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I can assume that any article about the photographer will include at least one link to the commons photos.

But first, some notable wikis:

(The above was written at the beginning of this study. I did not realize at that time that there may have been an article on the photographer on every wikipedia, because those had been deleted by a steward, without any discussion on meta or notice on the local wikis. The steward is alleging "sock puppetry" based on weak inferences, essentially that an account is interested in the work of the photographer (is a w:WP:SPA) and shows certain similar characteristics, evidence that would normally be accepted on en.wikipedia as raising a suspicion of sock puppetry but not proving it). It is highly unlikely that all the involved users are sock puppets. However, the mass deletion of the articles has concealed some of the primary evidence that could be used to assess the claim of sock puppetry, specifically edit timing. I captured the en.wikipedia data below at a time when the article was undeleted and unchallenged. The deletion discussion on en.wikipedia saw very low participation, and policy-based reasons for deletion were not given. --Abd (discusscontribs) 19:51, 12 April 2014 (UTC))

w:en:Augusto De Luca


w:Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Augusto_De_Luca (deleted)

  • created 18:13, 7 November 2011: User G, 7 Nov 2011 - 11 July 2012 on 404 edits globally 9 Nov. 2011 - 7 Jul 2013. 206 Commons edits. SPA Augusto-related.
based on editing in the same early time period of the article, possibly the same user (* = of possible interest cross-wiki): all
User EP global SPA Augusto
User FC global SPA Augusto
User JB global SPA Augusto User pages for EP, FC, and JB are all single-image pages.

w:it:Augusto De Luca


started by

  • IP 04:50, 2 mar 2010‎
  • "link spam" to Augusto Youtube channel removed by italian user, but MySpace link left. **
EG global
EG edited from 2007-2012. GP. Uploaded images to it.wp. first at 04:11, 21 mar 2010 OTRS permission, unfree.
GI global
  • User FC (see above)
  • User EP (see above)

google translation of nomination:

It is by far one of the most promotional pages I've ever seen. Behind this page is a painstaking work of promoting Wikipedia by leaving stunned. In practice, a series sock puppet created in the years 557 pages of 557 + 557 different wiki user pages on as many wikis. They proceeded to charge hundreds of thousands of photos by entering wikilink and all photographic books of the author. The page is built to measure our compliance with formal criteria and standards with a plethora of citations in violation of copyright law to build a text terribly emphatic. From my point of view, or delete or decreases by 80%. - Vito (msg) 24:47, 27 March 2014 (CET)
("Vito" is Vituzzu) Perhaps someone who knows Italian can do better than google at translating the above. "Hundreds of thousands of photos"? What is he talking about? Sock puppets of whom? There were not "557" pages created "in years." There was a large number of wiki articles, one per language edition of Wikipedia (with a couple of exceptions). The "557 pages" were user pages created in three days, most of them during a single 13-hour session. There is nothing connecting those user pages with the articles other than the name of the photographer. Vituzzu has inferred that all this was done by one person, or was paid for by one person. And then has asserted his inference as fact. It's unlikely, from my review of the evidence, that they were all the same, this way.
If an author has "photographic books," normally published, the author is likely to be notable, from reviews. So far, the issue of notability has been inadequately addressed. For wikipedia aricles, that should be the only issue. Comments in the it.wikipedia discussion suggested deleting the article, then starting again from scratch -- which implies notability. That would more sanely be done by stubbing the article and rebuilding, leaving the history intact and readable. By deleting the article, evidence of possible sock puppetry -- I had begun collecting data on the Article subpage -- was concealed. --Abd (discusscontribs) 18:58, 14 April 2014 (UTC)

List of articles

From Ferdinando Castaldo

This list does not show that Ferdinando Castaldo (FC) created the articles, only that Castaldo edited the wiki and the article may have been deleted. Research is incomplete. Article creator and creation date is shown where known.

