The ventriloquist of Miami

Peter Gluck dutifully reports all swamp gas from Andrea Rossi’s blog, JONP. So I saw this there, first. There are so many posts like this that I can’t and won’t keep up.

April 22, 2017 at 7:13 AM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
The puppets of the so called “ventriloquist of Raleigh” are saying that IH received the 50 millions from Woodford because they had in portfolio many intellectual properties, not only yours. But I discovered that this is false! Reading the documents published by the Court, I saw that Woodford invested 50 millions in IH on February 2015 and at that time IH had only your IP in the portfolio! To make more clear the fraud of IH toward you, is the fact that Tom Darden made visits with only your IP in IH’s portfolio with senior officers of Woodford in your plant, to convince them to pay him the 50 millions and enjoyed the reference of the engineer of JM (Jim Bass) in the same day, during the visit of the same senior officers of Woodford in your plant of Doral.
Isn’t this true?
A friend of yours of the silent majority that sustains your work and is disgusted from the dishonesty of the ventriloquist.

A “ventriloquist” is a performer who makes a puppet or other object appear to speak by suppressing the normal mouth and facial movements that allow us to identify the speaker. On this internet, this is someone who creates and writes through “sock puppets,” after the real sock puppets used by some ventriloquists.

The JONP post is the pot calling the kettle black, when the kettle does nothing like this. Is there anyone who still believes that these are genuine posts by genuine independent writers, the “silent majority”? Majority of what? Let’s look at this particular trope, searching for “ventriloquist” on JONP:

March 14, 2017 at 1:58 AM

Dr Andrea Rossi,
In the last documents published by your attorneys in the litigation file we read that Tom Darden offered “big money” to professor Giuseppe Levi in change of a report: obviously this is bribery, but also confusing, because for one year now the ventriloquist Tom Darden has made his paid puppets repeat that Levi is wrong, unable, erroneous, and so on, but now he offers to Levi big money for a report.
Odd, isn’t it?

For future generations reading this, this is a reference to a Rossi motion for sanctions, a crazy attempt to get IH whacked in one fell swoop, based on utterly inadequate evidence that only makes sense to an hysteric. Like perhaps Levi. Really, Levi makes himself look worse, in his unsworn affidavit (the title conflicts with the first sentence! — but it is actually attested, by signature, simply not notarized) than any amount of opprobrium that could be heaped on him by anyone else, not even a mountain of “puppets,” paid or otherwise. I won’t bother explaining this here, people can ask if they care. There is no evidence at all showing that Darden offered Levi anything. Levi’s incompetence has been pointed out by a series of independent writers, whether they are right or wrong, but nobody with understanding and intelligence is defending Levi, only Rossi and socks … and a few misguided souls stuck on Planet Rossi.

The motion was denied, referring it to the Magistrate, along with a spoliation motion by IH. The Magistrate rejected the motion.

Rossi’s attorneys have been holding out for a possible smoking gun, the Zalli correspondence, but unless Altonaga relents on a second appeal from the Magistrate, this is entirely dead. Rossi has written about litigation expenses involving “six zeros,” and this would be part of why. It’s expensive to tilt at windmills at $350 per hour.

March 18, 2017 at 11:15 PM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
It is a solace to read that you are continuing your great job, notwithstanding the litigation and the stupidities that the puppets of the ventriloquist of Raleigh continue to repeat, even if all of them have been redundantly akswered by the experts of the science.
Thank you for your work: we are waiting for the great presentation of your product.

This is meaningless fluff. What I have noticed over and over is that the Rossi socks make claims about what the “puppets” are doing, but don’t actually point to it.

This happened with something I’d written about some Rossi posts, I was commenting on Rossi’s trope, about using watt-hour/hour as a measure of power; it was actually only about the idiosyncracy, not any substantial critique, but Rossi went ballistic and claimed that it was utter and ignorant stupidity (and you can’t blame the puppet, everyone must make a living!). His expert, Wong, in his deposition, says quite what I was saying. As did the physicist whose books he recommended on the subject for the stupids to read. Watt-h/h is the same as Watt.

