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Studying alleged Mikemikev socks, I came across Saxton. This account looked like Oliver Smith, but there were some oddities. Then I found some material that had been deleted, which is copied here. This material appeared to reveal Saxton as Oliver without any reasonable doubt; however, there are also signs that this could be his brother Darryl L. Smith, specifically the initial interest in Gerhard D. Wassermann and  Rupert Sheldrake.

Saxton was never blocked (until today, 5 years later, by Oliver), but added material considered to be doxxing, to Talk:BonesandBehaviors. This material was hidden. Any person named on this page may request that information be hidden; at the very least, persons named here have a right of response. (Comment at the bottom of the page, include a valid email address, which will not be published. Important comments will be incorporated into the text, if identity can be verified.)

This material may be libelous. Please handle with caution. Saxton was accused of being Michael Coombs, by Oliver, but the identity of Saxton as a Smith brother. Oliver often speaks about himself in the third person as he did here. or this was his brother about him. The overall presentation here of Oliver is to justify his behavior and make his actions appear reasonable. The page:

Admin Bonesandbehaviours is neo-nazi kook

The Admin Bonesandbehaviours is the user Faintsmile1992 from Anthroscape (the same person who advertised the forum Bonesandbehaviours, see [1] and [2]). They removed/blanked their Anthroscape account which described their politics as “fascism” in Dec 2013, and as of 2014 now pose online as an apolitical HBD/”race realist” or something like that. However across the net on other sites, they still have their former political views left up:

Faintsmile @ Forumbiodiversity Last Online 2012-08-19 @ 06:45: Politics: Fascism.
Bonesandbehaviours (Faintsmile1992) was openly fascist and neo-nazi only a year or so back. They attempted though to erase their internet history as Faintsmile and now even deny being Faintsmile1992 presumably embarrassed or ashamed of their earlier online activities and far-right politics.Saxton (talk) 15:13, 18 May 2014 (UTC)

Metapedia, Henry Stevens, Atlantid and Faintsmile1992

It is interesting to note what happened between the forum Bonesandbehaviours and Metapedia. There are still postings recorded there. One of Metapedia‘s former sysops “Atlantid” (aka BookWorm at Wikipedia, also BookGremlin at Forumbiodiversity) had joined BonesandBehaviours. He later revealed himself to be suffering from schizophrenia, and left Metapedia and Forumbiodiversity. Most his contributions were on science based or anthropology articles surrounding race, in fact he seems most responsible for the content added there (see for example these entries: [3] [4][5]). Anyway, the guy given his mental illness and excessive amount of edits held no consistent view on what he was adding. He was even accused of being a “race denialist” despite administrating the white supremacist site (Metapedia) and seems to have led a war against “race typologists” receiving criticism from HBD sites like Anthroscape. Very bizarre to say the least, and his edits at Wikipedia also are just as strange – focused around Assyriology fringe figures like Laurence Waddell (adding the Bowl of Utu artefact). After joining the forum Bonesandbehaviours, he seems to have first uncovered the real identity of the Admin Bonesandbehaviours as the neo-nazi Faintsmile1992. This led to his ban (?) at the forum and Bonesandbehaviours only moderator Henry Stevens (who posts as “fivepercenter” on the forum) contacting Metapedia, posting the following:

“Dear Metapedia, My name is Henry Stevens. By way of introduction I am the author of three books dealing with esoteric Nazi technology: Hitler’s Flying Saucers Hitler’s Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology Dark Star All available at I also have an interest and education in Physical Anthropology and am a moderator at the anthropology forum, Bones and Behaviours. I also have an interest and education in Physical Anthropology and am a moderator at the anthropology forum, Bones and Behaviours For a couple months we have had a member, “Gremlin”, Oliver Smith is a moderator or some kind of official with Metapedia. Things were fine until recently. In an emotional fit, “Gremlin” began sending personal messages and making posts on the open forum about our Administrator, “BonesandBehaviours” or as she is known elsewhere “Faintsmile1992. In those posts Oliver Smith stated our Administrator was a paedophile. He went on in graphic and lewd detail about her alleged crimes with underage boys. It was so graphic and lewd as to be utterly disgusting. I know our Administrator. She is 20 or just 21 years old. She has an opposite sex preference for males younger than herself. But she has never, ever, even once, engaged in any sexual activity with anyone who is under legal age of consent. This means any and all sexual activity. Your Moderator, Smith, has alleged otherwise in print, in pubic, on the internet. In the United States, to allege illegal or immoral sexual activity without proof or conviction is libel. Libel is a legal term and to be found guilty of libel in court and alleging illegal or immoral sexual activity constitutes damages, prima facie. This means damages are present if the claim has been made and can be shown to have been made. “Damages” mean a money judgment award. Of course, nobody wants to do this. Having removed Gremlin from our forum, what I am asking is that he act like a gentleman and refrain from repeating this improper activity on the other forums of which he is a part. I am told he represents himself at Metapedia as a “White Nationalist” and on other forums. On BonesandBehaviours he repeatedly made negative comments about any site with those beliefs. What this means is I do not know who he is or where he will pop up. This is why I am writing you. I am asking that you use your considerable influence in the on-line world toward the goal of Oliver being a gentleman. I know this is an unusual request. It would not be made except for the fact that Oliver is someone in the academic world and someone in the Metapedia world and someone of this stature should embrace this status and not sink beneath himself. Thank you for your anticipated understanding and cooperation. Yours truly, Henry Stevens.

