The text of that post, since it is now removed on Reddit:

Abd Lomax blocked socking again on RationalWiki

12:50, 14 September 2019 Oxyaena (talk | contribs) blocked Abominable (talk | contribs) with an expiration time of π×infinity! (account creation disabled, cannot edit own talk page) (Ban evasion: Abd)

Follows the same pattern: after blocked for socking, Lomax tries to blame his socks onto the Smith’s. He’s already made a blog post, doing exactly that.

And also for reference: Abominable (not me for sure, this was some kind of assumption by Oxyaena for unexplained reasons) was blocked at 12:50, 14 September 2019. Another account was created at 13:12, 14 September 2019, unblockabdnow. This was obviously an attempt to create a confirmation that Abominable was me. But I’ve been blocked on RatWiki since 2017, why would I suddenly make a stupid, useless account like that? I have good communication with privileged RatWiki users, I would not use some trolling sock to request unblock if I wanted it. Greentreeblue was here with this post 11 minutes after Abominable was blocked, crowing about the alleged Abd sock. Someone was watching all that very, very closely, ready to pounce. In the past, this behavior has been associated with the person being all sides of the mess. (creating impersonation accounts and then blocking them and then listing them as my accounts) In this case, Oxyaena is not suspected of being a Smith sock, not even close.

As to my blog, I had a page pointing to some edits on that article, with suspected sock accounts. That page has since been edited, but I’m going to take it back to what it was when the post above was written, the version of (13 Sep @ 21:14 GMT-4) and archive it, so that we can see if this Smith sock was referring to anything other than his own activity. Done, archived. No mention of any sock even remotely suspected of being me, mention of many socks and suspected socks identified by Rats as Oliver Smith. No mention of Abominable, created at 12:34, 14 September 2019, a single edit at 12:37, blocked at 12:50, and the trollsock was here at 13:01. Duck test, this was a single person with an agenda.

The usual: the trollsocks are lying. And they keep using new accounts to make it difficult to track them, which is why I compile lists like this. These are people who attempt to avoid personal responsibility, while attacking others viciously.

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    1. The following may be quite incorrect. I’m leaving this for the moment, because it may be some time before I can research what happened here. I do have a page on Benn.

      I have never accused Benn of being a sock. I’ll assume you are Benn, even though you are using a Tor node. What you have seen is trolling by Darryl L. Smith, currently John66 on RatWiki, but many other accounts historically. I have long been impersonated there, by trolls doing this kind of thing.
      They create massive numbers of accounts, mixing a tiny bit of fact with massive amounts of garbage, and the goal is to suppress the fact as being part of a “crazy conspiracy theory.” There really are two Smith brothers, Oliver and Darryl, and those who have followed this know it, without doubt. But it appears that they have fooled many on RationalWiki even though eventually they figured out that Oliver Smith was batshit crazy, but they still protect Darryl, who is actually the more dangerous of the two.

      At one point I did an edit timing study to show account connections, and I looked at Bongolian as a control. The timing showed conclusively that Bongolian was not connected with the trolls. Other than occasionally asserting some terminal stupidity, there is no general campaign on my part against RatWiki, Rats, or skeptics.

      At one point Oliver D. Smith included your name in a list of socks allegedly coming from Mikemikev. My comment there was “unlikely,” which was an understatement. See current sock list at anglo-pyramidologist/trollsocks/#Halloween

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