March 24, 2017 at 4:14 AM

Dr Andrea Rossi:
Reading the papers deposited in Court by IH, it appears clearly that they have no substantial evidence to sustain their claims! Now the puppets of the so called ventriloquist of Raleigh are making a fuss about their assumptions, but from your depositions appears clear that they have used you to collect millions from their investors and at the end they tried only to find excuses not to pay you. This is the solid substance that remains in the brain of an unbiased person after reading theirs papers. Now we are curious to read the documents that will be deposited by your attorneys.

This is Rossi’s story. It seems to imagine that Woodford gave Darden a big check, that this is profit. In fact, Woodford invested in a new company that was created, apparently for the purpose, where Woodford could easily take it to court if necessary. Darden and Mazzarino and Vaughn have majority control, but Woodford has preferred stock. This is all a highly speculative investment. While Woodford did express disappointment that the Rossi investment was not working out, it is not at all clear that Darden misrepresented anything to Woodford. Rather, Darden was, up to a point, hopeful that the problems would be resolved and Rossi would actually teach them how to make devices that pass independent testing (as distinct from testing with liberal application of Rossi grease). This is clear: without the ability to make devices that work reliably, and independently, IH could not raise that $89 million without committing fraud.

March 27, 2017 at 4:40 PM

The ventriloquist was effectively banned for 2 weeks on LENR for insulting behavior despite frequent warnings. He finally got his wish.

Who is that? The reference probably intends to refer to Dewey Weaver, but there were a series of users so-banned, including ele, who is likely a sock of Andrea Rossi. When a sock is banned, the ventriloquist is not banned, and could easily create another sock, and often they do. Dewey is not a ventriloquist, he gives his own opinion and really DGAF.

And what is the difference being banned for two weeks and being “effectively” banned? So many questions, so little time. Perhaps when one is effectively banned, they infect his computer with a virus so he can’t even create a sock. Or something like that.

However, this is only a little stupid.

Benjamin Cascone
March 31, 2017 at 3:06 AM

Dr A.R.:
All the puppets of the ventriloquist of Raleigh that slander you in some blogs are officially partners (employees or consultants) paid by IH, did you know this? They publicly declared, without disclosing they are paid by IH, that their goal is to bias negatively against you the Court by means of the blogs.

If that were true, it would be highly illegal (i.e., sanctionable), but it is quite difficult to imagine that the blogs would have any influence on the trial. The closest case on this that I could find was where an attorney was denied the right to intervene from out of state because he had written a law review article on the issues; however that was overturned. There is no evidence, so far, that anyone has been paid to “bias negatively” the case. Situations claiming an effort to exert undue influence would involve major media, etc., where potential jurors would be likely to read it. And then, of course, a competent attorney would be asking jurors if they had read such reports.

The only person writing on the case who has been paid by IH is Dewey Weaver, and he is not paid to write about it. He may have been paid to write Bo Hoistad, but that’s his job: outreach to scientists. There was no effort there to influence the case, and that mail only became public because of Hoistad disclosing the mail to Levi, who then came unglued and gave it to Rossi, who published it in his motion, even though neither Levi nor Hoistad would be likely witnesses in the case.

There are apparently real people posting to JONP, but a large chunk of the posts look like the above. They repeat Rossi memes and tropes, and use expressions found nowhere else but in Rossi’s writing, or in other posts with these similar usernames. Here is an example of user names from the recent comments display today for E-Cat World:

