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Bob Belovich, perhaps I made that call, I did publish this on coldfusioncommunity.net at 9:20 AM Monday. I was informed, last week, of the change to Wednesday, so it is odd that Dr. Rossi apparently did not know. (His comment here is why I checked, first thing Monday.) Judge Altonaga’s office told me that Jury selection would begin at 12:30 PM.

I waited until comments after this were approved. This comment was, then, likely “spammed.” Recent comments approved after Rossi said he would not be attending to the blog (but someone would be approving posts, or spamming them

A moderator will spam all the comments offensive toward anybody and any comment related to the litigation on course.

It appears that pointing out fact and a mystery, politely stated, is “spamming,” but many posts have been approved having to do with the trial and the trial schedule, and offensively attacking Cherokee, a defendant (and much was made of Cherokee today in Chaiken’s opening statement.)

attacks Darden and Cherokee as fake environmentalists (citing Sifferkoll)

announced trial start but not time and purpose

pointed to Sifferkoll attack

amazing little rant that claims Cherokee  fake environmentalism was learned from Rossi’s Italy history.

more about Cherokee “corruption.”

June 28, 2017 at 5:47 AM
The trial is started today in full, with the selection of the jury and the presentation of the cases from the parties. Info from the Court.
Let’s hope Andrea Rossi will stand also this pressure, after the last high pressure two years.

I don’t know the time zone for the blog. What was done today was jury selection, 10 jurors were empanelled. Then the judge instructed the jury as to what to consider as evidence and that lawyer statements were not evidence. Then Chaiken presented his opening statement, and then Pace, his. I will give my  impressions elsewhere. The 3rd party defendants will make their opening statements tomorrow (June 29th) at 10 AM.

The judge told the jury to be prepared for a five-week trial. From a judge’s announcement, two jurors might be excused right off. The minimum federal jury is six members.

Andrea seemed not happy before the trial began, but he  lightened up, and,  when I greeted him, was cordial. I introduced myself, I think he knew who I was, and he remained friendly, displaying nothing but the charm he is famous for. We wished each other a good evening. I did not have the impression of poor health.

I took notes, but probably won’t publish them until the weekend. It is a pleasure to be there, to this piece of reality, real people, real faces, and real feelings (which can show through masks). The jury is a cross-section of humanity, but filtered by those who can take the time. (almost everyone who pled hardship was excused).

Author: Abd ulRahman Lomax

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    1. If it were not for the photos of Rossi showing pattern baldness, I would not know for sure, though it did look to me like part of his hair did not exactly match the rest. I don’t know why his attorneys apologized for the wig, before, unless it was a different wig back them. I wasn’t really sure if I should answer this question, it’s not like it matters wrt anything substantial. The wig was unobtrusive, and Dr Rossi was uniformly courteous to me, voluntarily greeting me and smiling.

    1. The jurors come from the local jury pool. I’m not sure of the district involved, but most jurors would be from Miami, none from far away. These jurors will not be sequestered, so they must travel to the court each day.

    2. Found this on internet.

      5. How are jurors picked from the general population?

      Approximately 300,000 citizens in Miami-Dade County are randomly selected by a computer each year to be summoned to jury duty for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida. Summonses are mailed to citizens who possess a valid driver’s license or identification card issued by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

  1. Henley on Thames UK
    June 26

    To Abd ulRahman Lomax
    Hi I have just discovered your blog and believe that your analysises are pretty spot on.
    This note is just to fill you in with a bit more background to the Rossi story

    I and two friends attended the Zurich presentation in 2012 which was a succession of licensees and potential licencees speaking about their intentions to use Rossi’s Ecat in various applications.
    ( We are three 80+ year olds retired engineers who attended Manchester Uni together in the 1950s and seeking some interest in life.)
    The Engineer in charge of the German Licensee ( whom I judged to be a reputable engineer ) assured me he had been to Italy and measured himself the output of one of the 50KW units in Rossi’s lab. He was planning to solve the problem of replacing CHP units in Germany.

    The main speaker was Rossi’s chief Engineer and it became clear to me that he was an electronic engineer who had networked the individual ecats together and was controlling them with an external PC.
    I spoke to Rossi and he seemed personable and pleasant cagey individual.

    I tried to arrange a meeting with Rossi as he was just moving to Miami, to try to invest in his activities. He turned me down by email.

    We were subsequently approached by an Australian who had been at the Zurich meeting and appeared to have a relationship with Rossi and through him we bought shares in E-cat distribution companies in several parts of the world.
    Subsequently I got hold of a copy of the legal agreement that had been signed by one of these distribution companies with Rossi and was appalled at how poor it was. It gave us a three year deal and required sales of a $1M per year. I think it was probably written by Rossi and an Italian lawyer.

    I noted a report of Rossi investing in Florida Real Estate.
    Next bad news was that the Germans had got no product and that Rossi had given them their money back plus 10%

    Subsequently Rossi never made any product available to us and after three years advised us through the Australian that we had not performed and the licences were no longer valid.

    He has paid off some of the other licenses in a similar manner. We are still waiting for our money.

    After a long hiatus I finally read reports of Cherokee and IH and was pleased that USA lawyers were involved on their side as I assumed they would have a watertight legal agreement.

    Subsequently when I read of Woodford involvement I visited them, and met Paul Lammacraft who explained to me that IH was investing in all aspects of LENR and hoped to fill in missing bits of technology by pooling them and hopefully producing a product.
    Remember that Cherokee and Woodford are all financial types not engineers.

    I look forward to reading your account of the trial.
    I think I hope that Rossi gets his comeuppance but I am not optimistic.
    Kind regards
    Keith Barker

    1. Thank you for telling your story. My condolences.

      As humans, it is critical that we share our experience and do not hide it. Gamberale is, in my book, a hero for blowing the whistle on Defkalion, at substantial personal risk, in spite of the NDA.

      Your story fits together with others, such as Prometeon, the former Italian licensee. On the one hand, Rossi offering the fee plus 10% back sounds fair, but … some licensees spent substantial money lining up sales, but with no product to sell, 110% is still a dead loss. It is quite clear that Rossi extensively misrepresented product availability.

      On the other hand, there are visible and documented patterns.

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