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12th International Workshop
on Anomalies in Hydrogen Loaded Metals,
Asti, Italy, June 5–9, 2017

Proceedings (Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, Vol. 26)

Youtube list of videos of Workshop presentations.

FRENCH – Key Principles For Patenting In The Land Of LENR 29:59
RUERReanalysis Of An Explosion 40:18
ITOH –   Progress on Transmutation Experiments induced by D2 gas permeation 34:08
KITAMURAEffect of Supporter Material on Heat Evolution from Ni-based Nano 31:11
ALABINA Study on the Possibility of Initiating Tungsten Alpha Decay 31:16
DUBINKOPeculiarities of hydrogen interaction with Ni powders and melt spun Nd90Fe10 32:38
IWAMURAAnomalous Excess Heat Generation 29:07
CLAYTORSummary of Tritium Evolution from Various Experiments 25:00
FOWLERDevelopment of a System to Measure Trace Amounts of Helium 19:50
IWAMURAExperiments Using Metal Nanocomposites and Hydrogen Isotope Gass 27:53
KLIMOVInteraction Of Hydrogen Atoms And Ions With Erosive Metal Clusters In Heterog 27:22
CELANIObservation Of Zener-like Behavior Of Constantan Sub-micrometric Wires 20:22
NAGELSimulation and Measurements 32:35
COLLIS Can We Avoid Penetrating Radiation ? 21:55
PAILLETDeepening Questions about Electron Deep Orbits of the Hydrogen Atom 17:55
DUBINKOChemical And Nuclear Catalysis By Energy Localization In Crystals 43:45
MCKUBREWhat we must do to complete Martin Fleischmann’s undertaking 39:47
TOIMELAOn the Heat Transfer in LENR Experiments 22:20
SMITHLENR, Existential Risks and Rewards 19:59
RUERPreventing Thermal Runaways Of LENR Reactors 26:22
DAVIDAbout Descrete Breathers and LENR 22:23

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