Disruption and responses

This and subpages are a record and analysis of Anglo Pyramidologist and other disruption on Wikiversity in late 2017 and on into 2018, and related events on other WMF wikis and elsewhere.


Dave Braunschweig


December, 2017

(A study may create an LTA file. Many LTA pages are written as studies. This one was created in user space with the goal of creating a study to be placed with the LTA pages.  The inclusion policy would allow this page. If it were an “attack page,” it would not be allowed. However, LTA documentation is not “attack.” A request for undeletion was filed by me and disrupted by the LTA, but also others supported the deletion. Policy and actual content was not considered. The discussion.)

In the discussion, a series of IP users appeared (links to global contributions)




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