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In Alcoholics Anonymous, there is a saying: "All it takes to create an AA meeting is a resentment and a coffee pot." The same is true for wikis. Often resentment is the motive, but such creations often don't last, and maintained resentment is a formula for disempowerment. Rather, a motive that recognizes that something is missing, and leading to an inspiration to create this, can sometimes generate transformation. The founder (and chief cook and bottle-washer at this point) for CFC wiki is Abd. CFC will not last unless there is community support. However, Abd is not quite dead yet.

I (Abd) have long experience with wikis. They can be spam magnets, and handling spam can be a full-time job! One of the solutions to spam is to require registration and validation of accounts, and to disallow anonymous account registration; however, one of the reasons for Wikipedia success was "instant" editing without requiring an account. Then the site grew by offering a carrot to register: increased privileges and increased convenience. And, for some, POWER! -- because Wikipedia allowed anonymous editors to become administrators, opening a huge can of worms that could have been anticipated.

But back to what worked: quick editing.

I have installed Flagged Revisions, and now allow anonymous editing.

Spam registrations have become overwhelming (over 200 per day) and SmiteSpam is somewhat broken, so I have turned off new account registration. Anonymous editing of existing pages still works, and will continue until and unless it is necessary to restrict it. Accounts may be requested by email to abd at lomaxdesign dot com. It may be even faster to request an account on this page.