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Final Report

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National Cold Fusion Institute
The University of Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah

June 1991

A copy of the National Cold Fusion Institute Final Report was originally obtained from the National Technical Report Library, Accession Number [ PB94160918 ]. The library index claims that document is Volume 1, but, in fact, it includes all three known volumes. However, there are 100 pages (149-248) missing from Volume 2. There was to be a fourth volume, with reports by Pons and Fleischmann, (see page 20), and it has been cited by Pons and Fleischmann, but if it was issued, it has not been confirmed.

However, Jed Rothwell also found a copy that is better quality, and that includes the missing Volume 2 pages. Volume 2 has been restored from that copy. Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3.

front matter: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, which includes tables of contents for each volume. The table of contents for the other volumes was reproduced at the end of each volume. The contents of all TOCs are here, but for translation simplicity, the additional tables at the end of each volume have been included.


Volume I
Overview, Executive Summary Chemistry, Physics, Gas Reactions, Metallurgy
Board of Trustees’ Preface v
I. Overview and Executive Summary
F.G. Will
II. Chemistry
1. Tritium Analysis in Palladium with an Open System Analytic Procedure
K. Cedzynska, S.C. Barrowes, H.E. Bergeson, L.C. Knight and F.G. Will
2. Closed-System Analysis of Tritium in Palladium
K. Cedzynska and F.G. Will
3. Cold Fusion Studies in a High-Pressure Sealed Cell
F.G. Will and M.-C. Yang
4. Tritium and Neutron Generation in Palladium Cathodes with High Deuterium Loading
F.G. Will, K. Cedzynska and D.C. Linton
III. Gas Reactions
1. Deuterium-Gas Phase Reactions on Palladium
J.R. Peterson
IV. Metallurgy
1. Calorimetric Measurements during Electrochemical Loading of Deuterium In Palladium and Palladium Alloys
Sivaraman Guruswamy, R.K. Rajamani, J. Li and M.E. Wadsworth
2. Excess Heat Estimation with the Kalman Filter
R.K. Rajamani and F. Bourgeois
3. Explosive Compaction of Electrode Materials and Metal Deuterides
Sivaraman Guruswamy, M. McCarter and M.E. Wadsworth
4. Measurement of D/Pd Ratio using Dilatometry and Factors Influencing the Deuterium Loading Level
Sivaraman Guruswamy, J. Li and N. Karattup
5. Ultrasonic Energy Effects on Palladium Electrodes in Cold Fusion Cells
L. Anderson and W. Tuntawaroon
V. Physics
1. Nuclear Measurements on Deuterium-Loaded Palladium and Titanium
H.E. Bergeson, S.C. Barrowes, K.C. Crawford, X.-M. Du, L. Knight, Y.-Q. Li, F. Lotfi, G. M. Sandquist, S.-X. Wang and J. West
Tables of Contents, Volumes II and III 388
Report of Legal Counsel 390
Volume II
1. Flow Calorimetry and Related Experiments
A M. Riley, R. M. Winter, J. D. Seader and D. W. Pershing
2. Seebeck Calorimetry
A. M. Riley, J. Cook, R. M. Winter, J. D. Seader and D. W. Pershing
3. Measurement of Absorption of Deuterium in Palladium During Electrolysis of Heavy Water
A. M. Riley, J. D. Seader, D. W. Pershing, D.C. Linton and S. Shimizu
4. Heat Conduction Calorimeters for Electrolysis of Heavy Water at Low Power Input
A. M. Riley, J. D. Seader, D. W. Pershing and J. Cook
5. Development Of An Improved Heat-Flow Calorimeter
A. M. Riley, J. D. Seader, D. W. Pershing and J. Cook
6. Determination of Critical Cold Fusion Parameters by Measuring Excess Tritium From Small-Cell Electrolysis Experiments
A. M. Riley, J. D. Seader, D. W. Pershing, T. Williams and D.C. Linton
7. Search for Neutron Emission from Deuterated Palladium at Low Temperatures
A. M. Riley, J. D. Seader and D. W. Pershing
8. High Pressure Liquid Cell Development
B. F. Boehm, M.Case, T. Chen, X. Li and B. Lloyd
Tables of Contents, Volumes I and III 279

* Was “226, “241”,” “248,” and “253” in error.

Volume III
Theoretical and Collaborative
1. Temperature Dependence and Reproducibility of Cell
C. Walling and M. Hawkins
2. Diatomic Hydrogen in a Potential Well
K. J. Bunch and R W. Grow
3. Enhancement of Cold Fusion Reaction Rates
G. M. Sandquist and V. C. Rogers
4. Low Temperature Nuclear Reactions by Deuterons in Metals
G. M. Sandquist and V. C. Rogers
5. Isotopic Hydrogen Fusion in Metals
V. C. Rogers and G. M. Sandquist
6. Evaluation And Verification Of Cold Fusion
G. M. Sandquist and V. C. Rogers
7. Deuterium Concentration and Cold Fusion Rate Distributions in Palladium
V. C. Rogers, G. M. Sandquist and K. K. Nielson
8. Limits on the Emission of Neutrons, Gammas, Electrons and Protons from Pons/Fleischmann Electrolytic Cells
M. H. Salamon, M. E. Wrenn, H. E. Bergerson, K. C. Crawford, W. H. Delaney, C. L. Henderson, Y. Q. Li, J. A. Rusho, G. M. Sandquist and S. M. Seltzer
9. Self-Consistent Field Potential-Energy Surfaces of the DD Pair in the Presence of Small Palladium Clusters
J. Anchell, M. Gutowski, J. Nichols and J. Simons
10. Fusion Rate Calculations for Hydrogen Isotopes from 300° K to 1 MeV
J. Nichols, M. Gutowski and J. Simons
11. A New Look at Solid State Fractures, Particle Emission, and “Cold” Nuclear Fusion
G. Preparata
12. Theories of “Cold” Nuclear Fusion: A Review
G. Preparata
Tables of Contents, Volumes I and II 237

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