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Jed Rothwell had his copy of the ICCF-2 Proceedings scanned, and provided the files to us. The pages linked here, by page number are from the scans, so they are as-published. Preprints are available for some of these on lenr-canr.org. Generally, the quality of the lenr-canr files is much higher and the searchable and copiable text more reliable. But these files are readily readable. Please comment if higher resolution images are needed, these files were compressed.

“L” indicates that a document is available on lenr-canr.org and is linked (as well as the copy here).
“R”, the paper was found on ResearchGate and is linked.
“+” indicates another source, linked.
“A” links to abstracts on a subpage. In some cases the “abstract” is taken from an “Introduction” or “Conclusion” section. In one case (*)it was apparently supplied by Hal Fox.

In some cases, documents that may be similar were published in refereed journals. B as a link is to a search of the Library for the Britz filename. (The Library is available to researchers, contact us.) (The Britz bibliography is hosted here, see Britz.) To find the entry for a paper, if you don’t have access to the Library, google the Britz filename, found in the search URL, or search the bibliography, perhaps the Bibtex version.

See Librarian’s Notes.

T. Bressani, E. Del Giudice and G. Preparata
Analysis of tritium and heat excess in electrochemical cells with Pd cathodes
L. Bertalot, L. Bettinali, F. De Marco, V. Violante, P. De Logu, T. Dikonimos Makris and A. La Barbera
Product analysis from D2O electrolysis with palladium and titanium cathodes
E. Brillas, G.Sardin, J. Casado, X. Doménech and J. Sánchez
Solid state and electrochemical phenomena related to cold fusion in titanium
B. Escarpizo, F. Fernández, J. Sevilla, F. Cuevas and C. Sánchez
15 A
Multicell experiments for searching time-related events in cold fusion
D. Gozzi, P.L.Cignini, M. Tomellini, S. Frullani, F. Garibaldi, F. Ghio, M. Jodice and G.M. Urciuoli
21 A
Some results on cold fusion research
Z. Hongyu, W. Chenlin, R. Yanin, F. Guoying, Y. Hua, Z. Weidong, W. Dachun, H. Ming, L. Shuzhen, H. Zhuen, W. Zhongda, Y. Runhu, L. Zhenghao and R. Guoxiao
49 A
Recent progress on cold fusion research using molten salt techniques
B. Y. Liaw, P.-L. Tao and B.E. Liebert
55 A
Tritium and neutron emission in conventional and contact glow discharge electrolyses of D2O at Pd and Ti cathodes
G. Mengoli, M. Fabrizio, C.Manduchi, G. Zannoni, L. Riccardi and A. Buffa
65 A
Neutron emission and surface observation during a long-term evolution of deuterium on Pd in 0.1 M LiOD
H. Numata, R. Takagi, I. Ohno, K. Kawamura and S. Haruyama
71 A
Anomalous neutron burst in heavy water electrolysis
Y. Fujii, M. Takahashi, M. Nakada, T. Kusunoki and M. Okamoto
81 A
Reliable procedure for the initiation of the Fleischmann-Pons effect
S. Szpak, P.A. Mosier-Boss and J. J. Smith
Neutron spectra and controllability by PdD/electrolysis cell with low-high current pulse operation
A. Takahashi, T. Iida, T. Takeuchi, A. Mega, S. Yoshida and M. Watanabe
Characterization of charged particle bursts from deuterium loaded thin titanium foils
D. H. Beddingfield, F.E. Cecil, C.S. Galovich, H. Liu and S. Asher
99 A
A study of the neutron emission from Ti loaded with D in gas. phase by means of a time-of-flight spectrometer
T. Bressani, D. Calvo, A. Feliciello, C. Lamberti, F. Iazzi, B. Minetti, R. Cherubini, A.M.I. Haque and R. A. Ricci
105 A
Search for neutron emission from deuterided high temperature superconductors in a very low background environment
