by Smith. Perhaps this is what the instrument read, but it cannot be correct.

    1. This “test” was such a fiasco that showing it to a jury could be a problem. An embarrassment of riches. Where to start?

  3. Rossi has the right idea about let the Market decide.
    But he fails at using I.H. expertise to get product to market.
    If the Quark X works as good as he claims it does they should
    forget about Doral and put the effort into that product.

    1. The problem, Sam, is that Rossi’s “right idea” was hypocrisy, an excuse for avoiding rational criticism. As I show, when the “market” didn’t work, with Defkalion, he wanted to rely on legal measures (though it would have been arbitration). This is even more obvious with IH. He used a “market” argument to push for the move to Florida, with a “customer” that he entirely invented and controlled. Rossi rejects “chatter,” but, in fact, chatters continually on JONP, and, as well, creates appearances that are worse than chatter, they are positively deceptive, intended to create false impressions. Bass being told to tell people how satisfied JMP was with their power savings. Rossi says what he thinks will impress his targets, like “let the market decide.” As if this was better than what everyone else is doing.

      There is absolutely no reason to place credence in the Quark-X. It is entirely RossiSays — or what, say, a grad student in Sweden says, without telling us details of what he has seen and how and when. Market? What market? Rossi claimed to have a commercial-ready megawatt power plant in 2011. He claimed to have sold it … many times. He did eventually sell it to Industrial Heat. So if he had a real technology, half the Planet was open for business, if he didn’t trust IH.

      Darden et al have obvious expertise in raising money for risky projects. It appears that they raised, to cover the Rossi payments, if needed, $200 million, $50 million immediately from Woodford, and $150 million more if needed. They were not going to “get product to market.” Not directly. That’s not what they do. They would have sublicensed the technology to companies that would put in even larger sums to take it to market, ASAP. To do this, though, they needed reliable designs that they knew could be made independently and tested independently. By refusing to cooperate with them, by attempting an end run around the defects in the Agreement that he had written, Rossi destroyed any possibility of this, even if his technology is real, and that is so colossally stupid that it’s easier to simply posit that the whole thing was a con, a Rossi “masterpiece,” from the beginning.

      I expect to see Rossi in court with Johnson and with Annesser, claiming legal malpractice (and Johnson claiming Rossi deceived him). He might have a case! Johnson is basically screwed.

      You are correct, though, Sam, in this: if Quark-X is real, putting it off to pursue this stupid lawsuit could be a literally fatal mistake. To move forward without the lawsuit having come down, would not have been terribly difficult (though it’s possible that IH would have sued; Rossi could simply have moved operations out of the U.S. and could have largely ignored such a suit). Once the suit was filed, Rossi was waving a red flag for all possible investors to see: “dealing with Rossi is dangerous.” I can’t imagine a sane investor looking at the suit documents and coming away with confidence in Rossi as a business partner.

      1. If the QuarkX works he will get a business partner.
        But it will be pay for getting to market and more if
        we suceed in the market.
        Nothing like $89 million for a test.

        1. It not only has to work but
          1. He must convince those with the money to take the time to see it and confirm for themselves that it “works.”
          2. He’s unlikely to see, again, Money First and Performance Later. That was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
          3. Something might be possible with an escrow. But he will need the money to set this up.
          4. A Performance Test could work if the investor’s experts are in control of it. Rossi has never before trusted this, why would he start now?
          5. There have been frauds who continued until they died. See the articles on Tausend, referenced from this post.

          1. I find it impossible to believe for even one second that the Quackecat-X works in any over-unity mode. To hold to the possibility that it might, is like believing a magician has finally come up with some real magic. That has never happened and Rossi will not be the first to do it.
            Consistent with everything Rossi-esque, it will only be yet another shiny new trick cleverly presented to look like something is happening which is not. This would be entirely consistent with everything ‘Rossi’, even to the extent of his speech; saying things which are intended to be interpreted as something which he didn’t actually say. Doing things which are interpreted as things being done which are not being done. Everything ‘Rossi’ is a carefully created illusion, and the Quackecat-X will be no different. I am sure it will be a lame duck!
            To entertain the thought that he has finally invented something real and useful is just following him down the same road his gullible fans have followed him down for the last seven years. My advice is, don’t do it. Call it as all the others have so far been, just another confidence trick. Maintain that view until someone else proves it conclusively otherwise, and don’t hold your breath for that to happen because you will by then be bright blue.

