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Sudoku/Reviews/Systematic Sudoku/Nakex83

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This puzzle came from sysudoku.com.

A Nakex 83 BARN Storming Finish Raw puzzle in SW Solver

Solution with Simultaneous Bivalue Nishio

First coloring

Some seed pairs with lower Gordonian cell number were examined and rejected. r5c5={36} looked better and some time was spent with it. A mutual resolution was found, but the coloring was then abandoned as not easily generating more results.
SBN on r5c5={36}

SBN coloring

  • light orange cell: seed cell for chaining
  • green: first chain. Convention: lowest digit or Gordonian cell number.
light green: alternate cell candidate within green chain.
  • red: alternate chain.
light red: alternate cell candidate within red chain.
  • purple: mutual elimination.
  • light purple cell: contradiction (multiple in region or empty in color)
  • light blue cell: mutual resolution (as only colored candidate in cell)

Second coloring

The next seed pair was r2c3={34}. This found a contradiction in the 4 chain, hence r2c3=3, and consequences.

SBN on r2c3={34}

Third coloring:

r5c2={75}. Contradiction found in the 5 pair, so r5c2=7. Easy to the end.

SBN on r5c2={75}