RWW list of Mikemikev socks

This is a list of accounts alleged to be socks of Michael Coombs (Mikemikev), by Oliver D Smith, on RationalWikiWiki, archived here.

Some background: When a highly motivated user is blocked, the creation of socks, especially on RationalWiki, is to be expected. It is to some extent encouraged there. The identification of socks by the “duck test” can be confused by impersonation socks.

  • Impersonation socks are intended to resemble the target. They may exhibit behaviors or text known to be of the target. The purpose of an impersonation sock is to impugn the target, to attract anger, bans or the like. As well, impersonation socks may be used to bury open socks in confusion. They are often also troll socks. Impersonation socks are a form of identity theft. Oliver Smith has listed some accounts here as belonging to Mikemikev that were actually his. This is, then, a form of impersonation socking, but not trollsocking.
  • Open socks are — and claim to be — a real person (or an additional account of a user). They are whom they seem to be. Open socks will inform a community or individuals, or argue for the position of the user behind them.
  • Parody socks may use the name of another user, or a prior account name of the user, but are not intended to be mistaken for the user. These are sometimes loosely called “impersonations,” but are not identity theft.
  • Trollsocks are created to poke and provoke, trollsocks expect to be quickly blocked. They may be identified by their targets, but impersonation socks are often troll socks. Thus sanctioning a target because of troll socking runs the risk of serving the defamatory purposes of the sock owner.
  • Alternate socks are socks intended to continue participation in a project. They may conceal identity. They do not intend to be blocked. These socks are deliberately non-disruptive.

Oliver Smith calls them all “socks” and lists many socks as an accusation of disruption, which is ironic, because he has created many, many socks himself.

Socking is generally harmful to wikis because it makes it more difficult to detect long-term harmful behavior. But RationalWiki, in particular, through its policies, has encouraged extensive confusion over user identity. Impersonation socking is defamation, it is a form of lying to harm, and may be illegal in some cases. Other kinds of socking may even be beneficial. Parody socking is uncivil, but RationalWiki is grossly uncivil, commonly.

I have corrected formatting errors in the list, and alphabetized and numbered it. Socks are coded in this way:

Pink is Oliver Smith, as identified by me. In some cases, these have been openly admitted, or facts admitted which led to a clear conclusion. Others are duck test, often very obvious.

Blue is Darryl L. Smith, as suspected by me. There is no reason to identify these with Mikemikev, and it is unlikely; he may perceive me as an ally (though we have little agreement on politics). (Many more like this remain to be tagged).