            1. I run an ontology in which anything is possible. Do not translate that to “likely” or “reasonable.” Rather, I’m simply aware that appearances can be deceiving. That, however, doesn’t change the obvious into the vague. The preponderance of the evidence is that the whole Rossi affair was fraud, start to finish. It is possible, not even necessarily unreasonable, however, that Rossi did see what looked to him like excess heat. There is an “algorithm” of approach that would then create deeper and deeper error; Rossi would think of it as finding the correct way to set up the “reaction.” If there was any sincerity in Defkalion — and I had extensive communication with Hadjichristos — they trained themselves to create the flow meter error, it is not difficult to imagine how it happened. Gamberale claimed fraud, but what he actually had was strong evidence of serious error, with Defkalion being secretive. They would not want anyone to know the Sekrit Startup Procedure. Rossi is the same, in fact. Consider this possibility: his Startup Procedure gets this or that error going. (Or, alternatively, tossing a bone to Planet Rossi, actually gets the reaction going.) If so, this has nothing to do with the manufacture of the devices, and would explain why Rossi Grease was necessary for function. So, then, Rossi can think that he did tell IH everything they needed to know to make devices, but that his genius, his personal magic, was necessary for reaction startup.

              But that damn heat exchanger! And myriad details. Rossi thought of fraud (Hydrofusion, Johnson Matthey) as a “masterpiece.”

              This is within his own special world, where the Rossi Way is the Only Way, and where he lies not only to others, but to himself as well. Those who meet him are often impressed by his dedication, energy, and apparent sincerity. Some of them then recognize his deep social dysfunctions, but still think he’s a genius, but even those, faced with the clear evidence showing in Rossi v. Darden, are backing up. Something is rotten in Denmark.

  4. The reason for the amazingly high COP of 80 to 160 for the year long test was not to amaze all the loyal and adoring fans. That would have been very adequately achieved if he had reported an average COP of 6, as expected. And IH would have paid out on that result too, provided the test procedure was believable. It came about because of the previous claims that the plant was supposed to produce one megawatt, so that publicized and well established claim firmly established what the output power would have to be.
    At the input side of the equation was the power available at the test site from the Florida power company. If the COP was similar to the long established claim of 6, that would require an input from the grid of 166 kilowatts continuous. Such high power consumptions are not available at the drop of a hat for any old factory unit. It would require a high voltage distributor cable to the site plus a step down sub station at or near the site to step the voltage down to the normal three phase voltage required for Mr Rossi’s amazing device to work. All such things take time and money, lots of it, to organize and put in place. Almost certainly more than any sane person would be willing to spend, even our esteemed inventor. And no power authority would do it for a 12 month market.
    Thus, stuck with an input power availability of say 15 kilowatts, average for a factory unit of the type rented, and a claimed power output of 1 megawatt, this gives a COP of 66.
    But wait, there’s more, or is it less? Yes. Because some of that available input power went into lights, air conditioning, pumps, computers, and the company tea kettle of course. Probably only 12 kilowatts was left available to run the boilers.
    Therefore, the final results had to be massaged at each end, input vs output to come up with something which Rossi thought he could ‘sell to the judges’ when asked to show the results.
    Now, he already knows his adoring fans will swallow any old carp so long as he tells them it’s the fish John West selected. And since he had already managed to extract 11 million dollars out of IH on claims equally as bogus, I think he probably saw them as a bit of a pushover too. So even though all previous claims and expectations were for a COP of 6, it must have seemed perfectly reasonable to claim the final COP came in at average of 80, with a confident expectation that this would be accepted.
    Well, finally the market has decided, as he always said it would, and they are not buying it.
    Furthermore, I wouldn’t be surprised if they ask for their money back.
    Why is he so surprised?

    1. Yes, Many have pointed out that a megawatt plant before kilowatt plants are available for testing, and before these smaller plants have reliability data, was crazy. If it worked, it would then run into a difficult power dissipation problem, at least in an installation like Doral. Can the output be reduced? Indeed, what is the control mechanism and procedure?

