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Meta/User:Abd/RfC study/History on meta

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  • 2005, January] [[Requests for comment page was created with a single RfC linked. No conclusion. That original RfC was not archived until the end of 2008.[1].
  • March 2008, March] two RfCs marked closed.
Comment: My opinion is that starting an RfC for someone by copying comments from another page is a Bad Idea. It removes the extended discussion from the watchlists of those who commented, and their comments may then appear out of context. An RfC may refer to prior comments, but they should remain distinct. Archiving a discussion to the attached Talk page leaves notification to commenting users intact.
  • 2008, April moved around some RfCs. Created closed section with previous two closed RfCs.
  • 2008, June marked RfC as closed on the list page, but RfC itself was not shown as closed until August 2010.
  • 2008, July marked an RfC closed. Quick protection and closure as trolling.[2]
  • In July 2008, substantial RfC closures are appearing.
  • 2010 July major maintainer of RfC page requests new RfCs be listed at the top of the page.
  • 2011 March TCNSV RfC led to Bugzilla:28288.
  • [https://meta.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Requests_for_comment&diff=2708724&oldid=2705665 2011, July. I moved an RfC to User from Policy.
  • 2011, July 11 I closed RfC. I did not change RfC list, it was changed July 12. There were minor copy edits after close, signed as such. And another confirming comment.[3]. There was a comment added, self-reverted upon realizing it was closed.[4]
  • 2011, August I removed an RfC "pending return of filer." It stayed closed. I did not add to closed list.
  • 2011, August I removed an RfC I had speedy closed, expecting it would be deleted.[5] It was not deleted, but stayed closed. This was from the other side in the dispute immediately above.
  • 2011, August, I closed more RfCs or documented closure. The next month I was blocked, coming out of a complaint from a steward; I had attempted to support Abigor, the target of an RfC I had closed adverse to him, in getting checkuser information per policy. Apparently my request was not understood....
  • I have been unable, thus far, to find any RfCs that were re-opened after being closed. Meta practice with RfCs was initially very informal. However, without any policy being in place, some users clearly understood that comment after closure was generally to be avoided. This would be coming out of general practice on other wikis.
  • 2012, February a user marked an old RfC as closed on the list, but did not mark the RfC itself. He was reverted. The user actually closed the RfC, then,[6] but not before another user remarked on the useless of meta RfCs.[7] The closer did not then move the RfC listing to closed, until February 2013, almost a year later.


A review of history and outcomes of all Meta RfCs.