Global account contributions for Abd shows at this moment:

  • Username: Abd
  • Registered: 12:48, 3 September 2008 (9 years ago)
  • Total edit count: 36,308
  • Number of attached accounts: 485

The registration date is misleading, it does not show original registration but the date when accounts were attached globally. The Wikipedia registration date is lost (in some software revision, the old user creation logs were apparently removed), but my first edit was  7 February 2005. At that point, though I had wiki experience (with other wiki software) I had no clue about how to attach a signature….

Significant wiki contributions:

  • Wikiversity: 16,667 currently indef blocked, see my talk page
  • Wikipedia: 14,259 community banned in 2012, see the discussion
  • Wikiquote: 386
  • Wikibooks: 316 editor
  • Commons: 1,131
  • fr.Wikiversity 97
  • meta 2,448 autopatrolled

On the English Wikiversity, I was a probationary administrator (“custodian”) three times:

Logged actions using admin tools:

My block log Ii.e., the list of blocks and unblocks of Abd) is the topic of a subpage.


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