The alleged “child murder” libel

Copied from the Wikipediocracy Discord server. Emphasis added in the last comment here. The statement there is true as to the content of the video, a character — making arguments quite like what I’ve seen from Oliver — then tells the mother that if she cared (about impact on the environment), she’d slit her child’s throat open right now. Or something like that. I don’t want to look again.

Oliver also linked to that video on Kiwi Farms. He’s antinatalist sewer scum. (his antinatalism is like Mikemikev’s racism. Extreme, dripping with hatred, far beyond mere racialism and nationalism, which are still human.)
Don’t click the link
As far as Oliver is concerned…
The Childfree ideals are borderline hard green and to be perfectly honest the carbon argument is definitively based in radical environmentalism.
So what was the “embarrassing error” Oliver simply made an ass out of himself. I do have 7 children, 5 biological, two adopted. Adopting children would not add to the burden that he is so concerned about. But he sent me that video suggesting that parents should kill their children, that it would be kinder than letting them live. We don’t think so, because life is good, we affirm. I suspect that Oliver disagrees, and for him life is shit and then you die. It’s an old philosophy, though it is hardly “philo-” or “sophie.”
Oliver is sexually deviant, i.e, abnormal. That is not an accusation, but is pointing out that his views on what is “deviant” are warped by his own (a)sexuality. It is normal for a human male to be “attracted” to some 15-year olds of the opposite sex, assuming she is biologically mature, which most women will be at that age. It is, however, culturally disapproved to act on that attraction. Further, the associated “philia” (sexual preference for a woman of that age, for someone much older) is not normal.