Stephen on Critique of the Smith Report from the JONP
cashmemorz on MFMP Publishes Instructions on Processing Nickel Foil to make ‘Free Energy’ Electrodes for ECCO Reactors
cashmemorz on Rossi: Experimenting with Battery-Powered QuarkX
Axil Axil on Rossi: Experimenting with Battery-Powered QuarkX
Bob Greenyer on MFMP Publishes Instructions on Processing Nickel Foil to make ‘Free Energy’ Electrodes for ECCO Reactors
LION on MFMP Publishes Instructions on Processing Nickel Foil to make ‘Free Energy’ Electrodes for ECCO Reactors
FC on MFMP Publishes Instructions on Processing Nickel Foil to make ‘Free Energy’ Electrodes for ECCO Reactors
Fibber McGourlic on Rossi: Experimenting with Battery-Powered QuarkX
Stephen on Critique of the Smith Report from the JONP
Josh G on Think of the Jury
ElaisaKasan on Rossi v. IH : New Pictures Posted in Exhibit
Kevmo on Rossi: Experimenting with Battery-Powered QuarkX
Bob Greenyer on MFMP Publishes Instructions on Processing Nickel Foil to make ‘Free Energy’ Electrodes for ECCO Reactors
Stephen on Critique of the Smith Report from the JONP
Bob Greenyer on MFMP Publishes Instructions on Processing Nickel Foil to make ‘Free Energy’ Electrodes for ECCO Reactors

“Stephen” is a single name, but that user has 800 posts with 700 upvotes. While such a user could be a sock, it’s relatively unlikely. I would not suspect any of these of being Rossi socks. That’s not true for a few users on LENR Forum.

The posts quoted above were all the posts using “ventriloquist” on JONP. That they would all have these simple user names (that do not allow any kind of search for other commentary to allow more of a possibility that they are real individuals — not to mention the “silent majority”) is highly unlikely. The preponderance of the evidence is that these are all — or almost all — Rossi himself, the “Ventriloquist of Miami,” repeating bankrupt arguments that fail in the real world, but that just might be accepted by the most deluded of his fans. A few other fans recognize the problem, but simply chalk it up to his eccentricity. He has gotten tremendous mileage from that! It can cover up almost anything!

Heh, heh, it was just a little joke we made, and in Italian, “Yes” equals “No” and “No” equals “Yes,” and they should have investigated, they’d have known that I was exaggerating and having fun pretending to have a conversation with the “customer” that was only myself. What? It’s not illegal to make a rental to a new company, and Johnson, the genius, makes it all legal with his papers.

So what if I made some statements that they misinterpreted, heh heh? I merely allowed them to think what they thought, the greedy snakes. It was all in a good cause, and they weren’t harmed, because look at all the money they collected from Woodford! They should be thanking me, instead of filing that horrible countersuit with lies, lies, lies, and paying for a puppet army to attack me!

The ungrateful clowns! That’s what I get for trusting these capitalists with their shell corporations that they use to avoid liability. I’ll show them!

Meanwhile, the $35,000 that I loaned to Fabiani at about the same time that he awarded 35,000 Euros to Levi for a pinball project has, of course, nothing to do with Levi’s integrity and certainly Levi was not influenced, he is a real scientist, unlike these phonies like Murray and Smith and that rat, Dewey Weaver. This came through USQL, an independent company, set up by that genius Johnson, and that USQL was managed by my friend Fabiani and Florida Energy Trust, the owner of Leonardo Corporation — I think I’m the beneficiary, but you’ll have to ask Johnson — is just a coincidence.

April 25, 2017: I could continue with the above:

Johnson does whatever I ask, and I follow his advice, because he has told me that this makes it all legal and proper. So if I’m prosecuted, I can throw him under the bus. Johnson did it.  Heh, heh, heh!

But I won’t. No sirree! This is a proper serious blog. Meanwhile, I looked at the Rossi Blog Reader and saw this little piece of business:

April 25, 2017 at 1:03 AM

Dear Dr Andrea Rossi:
Is the momentum conserved during the interactions between elementary particles?
Thanks if you can answer,

Andrea Rossi
April 25, 2017 at 8:29 AM

To be rigorous, what is conserved is the ” Quantity of Motion”, which is a wider ” insieme ” than momentum, but momentum is a quantity of motion too. Like to say that all lions are animals, but not all animals are lions.
Warm Regards,

He isn’t kidding, “wider.” “Vaguer” might be more accurate. Momentum is a clear concept, and the simple answer to the question would be “Yes” — and this is a topic with relevance to LENR, certain ideas of how LENR might work have a problem with momentum, at least how LENR was first understood. A naive understanding predicts high-energy radiation from high-energy fusion reactions, and it’s not found with LENR, at least not generally. In reality, this consideration rules out certain possible mechanisms, but not all.

