Honey pot

It is claimed that this site is a “honey pot.” Example:

Caution! Underlying link leads to a domain controlled by Abd and used in the past as a honeypot.
This domain has never been used as a “honeypot.” That’s a direct lie, without any evidence behind it other than more lies by another. Any domain owner can see the raw access logs and can tell what has been read by an IP address, by digging through massive data. However, that is useless for a honey pot and will create no hazard for a innocent reader. This is a brazen attempt to suppress answers, to require trolling to be addressed by argument in situ, which is the goal of the troll, “sealioning.” The full page (link) — which should also be hosted on archive.is, but the section anchor won’t work there —  describes the history of this extensive trolling, which is currently at about 200 comments on Reddit. At over 70 comments, I abandoned specific responses.

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