Britz's cold nuclear fusion collection

This is the new form of the bibliography, all in BibTeX form. If you want it in another form such as EndNote or RefMan, you will have to write or find a conversion program. This should not be too hard, e.g. I found this one. There are no doubt others.

I have decided not to break up the papers file into alphabetic sections; I no longer see the sense in that. I do see some sense in a division by publication year, so this is retained.

As said, the biblios are now in pure BibTeX form and, in a few cases, also pdf files of listings as they might appear in a paper citation list.

The statistics plots carry the number of items found. Of the papers' entries, not all carry submission/publication information, so that the program that produces the statistics finds only a subset of the lot. These numbers are now in the title of each plot.

I have now dropped a few things, like the old collections by Vince Cato and Terry Bollinger. I leave out my old conference list, which is hopelessly out of date. Clearly, I was never that interested in these.

If you have any suggestions/wishes, let me know, by email: dieterhansbritz(at)

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