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Wikiversity/Cold fusion/Nickel-hydrogen system/Energy Catalyzer

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w:Energy Catalyzer

Background for nickel-hydrogen[edit]

Focardi, et al, ""Large excess heat production in Ni-H systems," Il Nuovo Cimento, VOL. 111 A, N. 11, November 1998, p. 1233-1242.

Il Nuovo Cimento merged with European Physical Journal A.[1][2], which is a Springer publication.

PESWiki pages[edit]

[3] This is a collection by Jed Rothwell of "hints we have about the function of Andrea Rossi's Energy Catalyzer. A great number of hints have been posted on various websites, forum and blogs."

[4] General information.

Ny Teknik articles[edit]

[5] "Swedish physicists on the E-cat: 'It’s a nuclear reaction'". Ny Teknik calls itself "Sweden’s leading technology and IT newspaper."[6] The author of this article, Mats Lewan, described his qualifications in this Wikipedia edit.

Reportage on w:Rai News (Italian)[edit]

(English version) covers the invention and some of the demonstrations, as well as investigating the history of Andrea Rossi, including the Petroldragon affair. (Google English translation of it.wikipedia article).

Wikipedia article[edit]

This seminar examines and discusses w:Energy Catalyzer (the article).