Ruby Carat releases Storms video on HYDROTON A Model of Cold Fusion

Edmund Storms HYDROTON A Model of Cold Fusion

Transcript at Storms 2017 video transcript.

Comments welcome. My commentary will be added.

This is an excellent video explaining Storms’ theory. Ruby, at the beginning, treats cold fusion as a known thing (i.e., will provide energy for a very long time, etc.) — but that’s her job, political. Cold Fusion Now is an advocacy organization.

Our purpose here, to empower the community of interest in cold fusion, can dovetail with that, but we include — and invite — skeptical points of view.

As to cold fusion theory, there is little agreement in the field. Criticism of theory by other theoreticians and those capable of understanding the theories is rare, for historical reasons. We intend to move beyond that limitation, self-imposed as a defensive reaction to the rejection cascade. It’s time.

For cold fusion to move forward we must include and respect skepticism, just as most of us want to see the mainstream include and respect cold fusion as a legitimate research area.

At this point, I intend to put together a review of the video, which first requires a transcript. Anyone could make such a thing. If a reader would like to contribute, I’d ask that references be included to the video elapsed time (where a section begins) … though this could also be added later. Every contribution matters and takes us into the future.

I have done things like this myself, in the past, and I always learned a great deal by paying attention to detail like that, detail without judgment, just what was actually said. So I’m inviting someone else to benefit in this way. Let me know!

(I did make a transcript, then checked my email a day late and found Ruby Carat had sent me one….)

(There is a “partial” transcript here. I’ll be looking at that. If someone wants to check or complete it, that would be useful.)

Transcript ( from YouTube CC, edited by Abd ul-Rahman Lomax)

Transcript moved to Storms 2017 video transcript.

Questions on that video may be asked as comments on that page.

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One thought on “Ruby Carat releases Storms video on HYDROTON A Model of Cold Fusion”

  1. Import of full transcript is complete, see Storms 2017 video transcript. I want this to mellow a bit before I comment, beyond this much: there are problems. Storms is, my view, maybe 90-95% right, but the other part can be quite confused and confusing. Contrary to what he claims, his theory of nuclear mechanism is much more in contradiction to existing nuclear physics (by which I mean the foundations, not merely ideas about application to fusion or the approximations and assumptions that led to the rejection cascade) than is cold fusion itself, considered as a mystery. Any outreach to the mainstream that leads with Storms’ theory will be doomed before the evidence that would show that there is a real effect could even be considered. It will create the response that is already out there, not uncommonly, a Bayesian prior that “they must be making some mistake.”

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