“Quantity of motion” has not been defined here and would, I expect, confuse a student. However, the term has a history. From Newton:

The quantity of motion is the measure of the same arising from the velocity and quantity of matter conjointly.

However, there are two measures. Now considering this from a modern point of view, one measure is a vector, i.e., it has direction, not just “quantity,” and for momentum, this is crucial, and the other measure is energy (“kinetic energy”), which is a scalar, it does not have a direction.

Momentum is the mass times the velocity, and “velocity” includes direction. Energy from motion, “kinetic energy,” is proportional to the mass times the square of the velocity, and it has no direction.

Momentum is conserved, but kinetic energy is not conserved (rather, kinetic energy may be converted to other forms of energy; momentum remains momentum, always. In a closed system, relative to the center of mass of the system, the sum of the momenta of all elements in the system will be zero.

This is how I understand the basic elements here. I’m not a physicist, I’ve merely known some, and so I may get some aspects confused, but at least this is where I stand. I don’t get what Rossi is talking about. “insiemi” here is odd, not easily translatable (and maybe that is why he didn’t translate it.). From context, I’d translate it as “context” or “summary or totality,” but that seems vague, as well.

Momentum is clear, I’d hope. Rossi’s parallel (“all lions are animals, but not all animals are lions”) leaves me wondering what other “animals” there are besides momentum in this “insieme,” that are also conserved. Probably energy, I’d expect, but …. calling Energy a Quantity of Motion is bizarre. Rather, there is a quantity of motion that is called “kinetic energy,” and a quantity called “momentum,” and momentum is conserved and kinetic energy is not.

Maybe if I attend the trial, I’ll get to meet Rossi and we can laugh about this, and I can wish him well with what sounds like Squamous Cell Carcinoma, which can be very serious — simply that he had a tumor (“a thing that was not good”) removed wouldn’t be so worrisome, but that this was the third attempt is. (Or there are other interpretations of what I’ve read about his health, because his throat is involved, etc.) Whatever it is, it sounds like it is fast-growing — that is why I thought of SCC –, raising high concern.

Third time’s a charm.

Author: Abd ulRahman Lomax


12 thoughts on “The ventriloquist of Miami”

  1. “there could be the Hydro Fusion trick”

    What are you speaking about?
    (Sorry if you already explained somewhere around: I am new here, will look around, but if you can explain shortly, I would appreciate)

    1. This refers to Rossi’s claim about the apparently failed test for Hydro Fusion in 2012. Rossi, explaining this to IH, claimed he deliberately made the E-cat not work in order to get out of his agreement with Hydro Fusion.

      Mats Lewan has a very different story to tell, that Rossi seemed to not understand the problem with power measurement (and Mats tried to explain it to him). So what we can see here is that Rossi was attempting to deceive Hydro Fusion — and Mats Lewan — or he was attempting to deceive IH.

      What is truly remarkable here is that Mats still does not seem to realize that Rossi lies, even though, reading his emails, it’s obvious that he lied, and continues to lie, about many things.

      In any case, the idea here is that Rossi deliberately screwed up the Doral test in order to get out of the Agreement with IH. On Planet Rossi, the opinion is common that he realized he had sold the Licence cheaply and so he created this mess. Personally, I find the effort to make what Rossi has done make sense to be, quite likely, misguided. Some people do things that make no sense except within their own very private world. We call them insane.

