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This user subspace is for the creation of Long Term Abuse studies. A Long Term Abuser is likely to attack such studies, and this has already happened with the currently active subpages:

See the individual subpage(s) for evidence. These pages should not violate user privacy, beyond what is necessary for protecting the projects (as is routine for checkuser data). The inclusion of an account on these pages is not, in itself, an accusation of sanctionable behavior, it is merely that there exists evidence that might infer that. Checkusers also make mistakes, on occasion, or legitimate users are identified as sock puppets because of coincident access, and, as well, on Wikipedia, sock masters have been identified with a supposed master account because the real puppet master pretended to be a target user, and if the target user did any socking at all, this may work, because of "duck test" reactions.

The intention is to study the user histories, redact and remove possibly irrelevant facts and analyses, and then create appropriate action pages (such as global lock or ban requests) or open study pages (such as a subpage under Vandalism reports). --Abd (talk) 17:35, 15 October 2017 (UTC)