Rossi v. Darden cast of characters

One user complained that he needed a program. So, the cast of characters, and any special terms. This page will be extended with definitions and links, for now only source links are shown for the first mention (usually)

From the Complaint, we met:


Andrea Rossi (Wikipedia — not neutral)
Leonardo Corporation (Rossi’s operating company, no disclosed interested parties other than Rossi). Two companies: the original New Hampshire corporation, which signed the Agreement, and a Florida corporation, which filed suit under it.


Thomas Darden, officer and investor in Cherokee, Industrial Heat and affiliates. Linked-in
John T. Vaughn, officer and investor in Industrial Heat, worked or works for Cherokee, also. Linked-in.
Industrial Heat, LLC, a Delaware LLC (“IH”) .. operating company for Rossi and other LENR investments.
IPH International, B.V., a Netherlands company (“IPH”), IP holding company, wholly-owned
Cherokee Investment Partners, LLC, a Delaware LLC. Website. Listing on Bloomberg.

Other persons, objects, and locations mentioned:

E-Catalyzer or “E-Cat.” various devices made by Rossi, claimed to generate “excess heat,” presumed nuclear in origin.
AmpEnergo, Inc. (“AEG”) [as later spelled by IH] Original Rossi licensee in the United States.
License Agreement. The 2012 Agreement between Industrial Heat and Rossi.
Expert Responsible for Validation (“ERV“) A person chosen by agreement between Rossi and Industrial Heat to provide test results as benchmarks for contract events.
Validation Test. Test scheduled to trigger exchange of $10 million from IH in return for License, IP disclosure, and Rossi technical support.
Guaranteed Performance Test. A test to be performed over 350 to 400 days to trigger a further payment of $89 million (or a lesser amount under some conditions).
Ferrara, Italy. Location of Rossi’s Italian facility.
Fabio Penon. ERV for the Validation Test. Claimed ERV for the claimed Guaranteed Performance Test.
Raleigh, North Carolina. Home office location for Cherokee and Industrial Heat
Miami, Florida. Site of Federal Court for case.
Barry West. Employee or contractor for Industrial Heat to assist Rossi at the Doral Plant.
Fulvio Fabiani (see USQL). Contractor paid by IH to assist Rossi, previously associated with Rossi.
Woodford Funds. Major investor in IHHI, which owns Industrial Heat. Web site. Wikipedia.

Attorneys for Plaintiffs:

The Silver Law Group, P.A., inital attorneys for Rossi. Web site.
John Annesser, apparent lead attorney for the case. Silver bio. Now with PBY&A, bio. Linked-in.
Patricia Merle Silver (terminated from case, 9/21/2016) bio on site. Linked-in.

From the License Agreement (and document accidentally included)

1 MW E-cat Unit. Collection of E-cats claimed to produce 1 MW of heat as steam.
Hot Cat. A newer type of E-Cat claimed to be operating at higher temperatures.
Karl Norwood. Ampenergo
Hydro Fusion. London, Leonardo Exclusive Licensee for Northern Europe.
Ecoglobalfuels. Sydney, Licensee for Australasia, Africa, and India.
Luberonenergies. Amsterdam, Licensee for France and Benelux.
Leonardo Slovenia. Lubiana, Licensee for Slovenia.
Prometeon. Bologna, Licensee for Italy and Austria.
Ecat Deutschland. Berlin, Licensee for Germany.
Ecat Suisse. Zurich, Licensee for Switzerland and Liechtenstein.
Castigan. La Valleta, Licensee for Malta.
Stremmenos. Athens, Licensee for Greece and Balkans.
Maimaris. Licensee for Cypress.
JM Chemical Products, Inc. (“JMC”) — later J.M. Products, Inc. “Customer” for Doral Power installation.
Henry W. Johnson, President of JMC/JMP, also President of Leonardo Corporation (Florida)

From the Second Amendment to the License Agreement:

Six Cylinder Unit Unclear. Probably a variation on Hot Cat.

From the Docket, Judges assigned:

Senior Judge James Lawrence King (assignment obsolete)
Magistrate Judge Edwin G. Torres (assignment obsolete)
Judge Cecilia M. Altonaga. Wikipedia.
Magistrate Judge John J. O’Sullivan

Attorneys for Defendants (from Motion to Dismiss):

Christopher R.J. Pace
Christopher M. Lomax
Christina T. Mastrucci

From Darden Interested Parties:
IH Holdings International Limited
IPHBV Holdings Ltd

From the  Order for mediation:
Thomas E. Scott, mediator.

From the first IH Answer:

U.S. Quantum Leap (“USQL”). Fabiani’s operating LLC.
Doral, Florida. Site of JMP chemical plant, customer for 1 MW Plant power.
Boca Raton, Florida
Abano Terme, Italy
Miami Beach, Florida
Giuseppe Levi
Torbjorn Hartman
Bo Hoistad
Roland Pettersson
Lars Tegner
Hanno Essen
Royal Institute of Technology
Uppsala University
Bologna University
Lugano, Switzerland
Lugano Report
Florida State Radiation Control Office
Term Sheet
Johnson Matthey p.l.c. (“Johnson Matthey”)
Joseph Murray (“Murray”)
James A. Bass
Doral, Florida
Attorney appearances
Perlman, Bajandas, Yevoli & Albright, P.L.
Paul D. Turner
D. Porpoise Evans
Brian Chaiken
Aran, Correa, and Guarch, P.A.
Fernando S. Aran
(Christopher Perre of PBY&A mentioned by Aran)
Rodolfo Nuñez, P.A
Rodolfo Nuñez

From IH Production, 70.1

Imperium Global Advisors
Brian McLaughlin
Dewey Weaver
Jim Fogelman
Myers Bigel
Laura Kelley
Lynn Borchers
NK Patent Law
Justin Nifong
O&R Patent Law
Steven Hartanto
Hady Hartanto
Joe Pike
Xu Hang
Xiang Jjian
Lu Rui Feng
Chen Zhen Min
Chen Zheyua
Dong Jun Ling
Woodford Investment Management, Ltd
Craig Cassarino
Ron Engleman
Richard Noceti
Robert Gentile
Paul Lamacraft
Harry Raikes
Thomas Barker Dameron

From the IH response to the 1st Rossi interrogatory

Test Facility. The Doral installation.

From the IH response to the 2nd Rossi production request

Ray Montano
Jesus Armante
James Stokes
Robert Godes
Brillouin Energy
Fred Zoepfl
JPIH Holding, LLC
CF Woodford Equity Income
Woodford Patient Capital Trust, PLC
APCO Worldwide
T. Barker Dameron
AACT: The IH Answer, Additional defenses, Counterclaims and Thirdparty claims.
Erika S. Handelson (new Jones Day attorney?)

Declaration of JMP Interested Parties

Platinum American Trust
Francesco Di Giovanni

Johnson-Bass response to 1st IH request for production

Big Frankies. Standard lunch at Doral. Seriously, I don’t know, probably a code word for the Plant or something like that.
Norman Cook. Nuclear theorist, co-author with Rossi of a paper with ideas about how the Rossi Effect works.
John Mazzarino. Officer, Cherokee and IHHI. Linked-in.
Doral Location. The JMP warehouse in Doral, Florida.

From Motion to Admit Bell

Miller Friel, PLLC
Bernard P. Bell
Erika S. Handelson

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