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account registration date shown from CA (in at least one case this is incorrect), total edits from CA, last edit. In some cases the user is identified, by interest, as AP/1, AP/2, or AP/3

Inclusion of an account here is only a reflection of a suspicion, mostly due to checkuser data on Wikipedia. No claim is made here that any account was actually abusive, unless this is explicitly stated. There are, I am fairly sure, accounts that were falsely accused, so any ensuing process should consider that possibility. Further, as noted below, some of these accounts have claimed to be family members of another account that was abusively socking. Real-life identification should be avoided here, and if any user thinks an account is improperly listed or studied here, please point to this on Talk, or email me. Publicising a page with privacy violations is improper, it will call attention to them. Hence such claims can be reported to stewards on the steward mailing list and, as well, any meta administrator may rev-del privacy violations, should any exist. My effort has been to avoid them, but not to submit to attempted bullying by the long-term abuser.

Some accounts listed here show no sign of disruptive behavior -- other than possible socking. For example, User:Lucy126, who would be, by interest, AP/1, if the identification is correct.

(I would like my Ip address this be blocked, this would stop all the stupid bnp stuff with my brother. wikipedia needs to go when in real life there are arguments over it. very sad indeed. please block thank you.)
"Various different family members use the same IP for wikipedia. I am an assyriology student and i add sources on various history themes, i have a brother who edits cosmology etc. We are not the same account. An apparent debate took place between my brother and someone else (over a cosmological debate or big bang) and he created many different accounts to support himself, but in the process has blocked me and also my sisters account.}}"
last edit summary: (Looks like my brother has been on wikipedia, I just spoke to him. May aswell delete my page, this has happened before. *waits for admin for abuse*)
I have two brothers on wikipedia, one is a historian, and the other an ecologist, I have quit wikipedia, my main edits were related to chemistry and astrobiology.
I am not a sockpuppet, theres 3 users who post from my old IP address and since then this "sock" thing keeps being put on all the accounts, clearly more than two people are on these accounts, you can even see that by the log in times and completey different editing styles, formatting and interests that theres more than one user involved, yet check users are not interested in that instead everytime they just block all of the accounts - It's easy for them they are not interested in truth seeking or getting to to see what is actually going on. They never have a reason for the block becuase the edits are not abusive, the countless information we have added to wikipedia is highly accurate, we spend hours reading and researching various sources and material, infact most of the articles would look crap without the edits from myself, the reason for blocking is always abusing multiple accounts that is the only reason they have, but that is wrong becuase we are not all the same person, but no point in going there we have debated that many times already. Check users think they are so clever, but notice how they havn't even worked out who Bookworm really is, and I find it odd that I am a "sock" when I am 110 miles away from Bookworm and his University on a completey different IP, the check user is hiding that information from the case page, he clearly knows theres more than one of us and that we are not vandals to wikipedia. That's no problem though, me and my brother will be back on here in the next 6 months like we always are. Cya. We are all aliens (talk) 19:58, 2 November 2011 (UTC)


You;ve blocked innocent people on Platonics that have nothing to do with me. Simply run a compare user or whatever. My IP isn't American and I don't live in the US. Theres thousands of good edits on my real accounts.
refers to Platonics SPI
see Platonics SUL and Alelija2 SUL

Other persons named by AP

(real names or user names appear in AP sock names, sometimes intended to impersonate, sometimes merely to harass or an attempt to stir up conflict)

  • Template:Checkuser not actually the original account, but close, and there may be two brothers, it has been claimed, and two kinds of editing patterns can be seen in contributions (the early socks claimed to be brothers and to be sharing IP at home on occasion, while one brother was usually in college. This can, indeed, created false checkuser findings.)... however the two patterns are both disruptive and support each other. So we don't really care which it is.
  • Template:Checkuser attacked for documenting AP activity
  • Template:Checkuser blocked Wikipedia user, acknowledged by Rome Viharo.
  • Template:Checkuser blocked Wikipedia user, acknowledged by Ben Steigmann
  • Template:Checkuser Wikipedia user in good standing, filed some checkuser requests for Blastikus (who was socking)
  • Rome Viharo (real name) who has documented AP activity on his blog.
  • Template:Checkuser -- blocked as an AP sock
  • Template:Checkuser also real name, who only made one edit to Wikipedia, with this account, probably accidentally (with SUL, it's easy to do.)
  • Template:Checkuser Wikiversity custodian who blocked socks for disruption
  • Template:Checkuser Wikipedia user, relationship unknown, but stopped editing in 2015.
  • Template:Checkuser relationship unknown. blocked for legal threats. Interaction between HeathyGirl (CU-identified AP sock)HG and blocked as Jamenta.