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User:Abd/Criticisms by anonymous socks/Allegedly banned for doxing

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The text of the comment deleted by the moderator of r/Wikipedia:

Abd Lomax is a well known internet troll. He was globally banned on Wikipedia and Wikiversity for doxing other users.
"Consistent with the Terms of Use, Abd has been banned by the Wikimedia Foundation from editing Wikimedia sites"

While I was often involved in controversy, in over thirty years of on-line participation, "troll" was not commonly said about me, until the Smith brothers compiled "evidence" and started making the claim. I was not blocked on Wikiversity (I was never "banned" there) for "doxing other users." The WMF Office ban has never been explained. Before I was banned, I consulted with a WMF Board member, who opined that what I was doing was not some thing Office would ban for. Was I doxing "other users."

No. The people involved, that I was documenting as account names and histories, were defacto-banned from Wikipedia, and I only began using names, off-wiki, when it became obvious that they were widely known. As well, on one occasion I posted the employment of Joshua P. Schroeder on an obscure blog. It was already obsolete by that time, in fact. And I requested that the blog moderator take it down, and he did. However, in the meantime, the Smith involved had archived it on archive.is, so it could not be removed. They did not care about him, they cared about digging up dirt on me for exposing their very disruptive and illegal impersonation socking.