  2. Abd,
    Thanks for exploring this issue further. I first noticed this on Peter Gluck’s blog (a year or so ago) where he had quoted one of AR’s puppets. It sounded exactly like AR, used some of the same misspellings, and had similar idiosyncratic punctuation. Sad that I had not noticed it sooner as he has been doing this for a long time.

    His modus operandi is often, as you note, to be the pot that calls the kettle black. I don’t think it is hypocrisy as much as it is a tactic. Accuse others of doing the same thing you are doing and it makes people less suspicious of your own behavior. This is what he has done all along the way with the lawsuit (even the filing of the lawsuit). He tries to strike first before others accuse him.

    Here is some discussion on the subject of sock puppets on ECN from 1 year ago.

  3. Pweet – CTRL/Q normally turns off the sarcasm, or at least it used to on the old Teletypes. It may be automatically turned on if you read what convolutions people are trying to go through in order to maintain the appearance of Rossi having anything that actually works.

    Since it remains impossible to dissipate 1MW in the Doral warehouse without it being very obvious to anyone that passed by, a lot of the arguments about pipe sizes, flowmeter placement, invisible heat-exchangers, missing glass in the windows and so on are really moot. The heat wasn’t there. We may not know how the trick was performed (and may never know precisely) but we can be sure that the Penon report is worthless. We can’t be sure that Rossi has absolutely nothing, but we can be sure he didn’t tell IH anything that actually produced excess heat and/or transmutation.

    Rossi spends a lot of effort in talking to himself and replying that he can’t possibly comment on it. Convincing the fans won’t however win him anything in the court battle, and as far as I can see is just digging the hole deeper.

    1. “We can’t be sure that Rossi has absolutely nothing,” you say?
      Oh, I’m pretty sure we can be. Well, as far as it relates to a working e-cat reactor, at least.
      If he ever had one of those he would have dangled it in front of IH to convince them to part with 89 million dollars. He would know they would probably cough up, even now, and that was the very best chance of getting that sort of money from anyone, given his history. That is why he still persists in chasing IH through the courts, even though his pants are falling down. It still represents the best chance he has of getting the money.
      Who else would pay that sort of money for a non-functional device? Nobody! But lots would pay for it if he could prove he had a real working device. But alas, that facility evades him because he simply does not have it.
      He probably would not have given them all the information required to produce one, but I think they certainly would have been given indisputable proof that the thing worked. But as we can clearly see, he did not, and he will not, and I am pretty sure that is because he could not and still cannot. That is why he is now playing with ducks and quackecats.
      In my opinion, he still has nothing working other than a new magicians trick.
      Not even a little bit working. COP is still very close to 1.
      We will know when he does actually get something to work because he will then allow it to be verified by a reputable authority. That’ll be the day.

      1. Well, we can’t be absolutely sure, because there could be the Hydro Fusion trick. He might have something and be irrational (or smarter than all of us, as a far-out, very unlikely, but not impossible scenario) as to how he handles the situation. However, we can be sure enough to strongly discourage anyone we care about from investing in Rossi.

        1. I actually place a low probability of truth on Mr Rossi’s account of the Hydrofusion incident, where their testing revealed a zero excess energy result. I think Rossi’s later explanation was a clever way of covering up the failed test.
          Since the test showed a negative result, he had to come up with some plausible explanation as to why that would be so. He could not afford the negative result to remain as a valid possibility to the test, in the eyes of IH, since they were apparently on the brink of making a big investment in it. So, better to make a prick of himself and say he purposely arranged it that way in order to shake off his previously loyal supporter.
          Apparently, it worked. IH bought the story and signed the license agreement. Thus, as far as the money was concerned, it was an effective move with a profitable outcome.
          Had his explanation and intent being made known to someone and recorded before the test I would have been far more likely to view his explanation as being true, but as an explanation after the event, it sounds far more like one of Rossi’s lame explanations to cover up a failure.
          Had the Hydrofusion test been successful, he could have used it to ‘up the price’ of the IH bid and shaken off Hydrofusion in some other less odious manner. Why not? As a matter of record, he did it to all his other licensees with nothing more than a few caustic letters as the consequence.

