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User:Abd/Criticisms by anonymous socks

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There has been, since 2017, a campaign of harassment of me and my work by what appeared as anonymous socks, commonly citing the RationalWiki article, written by Darryl L. Smith as a retaliation for my exposure of his impersonation socking on Wikipedia and then the subsequent sock avalanches that hit Wikiversity and the meta wiki.

The article and those attacks cite -- one could say "spam" -- characteristic arguments. A recent example is set of single-purpose Reddit accounts (called "throwaways" there). See http://coldfusioncommunity.net/reddit/2019-september-2/

I will here compile the claims, starting with the latest first, and create subpages to examine each one. I'm also interested in how the claims are repeated, over and over, with new socks. Conclusory claims will not be addressed only claims that purport to have a basis in fact. But with the first example, I'll mention the conclusions.

14:00:54 12 Oct 2019  RationalWiki_is_shit. Alleges: "You [stated] Oliver Smith is a child-murder supporter." "Many other things is vague." Conclusory: the statement was libel and "you have a victim-complex" and "you are an insane troll who outright defames people." Absent any factual basis, the rest of the troll's comment cannot be assessed. Subpage: /Alleged Child murder libel

23:38:58 11 Oct 2019 willfromsweden. Comment removed by moderator, but text is on subpage. Subpage: /Allegedly banned for doxing