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A troll added a comment on my talk page. This particular troll may even convince himself that what he posts is a good idea, but he's also intelligent enough to know that nobody else will think so, and that's why he is a troll: he proposes what he knows will offend people. That's trolling, and would be so even if it's a great idea! Which it certainly was not. In italics is what was written, and it plays into misconceptions about me and about Islam:

Why don't you go to a Wikimania event and drive a truck into the crowd?

Wikipedians are not the enemy and -- generally at least! -- do not deserve harm, and I have no ill-will toward that community, at all, much less a murderous enmity. Hatred and the father of it, contempt, is the enemy.

Or use a suicide vest to blow them up?

Stupid, and not a lawful form of warfare even if the cause were just.

What's the point of being Muslim if it doesn't give you special abilities/encouragement to do stuff that non-Muslims can't?

Muslims get no special privileges as to right and wrong. Non-Muslims can blow people up the same as (pretend) Muslims, so what is this insanity? Muslims, because of their declaration, have a higher obligation to right action and avoiding harm than non-Muslims, and the Qur'an is explicit that there will be those who will pretend to be "believers" who will wreck the earth, if allowed.

The "stuff" referred to here would be enforcing one's personal ideas of right and wrong on others, without justice and without the restraints imposed by the religion (including respect for collective authority). Talking explicitly about fighting when attacked, it has, "Do not go beyond limits. God does not love those who go beyond limits."

They may laugh at you now, but they won't be laughing when their faces hit the front grille of that ReligionOfPeacemobile.

That would not be what the name would reflect, and this is obviously a comment from a hater both of Islam and humanity. Too bad.

They'll be sitting at the table wondering, "Who is that screaming Allahu Akbar? And why is the sound coming closer and closer? And is that a tractor trailer engine I hear revving?"

This is projection from the way he thinks, he is angry with the world for not agreeing with him, when he was Right. He could know better, so I think he is losing it. Sad. --Abd (talk) 22:49, 25 March 2020 (UTC)