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In Alcoholics Anonymous, there is a saying: "All it takes to create an AA meeting is a resentment and a coffee pot." The same is true for wikis. Often resentment is the motive, but such creations often don't last, and maintained resentment is a formula for disempowerment. Rather, a motive that recognizes that something is missing, and leading to an inspiration to create this, can sometimes generate transformation. The founder (and chief cook and bottle-washer at this point) for CFC wiki is Abd. CFC will not last unless there is community support. However, Abd is not dead yet.

I (Abd) have long experience with wikis. They can be spam magnets, and handling spam can be a full-time job! One of the solutions to spam is to require registration and validation of accounts, and to disallow anonymous account registration; however, one of the reasons for Wikipedia success was "instant" editing without requiring an account. Then the site grew by offering a carrot to register: increased privileges and increased convenience. And, for some, POWER! -- because Wikipedia allowed anonymous editors to become administrators, opening a huge can of worms that could have been anticipated.

But back to what worked: quick editing. I have started wikis requiring validated accounts. They stagnated. What to do? It hit me that there could be a middle ground. I will be testing that here. Ultimately, this community must become self-governing, and I know many possible structures to set up that could bypass the problems that have afflicted most wikis. Immediately, though, how to build a participating community?

The blog post announcing CFC covers one approach. Another is described on CfC:Editing. I have created Anonymous1 to Anonymous3 (and will create more as needed), see . The password for those accounts is set to "starting". If you want to keep the account (maybe to replace it later with a chosen name), change the password and create a user page that you have taken over the account. -- and say something there about yourself, if you choose. You can see if no created Anonymous account is available, on this link to the user list. I can be contacted by a comment on this page on the CFC blog, which is where, for now, to request a regular named account.