          1. There was no conflict between his Hydro Fusion deal with the License Agreement with IH.

            While I have seen no direct evidence, I strongly suspect that IH knew what nearly every observer with sanity knew by the end of 2011: Rossi was utterly unreliable. His Hydro Fusion escapade had no effect other than to convince them of that. One way or another, the man was deceptive and devious. While Mats’ book came later, I assume they did investigate and knew what Rossi had done. It is not impossible that he did put on a show in the HF test, but I also agree that — because there was no license conflict — he was indeed — most likely — covering up a failure.

            Where I disagree with you is in your idea that “they bought the story.” I’m trained in methods that are also found extensively in business. What they did was to observe the story, and then, distinguishing between fact and what was unverifiable, they developed their own interpretations, and then they made choices coming out of their own goals. They needed to know if Rossi had a real technology but was — for whatever reason — trying to look like a con man, or if he was a con man who played with the appearance, knowing that this could be seen as a sort-of-sane business strategy, to suppress competition, or, another possibility, he was simply insane. All roads lead to this Rome: what he would say and write was unreliable. Everything must be independently verified or it cannot be trusted.

            And he was good at creating a semblance of independent verification. Focardi, Levi, maybe Foschi. Then Kullander and Essen and Mats Lewan. Then the Swedish professors beyond Essen. Later, Parkhomov and Song-Shen considered themselves replicators, though their results were far short of Rossi’s claims and very likely file-drawer effect, given the large number of attempted Ni-Lithal studies, based on Lugano. (I personally studied Parkhomov’s original reports in detail. They were internally contradictory.)

            Rossi created a great danger for LENR study. I saw, over and over, Rossi used as an example of how bogus LENR claims were. I assume that IH saw this, and took up the task. In order to find out, they had to make an assumption, playing the game consistently with it: Rossi had something real, and was merely paranoid and eccentric.

            There is opinion or reaction that something is off about IH not formally notifying Rossi that Doral was not the GPT. However, the correspondence shows that IH knew that the second amendment was never completed. That’s why it has no date filled in, and that is why no copy was shown with all the signatures. I had assumed this was inadvertent, that Ampenergo had actually signed (why not, I thought?), and this was merely a technical oversight. (So my first reaction to the IH objections was to think it legal bullshit, ignoring substance.) No. As the evidence makes quite clear, Ampenergo deliberately refused to approve. By the time of the Second Amendment, there were actually five parties: IH, Rossi, Leonardo, AEG, and IPH. However, we can assume that IPH was included through IH, the sole owner. We could assume that the missing Leonardo signature was an oversight, with objection estopped, though this is bizarre. Rossi knew how to sign twice before!

            We also know that Rossi was aware of the AEG refusal. However, he claims, now, that he assumed that this left the amendment in place as regards IH. Given that this was a voluntary extension, IH could easily have said, no dice, Rossi’s claimed position would have required an explicit acceptance of this as a side-agreement, not affecting AEG rights. (I.e., the GPT could wait until the technology was mature. And if IH unreasonably refused, then they could have been sued by Rossi and AEG, and with a high probability of success based on equitable arguments. And at that point, IH would be making money hand over fist.) What IH actually offered, it seems, was show us your stuff, with independent measures or at least something satisfactory to us, and we’ll toss piles of money at you. Instead, Rossi tried to force the situation, to make them pay rather than trusting them. AEG appears to have trusted IH, and that trust was behind their refusal. They saw the 1-year test as very dangerous to their rights. There were many ways it could go wrong. Rossi did not, in fact, have a commercial-ready reactor in 2011. The Validation Test actually showed that as likely.

            IH was proposing something much less. How about one damn reactor that actually works when thoroughly tested? Rossi’s sweating away, suffering in that warehouse, he created against all sanity. Or was he suffering?

