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International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen / Deuterium Loaded Metals
13-18 October 2007

http://www.iscmns.org/catania07/index.htm described the Workshop. No link is given there to the Proceedings. The ISCMNS copy of the Proceedings is broken. Jed Rothwell has now uploaded a copy to lenr-canr.org: RothwellJproceeding.pdf

(The ISCMNS copy has now been repaired.)

Front matter. (includes title pages, copyright, Table of Contents, and Preface.) The original Table of Contents has no author names. They are supplied here. The title for the paper beginning on page 329 was on page 328, and the page number was then incorrect in the TOC. This has been fixed in this TOC.

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Proceedings of the 8th International Workshop on Anomalies in Hydrogen / Deuterium Loaded Metals

13-18 October 2007, Sheraton Catania, Sicily, Italy

Edited Jed Rothwell and Peter Mobberley

The International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science Copyright © 2008, The International Society for Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without the prior permission of the copyright owner.

ISBN 1-892925-04-4

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Table of Contents

The Organizer’s personal perspective
Bill Collis
Preparata Medal Lecture – A Tribute to Giuliano Preparata, a TRUE Pioneer in Cold Fusion Theory
George H. Miley
Erzion Model Features In Cold Nuclear Transmutation Experiments
Yu. N. Bazhutov
Excitation of Hydrogen Subsystem in Metals by External Influence
I. P. Chernov , Yu. M. Koroteev , V. M. Silkin, Yu. I. Tyurin
Roles of Approximate Symmetry and Finite Size in the Quantum Electrodynamics of d+d⇒4He in Condensed Matter Nuclear Science
Scott R. Chubb
Synthesis Of A Copper Like Compound From Nickel And Hydrogen And Of A Chromium Like Compound From Calcium And Deuterium
J. Dufour, D. Murat, X. Dufour and J. Foos
External Radiation Produced by Electrolysis — A Work in Progress
John C. Fisher
Outline Of Polyneutron Theory
John C. Fisher
Theoretical Hypothesis of a Double Barrier Regarding the D-D Interaction in a Pd Lattice: A Possible Explanation of Cold Fusion Experiment Failures
Fulvio Frisone
Common Mechanism of Superconductivity, Superfluidity, Integer and Fractional Hall Effects, and Cold Fusion
F.A. Gareev G.F. Gareeva and I.E. Zhidkova
Quantization of Atomic and Nuclear Rest Masses
F.A. Gareev G.F. Gareeva and I.E. Zhidkova
Observation of 3He and 3H in the volcanic crater lakes: possible evidence for natural nuclear fusion in deep Earth
Songsheng Jiang , Ming He , Weihong Yue , Bujia Qi , Jing Liu
On emission of nuclear particles caused by electrolysis
Ludwik Kowalski
Analysis of #2 Winthrop Williams’ CR-39 detector after SPAWAR/Galileo type electrolysis experiment
Andrei Lipson , Alexei Roussetski , Eugeny Saunin
Analysis of the CR-39 detectors from SRI’s SPAWAR/Galileo type electrolysis experiments #7 and #5. Signature of possible neutron emission
Andrei Lipson , Alexei Roussetski, A.G. Lipson1 , A.S. Roussetski , E.I. Saunin , F. Tanzella , B. Earle , and M. McKubre
“Excess heat” in a Gas-Loading D/Pd System with Pumping inside palladium Tube
Bin Liu, Xing Z. Li, Qing M. Wei, Shu X. Zheng
Selective Resonant Tunneling through Coulomb Barrier by Confined Particles in Lattice Well
Xing Zhong Li, Qing Ming Wei, Bin Liu, Nao Nao Cai
Anomalous heat Generation by surface oxidized Pd wires in a hydrogen atmosphere
A. Marmigi , A. Spallone, F. Celan, P. Marin, V.Di Stefano
Cluster Reactions in Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENRs)
George H. Miley , Heinrich Hora , Andrei Lipson , Hugo Leon , and P. Joshi Shrestha
Microscopic characterization of palladium electrodes for cold fusion experiments
F. Sarto, E. Castagna and V. Violante
Gamma Emission Evaluation in Tungsten Irradiated By Low Energy Deuterium Ions
Irina Savvatimova, Gennady Savvatimov, Alla Kornilova
Transmutation in Tungsten Irradiated By Low Energy Deuterium Ions
Irina Savvatimova
A Review of Experimental studies about Hydrogen over-loading within Palladium wires (H/Pd ≥ 1)
A. Spallone, A. Marmigi , F. Celani, P. Marini, V.Di Stefano
Radiation Produced By Glow Discharge in Deuterium
Edmund Storms and Brian Scanlan
D-Cluster Dynamics and Fusion Rate by Langevin Equation
Akito Takahashi and Norio Yabuuchi
Multiple Resonance Scattering
T. Toimela
Joint Scientific Advances in Condensed Matter Nuclear Science
V. Violante, F. Sarto, E.Castagna, M. McKubre, F. Tanzella, G.Hubler, D. Knies, K.Grabowsk, T. Zilov, I. Dardik, C. Sibilia
Element Analysis of the Surface Layer on the Pd and Pd-Y Alloy after Deuterium Permeation
Wei Qing-Ming, Rao Yong-Chu, Zheng Shao-Tao, Luo De-Li, Li Xing-Zhong
List of Participants 358
Author index 362

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