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This educational resource on Sudoku is started based on discussions on Reddit. This page is publicly editable and will remain so unless protection is necessary to stop vandalism.

This resource is managed by Abd. If anyone objects to Abd's management, and is not satisfied with his response to criticism, they may create their own resource. (In fact, in some cases, they may do that here, as an "owned" subpage of this page. Placing content in this page structure is consent to republication with attribution, not for profit. If for profit, the consent of Abd (or other declared page owner) is required. Any republication should note this restriction. (I should set up a formal license for this site.)

Wikiversity would be a possible place. Abd cannot participate there, long story. Wikibooks is also possible for a more complete resource in book form. This, however, is a way to create such, one easy piece at a time. Wikiversity was designed (or became, under my participation) a place for "learning by doing," and specifically for learning by writing, which is what is done, commonly, at the university level. It is not an "encyclopedia," it was radically different from Wikipedia.

This will start as an index and summary of the Reddit discussion, on the subpage Reddit. As well, below, we can start by listing useful external sources on Sudoku facts and strategies.

Let's have fun with this. (At this point, edits to this page may be signed. Eventually, all this may be moved around.) --Abd (talk) 18:48, 23 June 2019 (UTC)


  • Basic. (for solving basic and intermediate level sudoku, in ink, or for creating clean full candidate lists to prepare for more complex strategies.)
  • Intermediate. Includes methods in common use, readily understandable, perhaps with a little effort.
  • Advanced. "Advanced" here means methods that can handle sudoku sometimes considered "Diabolical," or "Extreme" or other superlatives. Advanced methods are not necessarily more "difficult" than intermediate ones.
  • Standard coloring
  • /Glossary. Different writers sometimes use different words for the same thing. But what is a "band"? Base guitarist, lead guitarist, and drum set?
  • /Candidate notation. It seems many have something of their own, and their brother or sister are different. What's up? If we want to share, and humans do better when we share, can we settle on a common language? That does not require that we all naturally speak it, but can we all understand it and use it efficiently?
  • /Sudoku solvers.
  • /Sudoku web sites.
  • /Reddit. covers some Reddit discussions.
  • /Facebook. Public group.
  • /Reviews. books, blog posts, etc.
  • /Puzzles. examples to work with.
  • Inkala's Maze. Reputedly the world's most difficult Sudoku. Not quite, but still very complex.
  • /Controversies controversies over logic puzzles? Yes and people even get hot about them.

(This resource is not on-topic for this site, but those who work on this site are given freedom to create pages of interest to them, and to invite others to participate. Off-topic pages should have a distinguishing top-level page, with all pages being underneath that, to make it easy to archive and move pages while not breaking subpage links.) All such pages should have the following category at the top level:).