Steve Krivit article on “The $21 Billion ITER Lie” (taken down)

This article has been taken down by New Energy Times. It was retrieved from Google Cache and is hosted here as Fair Use for purposes of review and critique. Below is how the article currently displays, and below that is the cached copy. The previous blog post article, New Energy Times Uncovers Serious Discrepancies in ITER Fusion Facts, is also hosted here as Steve Krivit article on “Discrepancies in ITER” (taken down)

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The $21 Billion ITER Lie

 We have received a letter from ITER regarding this article. We are conducting an internal review of the article and have temporarily taken it off-line.
This is now:

22 December: Krivit receives an e-mail from Laban Coblentz, Communication Head of ITER, regarding this and the other New Energy Times ITER article. Coblentz requests: “retract your articles or at least correct the misrepresentations you have published.” Krivit begins conducting an internal review of the article and temporarily takes them off-line. Krivit and Coblentz begin discussing details of issues by e-mail.
24 December: Krivit and Coblentz have exchanged 10-emails thus far.

The original:

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