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ageofempires858585 throwaway account, very likely Oliver D. Smith, since nobody else would care. Smith has made this claim about that page before. Notice that he is not specific. He mentions “antifa accounts,” but he confuses account name with a claim of political affiliation.

The page is a list of alleged Mikemikev socks, taken from the Wikia site, RationalWikiWiki, which was apparently booted from Wikia because of Oliver Smith’s attack pages there, and Oliver wrote this list. What I did was to annotate it. I’m careful about that. I colored the listings by category. From the page:

  • Pink is Oliver Smith, as identified by me. In some cases, these have been openly admitted, or facts admitted which led to a clear conclusion. Others are duck test, often very obvious.

  • Blue is Darryl L. Smith, as suspected by me. There is no reason to identify these with Mikemikev, and it is unlikely; he may perceive me as an ally (though we have little agreement on politics). (Many more like this remain to be tagged).

  • Many accounts have not been annotated. Looking over it, I could probably tag more. It is not particularly a high priority. Oliver Smith is now persona no grata on RationalWiki, banned, though he frequently socks. Darry L. Smith is much less obvious. He does have an active account, but very inactive for substantial periods. When he’s done that before, he was fast and furious on Wikipedia. Many of those accounts have never been tagged there (and many were!)

As with any study of sock puppets, there may be incorrect identifications. These are not “lies” unless the one who wrote it knows they are false. Darryl Smith accounts are often simply duck test, but there is technical evidence in some cases. Oliver Smith accounts identified in that list include some where the identification is not in doubt. Arcticos, for example. Oliver included his own accounts in a list of Mikemikev socks! And then claims I’m lying. Typical. M87 MrsBlintzNick_Lowles_Fan

(Anti psychic admits being Debunking spiritualism i.e., DS, Darryl L. Smith, who claimed his account had been hacked and that it was me that did it. In fact that account did a massive number of sysop actions, hiding evidence, and then, at the end, created extensive disruption to cover it up. It worked. But it was all Darryl, doing Darryl stuff.)

The “antifa” claim is hilarious. I have no idea that Oliver or Darryl are “antifa,” but Oliver has made appeals to the antifa (to encourage them to attack his enemies). Those are account names, not a political affiliation, and they often are deceptive. In any case, these names were all taken from a list compiled by Oliver Smith of alleged Mikemikev socks. Was he claiming that Mikemikev was “antifa”? (like, the opposite!) I can explain any identification if anyone cares. There is a contributions link for each account.

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