      1. 1488.
      2. 20,000 impersonation sock, impersonating [this IP] which was me, blocked by DS.
      3. Abd Pyramidologist impersonation DS trollsock — quotes me
      4. Adam Perkins likely article subject not Mikemikev
      5. All dogs go to heaven, all white girls go to hell. trollsock no evidence Mikemikev
      6. Andrew B. Chung dirty old bloke from China trollsock DS pattern
      7. Anti psychic. acknowledged DS
      8. Anti racist activist. identity not clear. Not Mikemikev
      9. Anti racist man probable DS
      10. Anti-racist skinhead probable DS
      11. Antifa activist probable DS
      12. Antifa Ireland possible Darryl
      13. Antifa Oliver Smith no edits. Possible Mikemikev, but could be impersonation
      14. ANTIFAGuy agenda OS, signal
      15. AntifaScientist looks like this could be Mike, blocked by Krom
      16. Antifascist probable OS
      17. Anti-Fascist for life DS
      18. AntiRacist possible trollsock. Not clearly Mike
      19. Apparition DS
      20. Apso2 OS
      21. Arcticos
      22. Asian dude. OS agenda, possible Darryl
      23. Asshole1. Vandal, no evidence Mike
      24. Aza unclear. Not Mike
      25. Ben Steigmann not Mike, possibly the real Ben Steigmann
      26. Ben Steigmann Blissentia trollsock, probably Darryl
      27. Bertha_Hues likely OS
      28. Billy the kid likely DS
      29. Blurp likely Darryl
      30. BNP Member. Trollsock prob. Mikemikev
      31. Cats1993. unclear
      32. CharlieBass. looks like OS but I’m not certain.
      33. Cheeese. Very probably OS, but only one edit.
      34. Communist Scientist troll. Could be Mike.
      35. Connor evans 50 cent possible OS, but too little data.
      36. Cosmos probably Darryl. Not Mike.
      37. Creationistsareloons not Mike. Identity unclear.
      38. Dan Grimy. From argument, OS
      39. DangerZone DS [talks about identity]
      40. Dave MacIntosh Mikemikev very likely
      41. DaveJefferson. Mikemikev likely
      42. Davide Piffer is a Neo-Nazi DS type trollsock
      43. Debunker DS
      44. Debunkingghosts [corrected]  probably DS
      45. Defending Ben Steigmann unclear possibly DS impersonation sock
      46. DougWellerisalunatic trollsock claims to be DS  fake outings
      47. Dr. Witt.
      48. DuceMoosolini antifa no edits. DS type troll name
      49. E.O.W.K. impersonation pattern is DS
      50. E. O. W Kirkegaard impersonation pattern is DS
      51. Ecologist DS
      52. EgalitarianJay. OS started Coombs article
      53. Eleonora Goldmann could be the article subject, no reason to claim Mikemikev
      54. Emil Kirkegaard impersonation socks designed to ban Kirkegaard
      55. Emil Kirkegaard 2.
      56. Emil Kirkegaard 55.
      57. Emil Kirkegaard Real.
      58. Emil OW Kirkegaard.
      59. EmilOWK2
      60. EmilOWKirkegaard1488. this would look like Mike except that’s how impersonation socks work.
      61. Englisc DS
      62. Erhul. Not every anti-Jewish editor is Mikemikev
      63. Evanand DS
      64. Faulty Logic unlikely to be Mike.
      65. FrankDickman. Likely Mike.
      66. FRIEND OF ROME VIHARO impersonation
      67. Fuerst more likely to be Fuerst himself
      68. Funman1  [renamed user Bongolian gets beaten up by Lulzkiller and Nate Spidgwood whilst Sam Smith smokes a cigar and shoves it in Rome Viharos dirty head|Bongolian gets beaten up by Lulzkiller and Nate Spidgwood whilst Sam Smith smokes]
      69. Funman2 [renamed user Will Viharo little dong] troll sock, but see what he removed.
      70. Funman3 [renamed user Jytdog Viharo Oliver Smith Lulzkiller Donny Long Nate Spidgwood David Gerard in a boxing match with cheese pizza on their heads and Sam Smith as the ref with a diaper on WeeGees face|Jytdog Viharo Oliver Smith Lul
      71. Gelzer.
      72. Goblin Face Sciborg S Patel DS see Rome Viharo edit
      73. Goblin Face Sciborg Jon Donnis no account
      74. Golden likely OS
      75. Gust probably DS
      76. H4 not Mike
      77. Hdhdbhxgdvgddgvd. [renamed user I like vaggies] Troll, No indication Mike.
      78. Hettywainthrop DS
      79. Hexagon could be Mike
      80. Heyguy 2 impersonation sock, so I’m tagging it DS, but OS would have motivation
      81. Heyguy 3 impersonation sock
      82. Heyguy 4 impersonation sock
      83. Hope Not Hate member possible Oliver or Darryl. Not Mike
      84. Hu probably OS or DS, but it really could be anyone. Not Mike
      85. HumanPhenotypes
      86. Oliver Smith schizoid
      87. Iantresman
      88. Igobymanynames.
      89. it takes two 2 tango
      90. Janosz
      91. John 82.
      92. John chuck Fuerst
      93. John Fuerst
      94. JohnFuerstwithhispantsdown
      95. JohnnyFrostbite.
      96. Jon Donnis Goblin Face
      97. Jon Donniz
      98. JonDonisDUNKER.
      99. JonDonnisator
      100. KateGombert
      101. Kevin.
      102. KikeDestroyer
      103. Kirkegaard
      104. Krom loser
      105. Kroms
      106. Kromscape
      107. Litoes
      108. Losts
      109. Lysdexia
      110. M87
      111. Matt58
      112. Maunus
      113. Max Triggers.
      114. Michael A. Woodley
      115. Michael C.
      116. Michael Coombs.
      117. Michael Coombs Heyguy.
      118. Mike Brown Got What He Deserved.
      119. Mikemikev. apparently actual Mikemikev account.
      120. Mikemikev is cool
      121. Mikemikev1.
      122. Moxie14
      123. Mr Keyes.
      124. Mrs Blintz
      125. MrSheen
      126. Murgatroid
      127. MusikAnimal.
      128. Muslim man
      129. NateSpidgewood
      130. Neonazi10287.
      131. Nick Lowles Fan
      132. Nitro Man
      133. OC68 Stevenson Mu
      134. OdiniA
      135. OldWatch.
      136. Oliver Antifa troll/parody sock
      137. Oliver Atlantid Smith troll/parody sock, no edits
      138. Oliver boglins troll/parody sock
      139. Oliver D Smith troll/parody sock – distinct from RWW account
      140. Oliver Keyes
      141. Oliver_Schizo_Antifa. troll sock, impersonation of Kirkegaard? or him?
      142. Onacompass
      143. Philosophyfellow
      144. PhilPhilpot.
      145. Pringles
      146. Proud Muslim
      147. PS2
      148. RaceRealist88
      149. RaiderFan
      150. Rationaldriver.
      151. RationalP2
      152. Rationalwikilurker.
      153. Real David Piffer
      154. Redpenofdoom [corrected] troll. Pretends working for Viharo. Outs OS/DS accounts confused. Possible impersonation. Suspect DS. Mike not impossible.
      155. Richard Chepstow. Mike.
      156. Robert Defro.
      157. Rome viharo in a g string
      158. Rome_Viharo_Krom_heyguy
      159. Rupert Kirby.
      160. RV
      161. Sam Rainbow.
      162. Samiamsam
      163. Saxton Oliver or Darryl see page with evidence: Saxton
      164. Schizophreniac
      165. Schizophrenic
      166. Scientist
      167. Scythes.
      168. Shmuel.
      169. Skeptic_boy
      170. Skinhead_1488.
      171. Social Justice Internet Scientist
      172. Social Justice Warrior
      173. StarWarsNerd
      174. Stranger
      175. Symonyx
      176. The Emil Kirkegaard.
      177. TheJonDonnis
      178. Thorwold C Franke 2
      179. Topseudoscience.
      180. Torch
      181. Tuna
      182. UltraSleuth
      183. Upplysning
      184. Viharo Krom
      185. Vimpto. (Probable)
      186. Wangmeister.
      187. WeAreEqual
      188. Welliver
      189. Welsh people are cool.
      190. Zeros2

