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EmilOWK is the only rationalwiki account used by Emil Kirkegaard. Many other accounts have impersonated him.

The following content was deleted by Skeptical from the RationalWiki User page for EmilOWK (Emil Kirkegaard.) It allegedly contained a “real name.” That name would be [redacted], and, as mentioned, was very likely an impersonation account — and AP (the Smith brothers) had heavily impersonated [redacted], and the RW article on Kirkegaard was created by “[redacted version of name].”

Later, an AP sock created an article on [redacted], attacking the real person — who is not notable (unlike Kirkegaard).

I add a Comment at the end.

The content:

Impersonators and harassment

I have been impersonated on Rational Wiki, once getting banned because someone made a legal threat in my name. Thus, it makes sense to keep a list of these incidents, so that I don’t have to dig them up every time the point is mentioned. Here’s a list of impersonating accounts:

  1. User:EmilOWK2
  2. User:E. O. W. Kirkegaard
  3. User:Emil Kirkegaard

There is at least one particular individual who likes to create a bunch of sockpuppet accounts and use them to add hostile content to my article or related articles (say, OpenPsychJohn Fuerst, or some of the alt-right talk women (Tara McCarthy et al), also recently moved on to Laird Shaw, and has had a long time obsession with Rome Viharo). Essentially all of these are single-purpose accounts, i.e. they have no other contributions and were usually created just before the person(s) needed a new user so as to seem like multiple people.

  1. User:Asgardian
  2. User:Aza
  3. User:Skeptical
  4. User:Welliver
  5. User:Antifa Ireland
  6. User:[redacted]
  7. User:OldSword

(these were the ones I found doing a 15 mins search, there’s probably more socks)

There’s also a number of IP users:


Since I don’t have IP data etc. the users here are identified based on certain patterns, i.e.:

  1. Exclusive edit history/interest in race related topics and persons, mostly persons.
  2. Very brief profile texts, e.g one of the above just has “Hello.”, most of them have nothing. Genuine editors usually take some pride in their work, people who create many socks just need another name to post under.
  3. Uses many insults, especially racist, pedophile. E.g. “tying to tone down or remove the fact this sicko is a pedophile apologist is itself a defence for pedophilia. stop.”

Besides posting on RW, the same person often makes posts on other sites, usually with near-copy pasta content:


For creating this, EmilOWK was blocked by Skeptical. It is clear that there was no intention to doxx here, but to defend himself. He’s been impersonated, that is conclusive. He may have had no idea, it appears, that there might be a real [redacted] who was himself impersonated, all he knew is that he was attacked by an account with that name.

His current user page claims he is “banned.” That notice was placed by CheeseburgerFace, who is an RW moderator. It’s a template and refers to the Chicken Coop. In theory, RW bans (and desysopping, other than temporary) require a discussion on the Coop.  I could find no trace of such a discussion. This is one more sign that AP has been specially protected. Does CheeseburgerFace realize what he did? I don’t know. Perhaps I’ll ask him at some point.

This comment from AP reveals a great deal. The IP geolocates as possible AP, and admits to being Welliver. This is classic AP fog:

Its the crank Rome Viharo spreading misinformation and trying to create drama here, again. And the impersonations are always by him, that he then tries to pin on me, or others; I’m well familiar with his internet antics and his RW article logs his shenanigans. If someone actually bothers to look: the user “[redacted]” has zero actual contributions to the article since the article was re-written by two sysops. So where is the “hit piece”? Oops… I also said “Welliver” was a temporary account for editing on separate IP I don’t own (since I was editing from a different location.), hence “Once I get back home in a few days I will edit from my public IP” — as I am now.

This is the on the Talk page for the RW article on Kirkegaard. Oliver D. Smith has publicly acknowledged having created the articles on Kirkegaard and Fuerst. [redacted] literally created both articles. [Kirkegaard], [Fuerst]. The Kirkegaard article was edited by a number of sysops (“sysop” is not a particular distinction on RW), what stands out as extensive editing before the comment by the IP would be Welliver, an obvious AP sock (and one that I connected the recent socking on WMF wikis with the full AP panalopy, who was a sysop. He screwed up. (And the edit has been totally vaporized, it’s not in the record any more. That takes high-level tools, one more sign of special protection for AP.)

It was Welliver who added the “pedophile” or “pedophile apologist” material, which took massive and obsessive stalking of Kirkegaard, since he had only rarely discussed the topic, and many years ago,– and, as is typical for AP, the sources AP found are then twisted and exaggerated, ignoring context that would create a different impression.

