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McKubre: Thirty Years On.

Michael C.H. McKubre, Napier, New Zealand
Director of the Energy Research Center, SRI International, California (retired 2015).

When asked in 2009 by my colleague and good friend Vittorio Violante to provide my perspective [1] on the state of what then had become condensed matter nuclear science, CMNS, I concluded that:

1. Extensive review of literature generated since 1989 compels a conclusion that Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons uncovered evidence [2] of a new effect in physics.
2. This new effect requires a new mechanistic description and explanation that awaits exposition, although many paths remain open.
3. We would be best advised to seek advancement using quantitative predictive fundamental physics descriptions and experimentation, following the scientific method.
4. To do so we are going to have to engage the broader scientific community.

In the intervening decade little has changed my opinion of any of these conclusions. I will address all points but principally the last where significant progress has recently been made. This in my view is now the most important issue and has become increasingly timely for the CMNS community. Now 30 years on since 1989 [2] many or most of the scientific leaders whose work and inspiration allow me the state
my first conclusion with confidence are no longer with us; all remaining from that “first generation” of “cold fusion” pioneers have diminishing output and influence. Unless we can inspire a “new generation” the effort to resolve the underlying physics and pursue application is destined to taper to nothing – perhaps, at best, to be re-started in some new “re-discovery”.

1. M.C.H. McKubre, Cold Fusion (LENR) One Perspective on the State of the Science. in 15th International Conference on Condensed Matter Nuclear Science. 2009. Rome, Italy: ENEA.
2. M. Fleischmann, S. Pons and M. Hawkins, J. Electroanal Chem., 201, p.301 (1989); Errata, 263, p. 187 (1990). See also M. Fleischmann, S. Pons, M.W. Anderson, L.J. Li and M. Hawkins, J. Electroanal. Chem., 287, p. 293 (1990).

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