      So if Rossi had a heat exchanger, as he claimed, why didn’t he simply disclose it? What secret would have been revealed? I can think of one: that the “customer” did not need anything like a megawatt of power. A few grams of platinum sponge could have been kept at 100 C for the entire time for very little power. The Term Sheet provided for payment by the megawatt, COP irrelevant (which was downright weird in itself, i.e., the point was to reduce power costs for the customer, and the customer was paying for input power).

      None of it makes sense. If he was going to install a heat exchanger, why not in the ground-floor customer area or on the roof immediately above it, simplifying everything?

      There is a far simpler explanation. The reactors don’t work, Rossi knew there was no problem with power dissipation, and only invented the heat exchanger idea later, once the obvious had been pointed out. I doubt that the jury will fail to notice this, if it is clearly laid out. Foundation: Rossi lies, and there are plenty of them quite visible in the evidentiary record. Johnson Matthey is a huge whopper, his denials that he ever mentioned them stand out as perjury, with better evidence than he-said, she-said, supporting the testimony of Darden and Vaughn and, for that matter, I assume, Bass, at least the Bass emails are devastating to the Rossi denials.

  5. And of course the market has spoken. It has said “Where’s the product you’ve been talking about for so many years?”. And Rossi has replied “It will be available next year, and robotic factories are already geared up to mass produce them, cross my heart”. And so the Market went away again….

    If Rossi had actually sold something, of course, then if it actually worked he’d have sold as many as he could have made. Unless he’d got a proper engineer in to help him design them, though, it’s likely he’d have had problems getting through the boiler regulations, and even then would likely have had a fair number of unhappy customers because something broke. The history of the demos does imply that his joints were not well-designed, after all.

    If you recall Defkalion’s offering, it was going to be fitted with a self-destruct system so that if you opened it you couldn’t find out how it worked. There are two points about that; the first is that it couldn’t be sold in any civilised country with a bomb installed inside it, and the second is that it wouldn’t have stopped any determined engineer from getting into it and reverse-engineering it anyway. There’s also a third point, in that that told us it was an empty claim, as indeed it turned out to be.

    If Doral had produced a large heat-plume in the IR survey, it’s likely that IH would have been more inclined to keep Rossi happy, providing that he actually told them how to make theirs work as well so they had something to sell. They’d likely have paid him if the output was only twice the input power, too, and was only a few kW anyway – given that as a starting point then it could be developed. Going for a whole 1MW and a COP of over 100 was a bit excessive, really. A proper repeat of the Ferrara or Lugano tests under engineers chosen by IH would have likely got Rossi the money. If it worked, of course.

    It can’t be said that Rossi doesn’t listen to the critics, though. The problem of getting rid of 1MW led to the sworn statement that there was a heat-exchanger installed, and this may be Rossi’s undoing as it is plainly a lie. We’d also said that a few watts would have been far more logical to have started with, and that it would have then been hard to have proved that it didn’t work without the sort of test that Rossi wouldn’t allow – thus the next in line is the Quark-X that outputs all of 20W according to RossiSays. Too late, really, since it’s unlikely that anyone with enough money to be useful will listen to Rossi again. The only hope for Rossi is crowd-funding from the diminishing band of believers, who may still have that niggling feeling that they’ve been lied to and thus not be as free with their money as they might have been a few years ago.

    It does look like this is Rossi’s last shake of the bag, and that his appearances in future will be limited to websites like Rex Research, with no personal attendances possible. He could always write a book, though, since I know a number of people who make a good living telling people how to make stuff they can’t themselves make work. Just visit any Free Energy conference and you’ll have a wide choice of templates for how to make money that way.

    Yes, science is fun, especially when you finally see the way through a paradox. Reality does seem to be weirder than we can imagine, though maybe someday we’ll be able to understand it. There have been several points already in science where we thought we knew everything and all that was left was to get more precision in the measurements, though, and we’ve always been wrong about that before. I think LENR will have an effect on nuclear theory even if we can’t make it work reliably-enough to mass-produce devices that use it. People need to remember what Feynman said, in that all our theories, even the most venerable, are only one experiment away from being disproved. We can be certain that technology works, since it is after all a repetition of what we have already tested, but when we go outside the tested realms then the theory may not be adequate.

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