Atlantid (BookGremlin) whose real name is alleged to be Oliver Smith responded that these accusations were not libel, and that the Admin BonesandBehaviours (as Faintsmile1992) had posted at Anthroscape many obscene comments about how she supports sex between grown adults and children as young as 11 or 12, while having done that herself with a minor and her goal of trying legalize the age of consent to 12. All of these comments appear still logged at Anthroscape under Faintsmile1992‘s post history (covering more than 7000 posts going back three or more years), and so it appears Atlantid was not a liar at all. Perhaps that is another reason why Bonesandbehaviours is denying they are Faintsmile1992 (other than ashamed of their neo-nazi past)? Are they fearful of the legal consequences of what they have posted? No action however has ever been taken.

Bonesandbehaviours most recent response to this at Hbdchick‘s blog was the following in response to another poster pointing out the obvious that Bonesandbehaviours is the same person as Faintsmile1992:

The only thread on me and my family members over at any Wiki is the result of cyberstalking by a confused individual called Oliver Smith who is being compared to a sectioned individual known as Ian Keith Gomeche due to his absurd and antisocial behaviours that are perhaps consistent with the Borderline Personality Disorder. When he is banned from a forum, he begins spreading lies to defame other internet users, ranging from accusations of creationism to paedophilia. Whilst this may be standard trolling, he crosses a line by dragging in family members and other innocent bystanders.

He drags in family members and abuses wikis so as to harass people. His page on me over at Metapedia was removed when Metapedia was threatened with legal action by a moderator who, I believe, has also contacted RationalWiki. ED can expect the same kind of action unless they stop stalkers from abusing their wiki so as to get back at people who have banned them, by using it to spread false information.

It is not clear as to whrpether he is associated with the Afrocentrist Charlie Bass, or whether Charlie Bass is merely imitating Atlantid/Oliver Smith/other sock puppets of his. Bass has been harassing people by because we do not agree with his strange Afrocentrist positions, and created a defamatory post saying that the B&B forum was founded by a holocaust denier. This is clearly a lie, as is the confusion (following Oliver Smith) between me and other internet users.

FTR faintsmile1992 is my cousin who was helping me out but backed out of the project. We do not even have the same personalities as one another. I have never had a neo-nazi blog nor ever posted anywhere as ‘shewolfoftheSS’.

I naturally object to misinformation dragging in innocent people, so as to encourage harassment, otherwise the best course of action with both the mentally ill and ideological fanatics is to ignore them.

True, Atlantid has some sort of personality disorder, however I see no “cyberstalking” or trolling here. Bonesandbehaviours is Faintsmile1992, which is obvious from posting style, interests and so forth alone. Bonesanbehaviours also admitted they are Faintsmile1992 in a post to Metapedia:

On our community Atlantid was acting reasonably and we were even supportive about his ebook project and offered him advice, until faintsmile1992 refuted his deliberate misrepresentation of Thomas Malthus, objected to his support for the abortion holocaust of white babies and disagreed with his personal biews on eugenics. Which is the point at which he began to behave out of line and started trolling our staff. As he was put on moderation for this, he started immediately to send malicious PMs to our forum staff and members, and got himself IP banned. It is only then that he attempted to dox our member on the Metapedia though he has been speaking to her politely for months. Many of our members of our Bones and Behaviours community, including faintsmile1992 who has enrolled to study anthropology and psychology with the OU, are pro-white, race realist students who do not wish unwelcome attention that haunts them when they are active in the future. Others are pseudonymous academics or members from older race forums. Our members do not deserve this because Atlantid cannot behave correctly. It is unfair.

The thread where Atlantid supposedly debated Faintsmile1992 on Thomas Malthus, only also involved the Admin Bonesandbehaviours (both then admit to being the same person) and note the comment “faintsmile1992 who has enrolled to study anthropology and psychology with the OU, are pro-white, race realist students” because Bonesandbehaviours also claims to have enrolled to take anthropology and psychology with the OU on several blogs (e.g. [6]. Just a coincidence that both Faintsmile1992 and Bonesanbehaviors are taking the exact same course from the same place? I think not. You can also simply check Faintsmile1992’s post history at Anthroscape to see Atlantid and the poster at HBDchick’s blog was not making anything up. Saxton (talk) 21:11, 19 May 2014 (UTC)

Henry Stevens (“fivepercenter”) like Bonesandbehaviours is also trying to hide their neo-nazi identity. Mr Stevens has recently changed his ethnicity to: “Southeast Asian”. This is despite the fact Mr. Stevens is a white American as can be seen here: Henry Stevens – Nazi flying saucer’s where he is giving an interview about Nazi UFO’s he claims the American government is suppressing (yes, a right crackpot). Saxton (talk) 22:38, 19 May 2014 (UTC)

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