            In any case, when Rossi rejected the Murray visit, IH knew that Rossi had gone a bridge too far. That was in July. IH did not react instantly, but within a month or so. I’m creating a timeline from all the documents…. Rossi’s oft-repeated story that they only complained when it was time to pay is highly deceptive, rhetoric, not fact. They actually complained about half-way through the alleged test, when Rossi violated the agreements in the Term Sheet. Rossi disregards truth when he claimed that the agreement disallowed IH from entering the “customer area,” which is not mentioned in the Term Sheet. It was in a draft, and was removed for what was signed, which indicates that this was not acceptable to IH. However, IH access was not guaranteed, other than to the 1 MW Plant, as it was that which Rossi violated (and Johnson, as well, by not supervising Rossi, with regard to the JMP agreement, and allowing Rossi to totally manage JMP).

            I find what happened quite clear from reading the case documents, but I read most of them many times. Few do this kind of study; instead, snippets of interest are cherry-picked and waved about, often ripped from context and without balance. I am setting up study materials to facilitate reading in depth. Those materials will be, in themselves, neutral. That is, my opinions will be distinguished. Right now, you can see an incomplete study at Study of 207:IH Statement of material fact supporting MS. At this point, that page includes my commentary. However, most of my commentary will be removed to another page, and others may create commentary, and this will, as well, be allowed and shown as commentary. Errors certainly exist. I have been finding errors in our Docket, nobody pointed them out. All of this shows me the state of the community in studies like this. While I know that many are using the resources here, few are actually studying the case, rather they are picking up pieces to throw at each other.

            A few, however, may do more than that, and all this work is for those few, to make it easier for them. Aside from having fun, which is important for personal survival.

            One more tidbit: ele wrote: (ele is likely Rossi or someone very close to Rossi)

            Almost for free was meaning paying just 11% of the contract fee and not the rest and of course collecting in the mean time about 250M$ from investors. Quite a “smart” move ! Unfortunately for them they haven’t succeeded !

            This is a Rossi trope, he promoted it personally on JONP. He makes slightly less extravagant claims in court, I think it’s “over $50 million.” What is true is that Woodford invested $50 million, not in IH, but in IHHI. That must irritate Rossi no end, because that money is not accessible to him. Planet Rossi makes much of a Woodford comment, when notified of the press release in March 2016, of how disappointing it was, because the Rossi investment was “core,” but this is a misunderstanding. Woodford did not invest in IH, but in a company close to them which was set up to own IH, but also to carry on other activities. The Woodford money was not invested in IH, nor in Rossi technology, though IH’s knowledge of claimed Rossi technology may have been useful in other investigations. Darden and Vaughn, then, did not “collect” this money, but it is reasonable to consider its allocation to IHHI, functionally controlled by Darden and Vaughn, as a consequence of the relationship with Rossi, but there is no evidence that Woodford was convinced by the visit to the “customer.” Who, with knowledge, would have been convinced by a supposed 1 MW Plant, with a pipe going through a wall to an enclosure, with the top visible and no visible and functioning cooling apparatus capable of handling a megawatt, and only RossiSays — or BassSays — as evidence? What they would have seen, however, was a aggressive effort to demonstrate the technology, but not a convincing test. From the Rossi negotiations for Doral, one might have expected something much more convincing, but that is not what Rossi and Johnson set up. It was quite visible as a likely fraud, to anyone with eyes and a dollop of skepticism.

            IHHI, by the end of 2015, the last period for which we have a report, file 7 November 2016, had a “share” capital” of $259,000, and “share premium” of $58,472,000, which includes the Woodford $50 million investment, most of it in preferred stock. (Which gives operational control to the share capital, i.e., Darden et al, but allows a strong measure of defacto power to Woodford, in the event of Darden mismanagement). Preferred shares were about $45 each, while “ordinary shares” were worth $0.01 each. Not understanding this allowed Sifferkoll to claim an enormous paper valuation by multiplying the number of shares outstanding by $45; the conspiracy-theory mind is easily confused. It looks like IH also collected over $8 million in 2015 beyond Woodford, and lost $17.255,000 in 2015. I.e., invested in research that produced no bookable value. That is where the Woodford money went, not to anything directly Rossi. Unfair! Unfair!