Files standing as of 8 April

  1. w:af:Augusto De Luca FC 11 September 2012‎
  2. w:als:Augusto De Luca FC 22. Sep. 2012‎
  3. w:am:አውጉስቶ ዴ ሉካ w:am:User:Codex Sinaiticus 18:37, 26 ኤይፕርል 2013‎ (April)
  4. w:az:Auqusto De Luka FC 08:55, 5 sentyabr 2012‎ (September)
  5. w:bar:Augusto De Luca FC 06:55, 11. Okt. 2012‎
  6. w:bg:Аугусто_де_Лука FC 06:39, 6 октомври 2012‎
  7. w:ca:Augusto De Luca created Elvira Pisanti (EP) 14:29, 14 març 2012‎ under deletion discussion, nominataed by User:BohemianRhapsody. (not eligible to vote) Deleted 08:09, 19 abr 2014. deletion discussion. EP notifed. No apparent awareness that he was globally locked. (This is true of the other wikipedia article deletion discussions?)
  8. w:cy:Augusto De Luca FC 11:54, 1 Medi 2012‎ (September)
  9. w:da:Augusto De Luca EP 22. nov 2011, 12:27‎
  10. w:de:Augusto De Luca EP 20:22, 16. Nov. 2011
  11. w:el:Αουγκούστο_ντε_Λούκα FC 16:23, 5 Οκτωβρίου 2012‎
  12. w:eml:Augusto De Luca FC 06:47, 22 set 2012‎ (Sept)
  13. w:en:Augusto De Luca Deleted. From above, created by w:en:User:GIUNCO, 18:13, 7 November 2011
  14. w:es:Augusto De Luca EP 7:01 25 nov 2011 prod. I removed the prod and explained. Speedy deleted anyway, 00:17 14 abr 2014 Montgomery borró la página «Augusto De Luca» (Promocional o conflicto de intereses).
  15. w:et:Augusto De Luca FC 6. september 2012, kell 21:34‎
  16. w:fi:Augusto De Luca EP 22. marraskuuta 2011 kello 11.15‎ (November)
  17. w:fr:Augusto De Luca EP 24 novembre 2011 à 21:22‎
  18. w:fur:Augusto De Luca FC 10 di Nov 2012 a lis 11:14‎
  19. w:gl:Augusto De Luca EP 13 de marzo de 2012 ás 19:09‎
  20. w:hi:ऑगस्टस_डी_लुका FC 11:41, 30 जनवरी 2013‎ (January)
  21. w:hr:Augusto De Luca FC 14:56, 5. rujna 2012.‎ (September)
  22. w:hu:Augusto De Luca FC 2012. szeptember 6., 14:37‎
  23. w:id:Augusto De Luca FC 7 September 2012 07.59‎
  24. w:ilo:Augusto De Luca FC 12:00, 12 Oktubre 2012‎
  25. w:is:Augusto De Luca FC 10. september 2012 kl. 12:12‎
  26. w:it:Augusto De Luca Deleted. Created by IP, 04:50, 2 mar 2010‎ then other users, see above.
  27. w:ja:アウグスト・デ・ルカ EP 2012年6月8日 (金) 17:31
  28. w:kbd:Аугусто_Де_Лука FC 10:57, 7 Мэлыжьыхьым и 2013‎
  29. w:kk:Аугусто_Де_Лука FC 15:52, 2012 ж. желтоқсанның 7‎
  30. w:kl:Augusto De Luca FC 8. Dec 2012, 16:12‎
  31. w:krc:Де_Лука,_Аугусто FC 09:05, 8 апрель 2013‎
  32. w:ksh:Augusto De Luca FC 08:34, 13. Okt 2012‎
  33. w:ku:Augusto De Luca FC 12:03, 28 sermawez 2012‎
  34. w:kw:Augusto De Luca FC 12:35, 4 Kevardhu 2012‎
  35. w:ky:Де_Лука,_Аугусто FC 10:57, 8 апрель 2013‎
  36. w:lad:Augusto De Luca FC 11:03 12 Nov 2012‎
  37. w:la:Augusto De Luca EP 08:14, 28 Novembris 2011
  38. w:lb:Augusto De Luca FC 14:42, 13. Sep. 2012‎
  39. w:lij:Augusto De Luca FC 10:11, 10 Nov 2012‎
  40. w:lt:Augusto De Luca FC 19:37, 7 rugsėjo 2012‎
  41. w:mr:ऑगस्टस डी लुका FC २२:०७, २९ जानेवारी २०१३‎
  42. w:ms:Augusto De Luca FC 08:45, 20 September 2012‎
  43. w:nl:Augusto De Luca deleted 13 apr 2013 [1]
  44. w:nn:Augusto De Luca FC 23. september 2012
  45. w:no:Augusto De Luca GI 23. nov. 2011 kl. 14:13‎
  46. w:pl:Augusto De Luca EP 14:30, 21 lis 2011‎
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  49. w:ro:Augusto De Luca EP 22 noiembrie 2011 16:15‎
  50. w:ru:Де_Лука,_Аугусто EP
  51. w:simple:Augusto De Luca deleted 13 april [2]
  52. w:sk:Augusto De Luca FC 10:20, 8. september 2012‎
  53. w:sl:Augusto De Luca FC 00:02, 13. september 2012‎
  54. w:sv:Augusto De Luca EP 20 november 2011 kl. 23.31‎
  55. w:ta:அகுஸ்டோ டி லூக்கா FC 07:08, 30 சனவரி 2013‎
  56. w:tr:Augusto De Luca EP 09:16, 15 Mart 2012‎
  57. w:uk:Аугусто_Де_Лука FC 17:04, 16 вересня 2012‎
  58. w:vi:Augusto De Luca FC 15:31, ngày 14 tháng 9 năm 2012‎
  59. w:zh:奥古斯都·德卢卡 FC 2012年10月4日 (四) 17:50‎

