Oliver D. Smith socks

This is a list of accounts identified by me as Oliver D. Smith, or reasonably suspected as such. As with any such list, particularly a large list like this, errors are possible. Some of these accounts have openly identified themselves as Smith, but Smith also claims that he has been impersonated. Some impersonations may be “successful,” i.e., the account really does look like the target. However, such accounts would rarely be long-term, because to run such an account long-term, editing or posting in the way that the target would be expected to post, is more work than most trolls will put into such a project.

As well, I keep in mind that there are two “Smith brothers,” Oliver D. and Darryl L. Oliver has claimed that he lied about the existence of a brother, but this is highly implausible, from evidence. In some cases, one brother may be confused with another.