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The following papers, in the w:Current Science special section on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, the issue of February 25, 2015, are available on the Current Science web site at [1]. Linked first-author names are to subpages for study of each paper. For authors with more than one paper, a number has been added to the pagename.

  1. "Preface," Srinivasan, M.; Meulenberg, A. (/Srinivasan 1)
  2. "Cold fusion: comments on the state of scientific proof," McKubre, Michael C. H. (/McKubre)
  3. "Extensions to physics: what cold fusion teaches," Meulenberg, A. (/Meulenberg)
  4. "Phonon models for anomalies in condensed matter nuclear science," Hagelstein, Peter L.; Chaudhary, Irfan U. (/Hagelstein 1)
  5. "Development status of condensed cluster fusion theory," Takahashi, Akito (/Takahashi)
  6. "Model of low energy nuclear reactions in a solid matrix with defects," Sinha, K. P. (/Sinha)
  7. "Selective resonant tunnelling – turning hydrogen-storage material into energetic material," Liang, C. L.; Dong, Z. M.; Li, X. Z. (/Liang)
  8. "Coherent correlated states of interacting particles – the possible key to paradoxes and features of LENR," Vysotskii, Vladimir I.; Vysotskyy, Mykhaylo V. (/Vysotskii 1)
  9. "How the explanation of LENR can be made consistent with observed behaviour and natural laws," Storms, Edmund (/Storms 1)
  10. "Introduction to the main experimental findings of the LENR field," Storms, Edmund (/Storms 2)
  11. "Review of materials science for studying the Fleischmann and Pons effect," Violante, V.; Castagna, E.; Lecci, S.; Sarto, F.; Sansovini, M.; Torre, A.; La Gatta, A.; Duncan, R.; Hubler, G.; El Boher, A.; Aziz, O.; Pease, D.; Knies, D.; McKubre, M. (/Violante)
  12. "Highly reproducible LENR experiments using dual laser stimulation," Letts, Dennis (/Letts)
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  14. "Progress towards understanding anomalous heat effect in metal deuterides," Azizi, O.; El-Boher, A.; He, J. H.; Hubler, G. K.; Pease, D.; Isaacson, W.; Violante, V.; Gangopadhyay, S. (/Azizi)
  15. "Replicable cold fusion experiment: heat/helium ratio," Lomax, Abd ul-Rahman (/Lomax)
  16. "Observation of radio frequency emissions from electrochemical loading experiments," Kidwell, D. A.; Dominguez, D. D.; Grabowski, K. S.; DeChiaro Jr, L. F. (/Kidwell)
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  19. "Brief summary of latest experimental results with a mass-flow calorimetry system for anomalous heat effect of nano-composite metals under D(H)-gas charging," Kitamura, A.; Takahashi, A.; Seto, R.; Fujita, Y.; Taniike, A.; Furuyama, Y. (/Kitamura 1)
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  24. "Martin Fleischmann Memorial Project status review," Valat, Mathieu; Hunt, Ryan; Greenyer, Bob (/Valat)
  25. "Observation of neutrons and tritium in the early BARC cold fusion experiments," Srinivasan, Mahadeva (/Srinivasan 2)
  26. "Introduction to isotopic shifts and transmutations observed in LENR experiments," Srinivasan, Mahadeva (/Srinivasan 3)
  27. "Transmutation reactions induced by deuterium permeation through nano-structured palladium multilayer thin film," Iwamura, Yasuhiro; Itoh, Takehiko; Tsuruga, Shigenori (/Iwamura)
  28. "Biological transmutations," Biberian, Jean-Paul (/Biberian)
  29. "Microbial transmutation of Cs-137 and LENR in growing biological systems," Vysotskii, V. I.; Kornilova, A. A. (/Vysotskii 3)
  30. "Energy gains from lattice-enabled nuclear reactions," Nagel, David J. (/Nagel 1)
  31. "Lattice-enabled nuclear reactions in the nickel and hydrogen gas system," Nagel, David J. (/Nagel 2)
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