Files deleted as of 8 April

  1. w:ab:Augusto De Luca script issue
  2. w:ace:Augusto De Luca 25 Buleuën Lhèë 2014 22.26 Vituzzu (Marit | beuneuri) menghapus halaman Augusto De Luca (crosswiki spam) [deletions by Vituzzu shown below as "V"]
  3. w:an:Augusto De Luca V
  4. w:ast:Augusto De Luca V
  5. w:ay:Augusto De Luca V
  6. w:bat-smg:Augusto De Luca V
  7. w:ba:Augusto De Luca script issue
  8. w:bcl:Augusto De Luca V
  9. w:be:Augusto De Luca ?
  10. w:be-x-old:Augusto De Luca ?
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  25. w:fiu-vro:Augusto De Luca ?
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  33. w:gn:Augusto De Luca V 22:03 25 jasyapy 2014 (PRIOR DELETION no talk page, no explanation, no user notice)
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  43. w:kab:Augusto De Luca V
  44. w:ka:Augusto De Luca SCRIPT

See also #wikibooks:fr:Photographie/Personnalités/D

From the sampling above, Abd concludes that it is likely that

  • Every wiki (or almost) on which Ferdinando Castaldo edited, there was an article on Augusto De Luca. Deleted by Vituzzu where possible.
  • The entire list (or almost) of wikis on which FC created a user page had such an article. There were thus, then, at least roughly, 174 total articles he edited.

FC is blocked on only one wiki, and the block was 27 March, 2014, after the global lock. contributions.

Lists for other creators do not show wikis listed already.


bulk of contributions, adding photographs of notable persons to their articles.

For example, Laura De Fusco became this, with the photo. At the time, there was an article on De Luca on it.wikipedia, it had been established in 2010. Vituzzu removed the link to the photographer with [3], "(promo fotografica)."

w:Wikipedia:Manual of style/Captions has, about photos, Who took it? (Generally, this is only included in the caption if the photographer is notable). At the time GIUNCO added captions to photos linking to the local article for Augusto De Luca, these were based on standing articles, that he did not create.

w:cs:Augusto De Luca 18. 11. 2011, 06:54‎ Svajcr

From Elvira Pisanti

EP is blocked on one wiki: w:pl:User:Contributions/Elvira Pisanti, Blocked indefinitely. Reason: crosswiki spam, 14:05, 27 mar 2014. All EP edits are standing on pl.wikipedia, including w:pl:Augusto De Luca, which EP created in 2011. EP did not edit after May 2013. This is obviously a local block based on the global lock, which has not been publicized. There is no notice or warning on the user page. The ADL article is standing with no deletion nomination. The ADL user page was deleted by the same administrator.

Full list

This will be a systematic listing of all known or potential articles on Augusto De Luca, based on attempting to load [wikiname]:Augusto De Luca or the known equivalent in local script. If the page is undeleted, the file creator and date will be shown. If the page has been deleted, the deleting administrator and deletion time will be shown.