Supporters and enablers

Oliver and Darryl Smith (“Anglo Pyramidologist” and see RationalWiki/Anglo Pyramidologist) would not be able to user or abuse RationalWiki as they have without the the support or enabling of some active in that community. The RationalWiki community was always difficult. It was what one might expect from a collection of rowdy “skeptical” teenagers, though some were older, to be sure. I had edited there for a time, and was given sysop privileges, but ultimately scaled far back on my contributions because I concluded that the community was impossible. The last straw was when a user told me to “go fuck your kids,” and the “moderators” thought there was no problem with that.

David Gerard and another had attempted to remove my sysop privileges, and that had been reversed. My user rights log.

As can be seen in the log, permanent removal of rights required a vote. That would normally be done on the “Chicken coop.” However, David Gerard had grown in power, as often happens with “techies.” So when an article was created on me on RationalWiki as retaliation for my documentation on the WMF meta wiki of the Anglo Pyramidologist socks, I showed up and commented. And David Gerard removed my rights. Did anyone notice? I don’t know. I was then blocked for “doxxing,” but I had not mentioned the Smith — except as Smith socks did.

Still, there was a possibility of taking the issue to the Chicken coop. I didn’t do that, waiting. There was eventually a discussion raised on the coop, by the major active Darryl Smith sock, and it was quickly closed. I was not allowed to participate, violating coop rules. However, by now it is apparent to me that nobody is willing to stand for the older traditions, which at least allowed the targets of articles a fair opportunity to argue for correcting errors. Researching the AP sock activity, I saw again and again that article targets were impersonated and harassed, and were blocked based on the activities of impersonators. They were also blocked for “doxxing,” when they didn’t name names.

I now hold the entire community responsible for the situation at RationalWiki. RationalWiki is an enemy of genuine skepticism and, as well, of academic freedom. So this page will document the users involved, which I’d avoided, only, until now, documenting suspected AP socks. Some of the people I will describe here might indeed be AP socks. he creates sleepers that only move to his favorite topics later. But being listed here is not an accusation of being a Smith brother. Most probably are not.

Some may be listed simply as those who had an opportunity to recognize what was going on, but who turned away from it (example: CheeseburgerFace).

Some of these simply repeated the claims of AP socks as if fact, even when grossly and obviously incorrect. Others appear to have assumed that impersonation socks were me. That’s a stupidity that many have fallen for, including Wikipedia administrators — and that is how I became involved in the AP mess, I requested steward checkuser, which, insanely, is not normally done with impersonation socks, because they “self-identify” as a blocked user. So who needs checkuser, they are blocked, end of topic. But these “sock puppet investigations” and blocks are then used to defame the impersonation target, and it worked, many times.

If any user named here wishes to contest this claim, comment and verify the comment on RatWiki as the user, and I will review and I will, at least, show the protest.

The list of users

(These are not claimed to be socks, in spite of what was claimed on User talk:Readymade.)

David Gerard Long-term involvement as mentioned above.

Bongolian to be documented.

CheeseburgerFace This was unfortunate. I thought this user might be willing to consider evidence and reason, including the massive and unnecessary disruption shown on his talk page. But it was not to be.  CheeseburgerFace did not merely hide revisions, he suppressed them, so that even sysops cannot see them. What was in them? A note that an edit to his talk page had been an impersonation sock. So he acted to protect the sock master and not to actually communicate with the one impersonated, who offered verification of identity. If he believed that the edits doxxed (that claim has often been made when it was false), he still could have established communication. No, he is responsible for continued disruption. (The disruption long predates my involvement, and will continue, I predict, unless the real causes are addressed.) See also, this edit from the real Emil Kirkegaard, [ removed by CF].

Cosmikdebris many actions.

GrammarCommie see many edits suppressing communication, such as blanking of the edit to User talk:ReadyMade — and many more

Readymade see archived user talk (as this is written, Readymade has not responded. Response may shift this characterization. Otherwise it is quite clear.) Readymade did respond. See the subpage.

Christopher to be documented.

Leuders to be documented.

Others will be added as cause appears (and names may be removed if they smell the coffee and act). Remember, inaction when faced with clear evidence of abuse can be considered cause for listing, when a reasonable person would recognize the issue. They also serve (abuse) who only watch.

The discussion on User talk:Readymade, linked above, shows how this works, when it is most clear. Readymade lied about a page here. Why? I don’t know, but anyone can verify it if they care. When a community tolerates lies like that — and RatWiki has been doing this for a long time — the community has lost coherence, unless lies and deception are the goal.

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