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User:Abd/Criticisms by anonymous socks/Alleged Child murder libel

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The claim alleges a libelous statement but does not link to it or provide actual text. This is what I know: Oliver Smith has many times claimed to be an anti-natalist. As well, twice, accounts that appeared to be him sent me links to a video where a person makes an anti-natalist argument, to a mother with a child, that she should kill her child. I may have mentioned this somewhere.

What that actually shows is trolling. Oliver has many times attacked me for having children, calling it "disgusting." However, I would not translate this to "child murder supporter," and I have no evidence for that.

This translation of an inference into an alleged fact is common for Oliver Smith, such as his conversion of Emil Kirkegaard's thought-experiment into "child rape apologist" (sex with a sleeping child) when, in fact, Kirkegaard rejected the idea completely. But because someone reading the blog as archived by Smith would see the idea first, he was able to use that to convince many people that Kirkegaard was completely disgusting. There is evidence that he induced reporters to use that "fact," and then the RatWiki article, in turn, relies more prominently on those "reliable sources."

Oliver showed up on the Discord server where the comment was made and requested admission to level 1, needed to read that channel. It was given to him. It was obviously Oliver. Someone else banned the account from the comment, but he claimed to have gotten what he wanted. And this is what was there. I don't think Dysklyver will mind being quoted on this. It was just factual and a simple and ordinary judgment.

My memory was much more accurate than his. It looks like he didn't actually have a screenshot, because it would have shown that his memory was defective. It often is, we often translate what actually happens into what we think it means, and that is what we tend to remember. The account was deleted, the third or fourth Oliver Smith Reddit account to be deleted. I think he's been doing this for years, to cover his tracks. But I've started tracking those Reddit accounts, here. So his deletions don't prevent finding the data. The comments stay unless separately deleted by a moderator.