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This seminar is an opportunity to ask questions of experts in the field of "cold fusion." These experts may hold positions on or give explanations of all sides of the controversy. For each expert, a subpage should be created under the name of the expert, and a brief biography given, explaining why the person is expected to have expertise. Being listed here as an expert does not establish a credential, nor does it require credentials, though relevant credentials would presumably be disclosed in the biography, if available. Any participant in this seminar may invite an expert to participate. Experts may participate if they choose, or a participant may relay questions and answers to and from an expert. Exact quotation is preferred to paraphrase, but participants relaying expert answers may also summarize in addition.


Abd 15:25, 28 April 2010 (UTC) "advanced student," in regular communication with many of the scientists working in the field and published. Can ask them questions, and organize projects here. Not credentialed.


General questions may be placed here, and should be signed. Anyone may solicit expert response to these questions, which should then be covered, with the question, on the expert page as listed below. If the question is for a specific expert, it should be asked on the expert page.


Create expert pages by placing [[/Name of Expert/]] below, then follow the link and edit the page. Discuss responses of experts on the Talk page attached to the expert's page.