            If I read the report correctly, in 2015, there were more preferred shares issued, raising about $9 million. The book value is given in the year statement as $27,796,000. That would include some value for IPH, owned entirely by IH, owned entirely by IHHI. Let’s assume that this is entirely worthless, that all the speculative investments — and nearly all investments in LENR are highly speculative — end up as worthless, unlikely to pay off. Really, the value of IHHI would be in the knowledge gained, which may prove useful in the future, but they can probably write it all off. That leaves the cash — actually “debt instruments” — valued at $17,400,000, and there are liabilities of $3,720,000. If they then raised $8 million in 2016, they would then have maybe $22 million to play with.

            So where does $250 million come from? It appears to be about $190 million high. or $170 million if we include the original share contributions of $20 million from the 2013 offering — which was clearly based on the Rossi Agreement. It likely comes from Planet Rossi fantasies about Chinese investment. What Chinese investment? If it exists, it is likely in a Chinese company that we don’t know about. There may have been discovery on this, but I have seen nothing reliable. I find it unlikely that the Chinese would create an IHHI-like company; rather, I’d expect them to enter into collaboration agreements, keeping their own investment close, unless it were needed. We know that Woodford committed to up to another $150 million informally, if needed (for example, to pay Rossi), so the Planet Rossi claim that IH couldn’t pay was just more marsh gas. There might be similar commitments from the Chinese, but this is not “funds raised.” It is possibilities, if IH has something to show worthy of it.

            Woodford was disappointed because the breakdown with Rossi meant that there was nothing to show — from Rossi. However, I assume that Woodford would know that IHHI was investing, not in Rossi, but in the field, and approved of that.

  4. But Abd, how can any of what you say be true when you know quite well that Mr Rossi ‘cannot comment on any issues that are the subject of the litigation’.
    He has received that directive from his attorneys, and I’m sure he would never act contrary to their advice.
    We know that for a ‘fact’ because Mr Rossi said so himself, many times.

    Although, now that you mention it, a lot of those posts on his blog do sound a lot like his other writings.
    Nah,.. couldn’t possibly be. That would be deceptive and we know Mr Rossi would never stoop to such a cheap trick. He’s up for a Nobel Prize, apparently. Well, he thinks he is and that’s almost the same.
    He he he,.. or whatever that translates to in Italian.
    Aahhh all good entertainment.
    ( gosh,.. sorry. I pressed control + S keys to save the document and it seems to have activated the ‘sarcasm’ function. I wonder how do I turn it off? )

    1. To appreciate Andrea Rossi, drop any idea that commentary must be sober truth. He is a comedian on stage, and can and will make up and say whatever comes into mind, whatever he wants his audience to think.

      “Sorry I’m late. I was having a great day, walking down the street, on my way here, when a piano being moved fell out of a second floor window and squashed me flat. I hate it when they do that, don’t you?”

      So … he cannot comment. But his socks are not him. His fantasies are just as real to him as Andrea Rossi, who will, after all, be awarded the Nobull Prize. Sorry about my English, in Italian, Yes and No are reversed, and we express fantasy with the language of real existence. And if you believe that, I also have a bridge here that I don’t need, along with a pile of surplus stainless steel pipes, never used except in a piece of performance art, dismantled when the show was over. Extremely, valuable, though I picked them up at a tag sale for $12.50, I got them cheap, the guy was asking $15 and I told him that if he didn’t accept a 33% discount, I had somewhere I needed to be and so he’d lose the sale. He came back with $12.50 and that was that.

      He he, my masterpiece. He wasn’t going to give me a receipt, which is why I don’t have one. Surely you understand, this is simply good business, like we do in Italiano.

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