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Editing CFC wiki

It is possible to quickly edit this wiki by using a pre-created Anonymous account. Such accounts are listed here. The initial password is "starting."

If you use the account, you may either do nothing more than edit with it (in which case the contributions display should no longer be a redlink), or you may usurp the account by changing the password. If you do this, please edit the User:Anonymous1 page, (or 2 or 3) which you can quickly do from the featured user link when you are logged in, any edit will do, but why not say something about yourself or your interest?

If you use an account with contributions and no user page, your edits will be mixed with all others who have used that account. If there are no contributions, but someone has changed the password, you won't be able to log in; try another, and if that fails, for now, for all the Anonymous accounts, use the named account method below (and let us know you could not log in.)

Obtaining a named account

Make a request as a comment on the CF blog. This request must include a valid email address, unless it is merely a notification that no Anonymous account worked. (we would then fix this and use tools to discover who is simply trashing anonymous accounts).

For the future

If we have enough active users, we may decide to open up to ordinary anonymous editing. We can anticipate, from previous experience, that there will be attempts to disrupt this wiki. We may use available access data to identify and block access, and otherwise-private data may be shared with the public. This will not be done for mere "skepticism" or disagreement. One would need to work hard to earn that sanction. (But attempts to interfere with the Anonymous system, by repeatedly usurping those accounts by changing the password, without editing, will be treated as privacy-waiving disruption.)