4 thoughts on “RWW list of Mikemikev socks”

  1. Almost none of the accounts you highlighted as pink are mine. I said ‘almost’ because out of listing 190, I made a single error (which is to be expected), although I’ll leave that for you to find.

    Regardless, your MO appears to be just blaming nearly all of Mikemikev’s socks onto me. No one who examines Mikemikev’s behaviour will trust you e.g. he’s been banned from all social media for impersonation and trollsocks. He’s been kicked off of Twitter more than two dozen times, including for impersonations. [Redacted]

    In contrast I just have one good-standing Twitter profile.

    1. You are a black and white thinker, and you seem to think that people are “good” or “bad” and that bad behavior in one area correlates with it in others. Sometimes it does, yes, but your having a good-standing account (which merely means not banned) is not relevant to what socks are yours and what are someone else’s. Mikemikev certainly creates trollsocks. Someone else is creating far more of them, on RatWiki and elsewhere. Mikemikev’s troll socks are quite recognizable. But that very fact could also makes it easy to imitate him.

      From your admitted history of lying, your personal testimony is of little value. The major error you make is claiming that I am identifying Mikemikev’s socks as yours. Certainly there may be erroneous identifications, but, in fact, and more to the point, that you claim a sock is not yours does not show that it is Mikemikev.

      There are 190 alleged Mikemikev socks you listed that I copied here. Of these I have tagged only 22 as possibly or likely you. Because of the possibility of impersonation, the “duck test” can fail, but it’s reliable enough to be highly useful on WMF wikis. The accounts I tagged I have put on a subpage for detailed examination.

      The one who carelessly identified many socks as an individual was you, on the page that was the source for this page. I did not therefore claim that they were you. So the statement here that I was “blaming nearly all of Mikemikev’s socks onto” you is blatantly false.

      What is extremely clear is that you identified socks as being Mikemikev when that identification is preposterous to anyone who has followed this affair. (which is very few!).

      Consistently, you do not understand the distinction between blog posts and blog pages. Post are conversation for the public, whereas pages are used to collect evidence and specific commentary. That is why there are so many pages, I’ve been studying this issue since late 2017, and create pages to compile evidence on specifics. Those pages are not intended as public polemic, they are only for those who want to examine evidence — which is very few.

      As to the one that you imply is yours, yes, in a list of 190 accounts, error can easily occur. However, listing an account of your own as belonging to someone else is not nearly as likely as the error in question here. And there is more than one that is definitely you. So you are still lying: in a context where you are accusing others, this kind of carelessness deserves to be called lying.

      To respond coherently to this post, more deeply than just claiming you are lying, takes time, and you bailed from all this before that could be done. S’okay, you can come back if you have anything coherent to say, and especially evidence to provide. However, further evidence-free trolling will be shoved into the spam folder. I have not yet spam-marked your account. Don’t tempt me, it will make it more difficult for you to respond to anything substantial.

      1. You misread, I meant I have ordinary social media profiles. In contrast, [MC] has been banned on hundreds of Twitter and Facebook accounts and is currently under police investigation for malicious communications on Twitter having created multiple accounts to harass [redacted]:

        I find it bizarre you are still trying to blame Mikemikev’s RationalWiki sockpuppets and impersonations onto me – [redacted]

        I just regained access to the blog. You will not be allowed to spam your atacks on MC here. Don’t tempt me to ban you. –Abd

        1. See revision of above.

          Oliver, you express amazement that i am “still trying to blame MC‘s socks on you. ” You had listed 160 socks. I tagged 22 as likely you. While some of the others could be MC, it is likely that the bulk of them were your brother. There were far more than the one you admit. You continued to create RatWiki socks. Same on Reddit. Most of the throwaways on Reddit appear to be your brother, also. I‘m no longer paying much attention to this whole affair. It is only very peripherally related to cold fusion. If I can find that image of you, I will take it down.

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