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This is a page to use to request an account on the CFC wiki. Leave a comment here, using, in the comment form, a valid email address. CFC administration may contact you. Named accounts must be validated. Generally, real-name accounts are preferred and may be required. However, exceptions may be requested in the email correspondence that should normally result.

If you wish your request to be anonymous, say so. Otherwise the comment might be published. Anonymity is allowed, but anonymous accounts will have limited privileges, unless identity is disclosed to administration. A working email address must be provided for any account, it will be used to provide an initial password, but an anonymous gmail account may be used, as an example.

(There is a procedure to allow quick anonymous editing on the CFC wiki. See  CFC:Editing.)

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  1. Abd,
    Following up on our conversation of a week or so ago, I wanted to open an account. I’m not sure if this is the way for me to go, as my understanding is that the wiki format would allow editing of any entry I might make. I am open to discourse, but am leary of having any statements changed due to possible miscomprehension or misattribution, at least without the opportunity of consideration. What I have to offer now to the CFC discussion is perhaps tangential, but I believe has value. In particular and pursuant to our telephone discussion is a piece I did a few years ago that I would like your opinion on, if possible before the ICCF-21 conference, entitled “Simple Harmonic Motion is Classical and Quantum Phase Space” at the following DropBox link
    You might start with the conclusion statement of that paper at around page 85 first for some perspective, about two pages, to see if you think its worth your while.
    I look forward to meeting at ICCF-21.
    Thanks again.
    Martin Gibson

    1. The account has been created and you should receive an email. It is a wiki and normally any page may be edited by any user unless specially protected. Top-level mainspace pages should generally be open for editing. CFC wiki does not currently allow normal anonymous editing.

      On MediaWiki sites, pages have full history attached so one can tell who wrote what. If you label a page as an attributed essay of yours, or other attributed work, your right to maintain the page as you want will be respected. Such pages may exist in your user space (i.e., as subpages of your user page) or as subpages of mainspace pages as may be appropriate, again with attribution. While anyone may edit them, disruptive editing will not be allowed. So people can correct spelling errors, for example, or suggest other changes, but you can also revert those changes, in whole or in part, and you need not explain it. It is almost a one-button action. (If this is to a page you “own.”) Generally, anyone may comment on an attached Talk page, and I’d expect you to generally allow comment. In your user talk space, you may blank Talk page content. Consider whether that is or is not rude, you won’t be second-guessed. Be nice, be respectful. In mainspace, generally, Talk page content will be respected and should not merely be blanked unless vandalism or other gross violation of collaboration. Again, I don’t expect problems.
      To create a subpage, an easy way is to place a link on the higher-level page. Edit that page to add “[[/NewPageName/]]” and preview it — or save it if you want the link to be there. This should then show a redlink if that page doesn’t exist. Then follow the redlink and you will be given an option to create the page which will have the full pathname. So for your user space, the page you’d edit would be your user page, i.e., “User:Username“.

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