F. Celani, A. Spallone, L. Liberatori, F. Croce, L. Storelli, S. Fortunati, M. Tului and N. Sparvieri
Search for precursor and charged particles in “cold fusion”
D. W. Mo, Y. S. Liu, L. Y. Zhou, S. Y. Dong, K. L. Wang, S. C. Wang and X. Z. Li
123 A
The production of neutrons and tritium in the deuterium gas-titanium interaction
A. De Ninno, F. Scaramuzzi, A. Frattolillo, S. Migliori, F. Lanza, S. Scaglione, P. Zeppa and C. Pontorieri
129 A
Fusion neutron emission induced by injection of deuterium into titanium target in a mirror plasma
S. Y. Duan, W. S. Guan, S.Q. Cheng, J. Zhang, S. L. Hao, B. Gu, J.Q. Li, W.X. Liang, G. Y. Zhang, S.X. Pei, J. C. Huang, K. W. Chen, R. Liu, X. R. Liu and Ying Li
139 A
Anomalous nuclear effects in deuterium palladium systems
S. Jin, F. Zhang, D. Yao and B. Wu
145 A
Tritium production resulting from deuteration of different metals and alloys
F. Lanza, G. Bertolini, V. Vocino, E. Parnisari and C. Ronsecco
Time-correlated neutron detection from deuterium loaded palladium
T. Tazima, K. Isii and H. Ikegami
157 A
Search for better material for cold fusion experiment using CR-39 detector
K. L. Wang, X. Z. Li, S. Y. Dong, S. C. Wang, D.’ W. Mo, C M . Luo, Q. R. Lin, X. D. Wu, W.Z. Li, Y. F. Zhu, P. L. Zhou and L. Chang
Identification of the energetic charged particles in gas-loading experiment of “cold fusion” using CR-39 plastic track detector
S. C. Wang, T.S. Rang, K.L. Wang, S. Y. Dong, Y.Y. Feng, D. W. Mo and X. Z. Li
Evidence of neutron emission from a titanium deuterium system
D. Seeliger, M. Bittner, A. Meister, R. Schwierz and T. Streil
175 A
Observation of D-D fusion neutrons during degassing of deuterium loaded palladium
M. Bittner, A. Meister, D. Seeliger, R. Schwierz and P. Wtjstner
181 A
Enhancement of fusion rate induced by the collective electron excitations
M. Baldo
187 A
Binuclear atoms as fusion precursors in a hot cloud
G. F.Cerofolini, R. Dierckx, A. Foglio Para and G. Ottaviani
193 A
An explanation of cold fusion and cold fusion by-products, based on lattice induced nuclear chemistry
S. R. Chubb and T. A. Chubb
199 A
Coherent and semi-coherent neutron transfer reactions
P. L. Hagelstein
Summary of progress in hydron physics
F. J. Mayer and J. R. Reitz
211 A
Relativistic hyperfine interaction and the Spence-Vary resonance
J. A. McNeil
217 A
Anomalous deuteron to hydrogen ratio in Oklo samples and the possibility of deuteron disintegration
M. Shaheen, M. Ragheb, G.H. Miley, H. Hora and J. Kelly Shah
The cross section factor for the reactions 2H(d,p) → 3H + 2H(d,n) → 3He at very low temperature
A. Scalia and P. Figuera [many papers on sub-barrier fusion, even before 1989]
235 A
An improved zero gradient calorimeter for the investigation of cold fusion phenomena
T. F. Droege and L. J. Droege
243 A
Improvement of the TOFUS apparatus
M. Agnello, F. Iazzi, B. Minetti, E. Botta, T. Bressani, 0. Brunasso, D. Calvo, D. Dattola, P. Gianotti, C. Lamberti and A. Zecchina
249 A
A large solid angle multiparameter neutron detector
G. Ricco, M.Anghinolfi, P.Corvisiero, P. Prati, M. Taiuti, C. Boragno, R. Eggenhoffner and U. Valbusa
255 A
Liquid scintillator detection and multiparameter data acquisition for neutron detection in cold fusion experiments.
K. A. Sjoland, P. Kristiansson and K. G. J. Westergard
261 A
Crack-fusion: a plausible explanation of “cold fusion”
L. H. Bagnulo
267 A*
Measurement of D-D and D-6Li nuclear reactions at very low energies
F. E. Cecil and G. M. Hale
Mossbauer spectroscopic characterization of samples for cold fusion experiment