I don’t own sock-puppets, that’s more lies from Viharo who actually is the user with dozens of banned socks and who shows up on a new account every month trying to cause trouble.

That’s a double lie. Viharo has done some socking, but it is trivial compared with the massive effort by the Smith brothers. In his email to me, Oliver Smith claimed that “99.9%” of the socks were his brother. He did not claim Viharo impersonation. In the known corpus, in many edits, Oliver Smith has admitted many socks. Were the bulk of the socks his brother? I don’t know.

From one person, the one who emailed me, I saw more than one personality, he went from relatively calm and communicative to blithering hysteric. (There have been claims of mental illness, both from “enemies” but also from apparent AP socks.)

There are two brothers, that’s well-established, but … the one living at home is apparently Oliver, though earlier he was attending college. Attacking Viharo has been an AP pastime since Wikipedia, when an AP sock (later checkuser-identified) outed tumbleman as Rome Viharo, claiming it was not outing because it was based on an accidental edit. Outing (or “doxxing”) on a wiki is revealing private information, even if it was obtained from some public source. Often wiki administration dislikes this, but it is not necessarily illegal. Defamation is illegal, and AP routinely defames. Rome Viharo rather promptly acknowledged his relatively few socks. The Smith brothers denied them for years, even as it became completely obvious.

Viharo above claims to have “contacted Emil today”, hence I already see Emil attacking me on twitter. This is Viharo’s main MO, he tries to side with people to attack me – he’s been cyberstalking for the past 2 years.

The obvious question: who is “me,” such that Rome Viharo and Emil are “attacking” him? I saw this paradox many times in the WMF sequence. AP would claim that it was all nonsense, and at the same time that he was being attacked. (He also claimed that other “skeptical editors” were attacked, but never pointed to an example — there were none. Some editors who had been involved in certain actions were mentioned, but simply factually without anything like “attack.” The dramatic response of AP socks convinced me that I was on the right track.

Viharo was stalked and did some research in return. More recently, AP has attempted to blame people tagging him on me, but this was all open on the internet before I ever heard of “Anglo Pyramidologist.” What I’ve done is to document what is quite visible, though often buried in the loud noise of massive wiki contribution flow.

And a final point: this article was inactive for well over a year. Why all the drama now? Suddenly all these people show up. If they had really cared about their RW pages and thought they were being “defamed” they would have should up over 500 days ago. We never heard anything in all that time. This Emil person has only showed up now because Viharo impersonated him then emailed him. This fool has been tricked and now blames me for the impersonation, along with some other wild allegations on his twitter. (talk) 14:35, 25 August 2017 (UTC)

AP socks seem to be dropping by my blog every few days to claim I have been tricked. It is usually “tricked by mikemikev.” I have had no contact with mikemikev, as far as I know, and when I came to a conclusion about AP identity, it was based on my own research — but, to be sure, I looked at some facts that had been pointed out. Mikemikev had put up a directory listing for the family, claiming that someone had sent it to him. I was not willing to pay for such. However, I confirmed enough to toss a pebble in the pond to see if it splashed. It splashed massively. The AP response demonstrated beyond any doubt that what I published was completely correct. I have now removed the home address, because it is not necessary, that was only needed transiently to establish the family make-up, confirming that the “brothers” are twins and, at one time, lived together. The original information (widely published) included the names of all family members (the mother, father, and an older brother.) I have removed that, again, because it is not needed.

(The claim is made that the information was from behind a paywall,, as if that would make it “private.” “Paywall” is completely irrelevant.)

AP is Oliver D. Smith. He has also implicated his brother, Darryl Smith. And he is routinely libelling his targets, he libelled Emil Kirkegaard in his email to me, calling him a “neo-Nazi pedophile.”

The libels are continuing.

And Skeptical was a Smith brother. Oliver? I don’t know. Probably.

The kicker is really that he vanished as soon as he was persistently called “Oliver.” Simply from being called that, he said that Abd’s conspiracy theory was getting old. But I had not, at that point, claimed he was Oliver Smith. Just that he was probably an AP sock. He then proved it by his extreme behavior.

There are many evidences the brothers have created. In attempting to get the AP studies taken down, the socks have claimed that it was about them. I.e., confirming that they were AP, socking. (But some claimed that the original Anglo Pyramidologist had not edited for a long time, so the taggings were “wrong.”) The IP sock here — geolocating correctly for known AP location — says that others are attempting to blame “him.” So he must be AngloPyramidologist or Atlantid — same user as Oliver D. Smith. — or his brother.

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