Mu301 was an early sysop and bureaucrat for Wikiversity.

Candidates for custodianship/Mu301 . self-nom, 6 January 2008, mentorship offered by SB_Johnny closed with probationary custodianship 7 January 2008

Wikiversity:Candidates for Custodianship/Mu301 (full custodian) mentor nom 16 February 2008, 3/0/0, closed as permanent Sebmol 24 February 2008. The low vote count is a minor concern. Was this site-messaged? From a comment in the next nom, however, I’d not expect he would have drawn any negatives. for Custodianship/Mu301 (Bureaucrat) nominated McCormack 3 March 2008, 3/0/0 closed Sebmol 21 March 2008

Comments from the page:

I think that in Mu301 we have someone of the same calibre, although with a lot more academic experience. The most critical things for any bureaucrat are respect for consensus, conflict management skills and an ability to be impartial. 

It is not clear that Mu301 has substantial academic experience, of the kind that would matter. He does not appear to be a published author. I have found no teaching experience, his major activity has been as a curator for an antique telescope at Brown University (so he may conduct tours, perhaps). His latest actions show no concern for consensus, no ability to manage conflict without simply attacking one side, and a radical lack of partiality. Did he change, or was he simply never tested? — Abd

He is a seasoned, solid, and dedicated contributor to our project, and has considerable experience directing students and organizing academic projects at the University where he works. His reserved approach towards policy matters is no conflict whatsoever with using the tools, as this is not, of course, a legislative position.

That was SB Johnny, who is not an academic, but a goat farmer. Or maybe he’s been an academic. What I notice here is a complete lack of questions about questioning about overall policy. Wikiversity was about to implode, later that year. Was there any adult supervision? –Abd

Mu301 checkuser request for Moulton in 2009

Wikiversity:Community Review/Mikeu 2

I closed this temporarily, see the Talk page. I did many administrator-type things while active, whether or not I was an administrator, and most of them stood. That close was never undone. Anyone willing to take stands like that is going to be attacked. That close prevented a further mess like in the CR below:

Wikiversity:Community Review/Mikeu

Nobody ever actually closed it. Further, even though he had been massively disruptive, the filer was not blocked until much later.

Wikiversity:Community Review/Topic bans for User:JWSchmidt

Mu301 closed with “no consensus” 13 September 2009 but had blocked JWS during that review.

JWS was a major founder of Wikiversity, and “went off the rails” when he saw the early vision being defeated. I was able, later, to negotiate an agreement with him. Nobody had given him the respect before to do that. I tried to help him during some of his tribulations, but he, unfortunately, saw me as one more Wikipedian trying to shove Wikipedia ideas down his throat. Except I wasn’t a Wikipedian, not in the way he thought, and my concepts for Wikiversity involved maximum inclusion and maximum consensus. At times it worked. But then what JWS calls “Wikipedia Disease” strikes.


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