E. Kuzmann, M. Gal, G.K. Solymos and Cs. Szeles
277 A
Recent modifications to the Manitoba deuterium implantation accelerator and a study of the properties of the online neutron monitor detector
M. S. Mathur, H.L. Johnston, A. Mirzai, J. S. C. McKee, G.R. Smith, J. J. G. Durocher, K. Furutani, J. K. Mayer, Y. H. Yeo, H. Hnatiuk, S. King, A. Hempel, K. S. Sharma and G. Williams
283 A
High deuterium concentration in palladium for application to cold fusion
H. S. Uhm and W. M. Lee
289 AB
Cold fusion researches in Japan
H. Ikegami
297 A
Chinese effort in understanding the “cold fusion” phenomena
X. Z. Li
309 A
Cold fusion studies in the USSR
V. A. Tsarev
The mechanism of deuterium evolution on palladium: relation to heat bursts provoked by fluxing deuterium across the interface
J. O’M. Bockris, D. Hodko and Z. Minewski
337 A
The calorimetry of electrode reactions and measurements of excess enthalpy generation in the electrolysis of D2 O using Pd-based cathodes
S. Pons and M. Fleischmann
349 A
Heat and helium production in cold fusion experiments
M. H. Miles, B. F. Bush, G. S. Ostrom and J. J. Lagowski
363 AB
Studies of electrolytic and gas phase loading of palladium with deuterium
F. G. Will, K. Cedzynska, M-C Yang, J. R. Peterson, H. E. Bergeson, S. C. Barrowes, W. J. West and D. C. Linton
373 A
Low-background measurements of neutron emission from Ti metal in pressurized deuterium gas
H. O. Menlove, M. A. Paciotti, T. N. Claytor and D. G. Tuggle
Tritium generation and neutron measurements in Pd-Si under high deuterium gas pressure
T. N. Claytor, D.G. Tuggle and H.O. Menlove
395 AL
Hydrogen and its isotopes in and on metals
L. Schlapbach
409 A
Isothermal flow calorimetric investigations of the D/Pd system
M. C. H. Mckubre, R. Rocha-Filho, S. I. Smedley, F. L. Tanzella, S. Crouch-Baker, T. O. Passell and J. Santucci
419 A
Survey of gas loading experiments
F. Scaramuzzi
445 A
Cold fusion: what do the laws of nature allow and forbid?
G. Preparata
453 A+
Is cold fusion a reality? The impressions of a critical observer
H. Gerischer
The present status of research in cold fusion
M. Fleischmann
Report to the Utah State Fusion/Energy Council on the analysis of selected Pons Fleischmann calorimetric data
W. N. Hansen

Librarian’s Notes

The name of “J. S. C. McCKEE,” in the table of contents, is an error, and has been corrected. The name is J. S. C. McKee, as would be normal in English.

There is a page anomaly in the paper beginning on p. 395. The copy of this article from lenr-canr.org has 11 pages, so it would end, with page number restoration, on p. 405. Then the practice in this publication was to begin papers on an odd-numbered page, so 406 would have been blank, and the next paper would have begun on p. 407. However, the TOC shows the next paper as beginning on p. 409. The abstract for the p. 395 paper shows it as running to p. 408. There may be two missing pages, though the count of figures and tables and refs agrees with the abstract and I see no obviously missing text.

(Note added after obtaining the scan: The lenr-canr copy is not exact as to page layout, it is more condensed. Generally, for reference purposes, the as-published pagination — i.e., what we show here — should be used. Looking over the two versions, I see no differences in text.  In general, if anyone notices version issues with any document hosted here, please point to it. We can annotate copies here. Because these are historical documents, I would not change them, per se, but notes may be added, errata, corrigenda and addenda.)

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