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CFC:Limited privacy

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Due to extensive vandalism and trolling on this site, coming from Long Term Abusers on Wikipedia and elsewhere, including illegal impersonations, privacy here has been limited. As determined to be necessary by site management, checkuser information may be published, and under some conditions, this may be personally identifiable information.

Editing here is consent to the release of that information if the privilege is abused. This will not be done with an intention to harm the user, but to allow study and sharing of abuse or possible patterns. Ordinary anonymous editing will remain protected, but do not create multiple accounts without permission, and do not vandalise, impersonate, imply false identity, or post grossly uncivil or otherwise illegal material. The mere expression of opinion by an anonymous user will not be considered a cause for breaking privacy.

If site management errs in this and posts legitimately private information, notify site management through email to User:Abd. You may also request removal on User talk:Abd, but be aware that this could call attention to it, there are hostile eyes on this site.