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Abd Lomax,

I wanted to let you know that the deletion of your material on Wikiversity was started by Guy Chapman JzG , he uses the IP which traces to Reading, UK where he lives. You can run a Google search on the IP to find out more about it.


Chapman on first submitted your project for deletion.


Chapman was being deceptive and did not want to use his main account JzG. He commented "I am a user in good standing on multiple Wikimedia projects, including enWP".


I was using the IP I am not Smith or Umbrecht or Joshua. Guy Chapman did send me an email to vote to delete your project, I regret doing this. Sorry I do not have a copy of the email any longer. I have since changed my IP. Hopefully you do not list me as a John Doe in your case. I agree with that Smith was probably the mobile IP but he did not start the deletion request, it was all JzG on a sock IP. Yes there was an email chain that went around about deleting your material. Out of good faith I wanted to admit this to you. You do not know my name, you only know the broad area of where I live from my old IP. Sorry I will not reveal my name. I am not really friendly with Chapman anymore, so I wanted to write this. I have no idea about the Smith brothers or Joshua P. Schroeder, I am not in contact with them anymore. I did a while back write a similar comment on the Wikipedia Sucks forum, but thought I would come clean. It was JzG who wanted you banned from Wikiversity. He told Joshua and the others to send the complaints. Regards. Computer (talk) 22:52, 27 May 2019 (UTC)